Wicked Gud Nourishing Instant Noodles Review - Mishry (2023)
wicked gud nourishing instant noodles review

Wicked Gud Nourishing Instant Noodles Review – Tried 2 Flavors (2024)

Are these truly ‘nourishing’? Read more about the Wicked Gud Noodles available in Curry and Schezwan flavor.

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Instant noodles! Comfort, convenience and taste all packed in a bowl. With innovation and experimentation, instant noodles are now made using nutrient-dense flours such as brown rice, oats, millets, whole wheat (atta) and lentils.  

Wicked Gud, founded in the year 2021, by Bhuman Dani, Soumalya Biswas and Monish Debnath is a relatively new entrant in the market that aims to make junk healthy. Apart from their range of pastas, Wicked Gud has now introduced two flavors of ‘nourishing’ noodles. 

Our Wicked Gud Nourishing Instant Noodles review is based on factors like nutri-label, ingredients, taste and texture. Thumb up or Thumbs down? Let’s find out. 

A quick comparison of the two variants is detailed in the table below: 

Wicked Gud Nourishing Instant Noodles  Buy Now  Mishry Rating

(on 5)

Schezwan On Amazon  4.17
Curry  On Amazon 4

Our Review Factors

What are we expecting? We were looking for a pack of quick-cooking instant noodles that, in comparison to a pack of regular instant noodles, have a cleaner ingredient list and better, more nutrition-dense ingredients. These should be tasty and have a desirable texture.

Our review factors for Wicked Gud Nourishing Instant Noodles are discussed below:

1. Taste

The star ingredient of any instant noodles is the tastemaker. It should have the right proportion of spices. How balanced is the overall seasoning? Additionally, since these are made using multigrain flour, do they carry the signature earthy or nutty flavor? Any undesirable aftertaste?

2. Texture 

The texture of the noodles was gauged post the cooking process. These noodles, being made using multigrain flours, how different was the texture? Soft, springy, firm, smooth, sticky, squidgy or chewy? What did we observe? 

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3. Nutri Label (Ingredients + Nutritional Information)

Here we dig a little deeper to examine the ingredient list and the nutritional information for both the variants.  Which are the different multigrain flours used? Is the percentage of each mentioned? 

The brand says it contains no maida and oil. Plus these are not deep fried. It also promises a guilt-free indulgence. How well are these claims backed up? 

We also compared the nutritional information with other instant noodles made using refined wheat flour (maida).  

4. Other Observations 

In this section, we examined the packaging, price, and shelf life.

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Wicked Gud Nourishing Instant Noodles – Detailed Review

the packaging of both the variants
Wicked Gud Nourishing Instant Noodles reviewed variants.

This section covers an in-depth review on both variants. Multiple aspects are highlighted in this segment including the overall product information, nutri label, cooking instructions, pros and cons. 

Before moving forward, there are few common points to note: 

  • The review pack for both variants include three serves per pack. 
  • The cooking instructions for both the variants are the same. 

Here are the instructions to follow while cooking:

  • Keep 350 ml water for boiling.
  • Once water boils, add noodle cake along with seasoning.
  • Let it cook for 4-5 minutes.
  • Cook. Stir. Serve. Enjoy.

1. Schezwan

Price + Packaging 

Wicked Gud’s Nourishing Instant Noodles Schezwan Flavor come in an attractive purple and orange pack. The plastic pack is thick and non-resealable. The price of the 207 gm pack (includes three servings per pack) is Rs. 135. It has a shelf life of 8 months. All three noodle cakes and seasonings are packed separately. 

Aroma + Appearance

The tastemaker here has a noticeable aroma of tomato-chilli. The noodle block is a mix of long and short noodles. It has a slightly brown-reddish color.

the complete packaging of wicked gud schezwan noodles
Here's how the contents inside the pack look like.

Nutri Label and Main Ingredients 

(Noodles) – Multigrain flour (40% – Moong dal, Oats, Brown rice, and Jowar), Whole wheat flour (38% atta), Tapioca starch, Wheat gluten, Iodised salt, and stabilizer (xanthan gum). 

Seasoning – Spices and condiments (Onion, garlic, ginger, coriander, parsley), cornstarch, iodized salt, sugar, yeast extract powder, soya sauce powder, milk solids, hydrolyzed vegetable protein (soy), Acidity regulator (citric acid, acetic acid), Natural and nature identical flavoring substances, tomato powder, anti-caking agent (silicon dioxide), and dehydrated vegetable (carrot). 

Allergen information – Contains gluten, milk, and soy. 

Xanthan Gum is primarily used as a thickener or stabilizer. It is a soluble fiber created by a sugar that is fermented by a bacteria.

Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein is a flavor enhancer obtained from plant-based protein sources. It is widely used in snack foods, instant foods and other processed foods.

Nutritional information – Here is the nutritional information per serving size (69 gm) for the Schezwan flavor:

Wicked Gud Schezwan Flavor: Energy: 241 kcal, Protein: 12 gm, Dietary Fiber: 5 gm, and Total Fat: 1.6 gm.

Refined Wheat Flour Instant Noodles: Energy: 272 kcal, Protein: 5.7 gm, Fiber: 1.4 gm and Total Fat: 9.5 gm.

Comparing the above, there is a substantial difference in nutritional information between regular maida-based noodles vs the ones by Wicked Gud. The protein, fat and fiber content is substantially different. 

We appreciate the fact that the brand mentions the percentage of multigrain flours used. Overall, the ingredient list looks fairly clean.

a close look at the uncooked schezwan noodles and the tastemaker
The Schezwan noodles before the cooking process.

How we made it 

We followed the instructions as mentioned in the pack. Firstly, we boiled 350 ml of water. Once boiled, we added the block of noodles with the seasoning. Later, we allowed it to cook completely. Finally, we mixed everything well and served it hot. 

During the cooking process, we observed that the time taken for these noodles to cook is slightly longer than other instant noodles. The primary reason is the addition of grains, including brown rice and jowar, which involve a longer cooking time. 

the cooked schezwan noodles
The Final Result.

Taste & Texture 

These noodles are super flavorful and justify the flavor tags perfectly. It is medium spicy and has a well-balanced salt level. These are strong on the flavor of garlic and onion. The bits of carrot present here are super tiny and add a minimal crunch in-between. These might go unnoticed if you indulge in a large bite. 

We also appreciate the mild tomato tanginess present here. It has a mild aftertaste of soy. 

The best part about the texture of these noodles is that they are non-sticky. It has a nice and firm bite, and are not as soft as maida noodles. Even when we tasted cold, after a few hours, the texture did not alter. So yes, these would be a good tiffin surprise for children. 

Taste - 4/5
Texture - 4/5
Nutri Label (Ingredients + Nutrition) - 4.5/5
  • The flavors are true to the labels. 
  • We loved the non-sticky texture. 
  • Well-balanced salt levels. 
  • Filled with the goodness of oats, lentils and brown rice. 
  • Has no maida and oil.

Looking for instant noodles made using healthier grains? We recommend you to try this flavorful Schezwan Noodles by Wicked Gud.

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2. Curry

Price + Packaging

This variant is wrapped in a red and light blue color pack. The packaging is eye-catching. Our review pack of 201 gm (60 gm x 3 noodles + 7 gm x 3 seasoning) is ideal for three servings. Priced at Rs. 135, it comes with a shelf life of 8 months.

Aroma + Appearance

Compared to the Schezwan flavor, these noodles are shorter in size and have a yellow hue.

The tastemaker has an inviting, dominant aroma of garam masala.

the complete packaging of wicked gud curry noodles
The outer and inner packaging of the Curry Noodles.

Main Ingredients 

Noodles – Multigrain flour (40% – Moong dal, Oats, Brown rice and Jowar), Whole wheat flour (38% atta), Tapioca starch, Wheat gluten, Iodised salt and stabilizer (xanthan gum).

Seasoning – Spices and condiments (Coriander, fennel, cumin, bay leaf, cinnamon, red chili, black cardamom, mace, onion, ginger, garlic, dry mango, black pepper, clove), Sugar, Iodised salt, rice starch, oregano, tomato powder, cornflour, soy sauce powder, yeast extract, and hydrolysed vegetable protein.

Allergen info – Contains gluten and soy.

Nutritional Information 

For per serving size (67 gm), the nutritional information is as follows: 

Energy: 235 kcal, Protein: 11 gm, Carbs: 46 gms, Total Sugar: 3 gm, and Total Fat: 1.5 gm.

How we made it 

This variant was prepared in the same way as the above one. After cooking, we mixed it well and served it hot.

quick look at the uncooked curry noodles and the tastemaker
A quick glimpse at the pre-cooked Curry noodles.

Taste & Texture

The noodles have a bold flavor of cinnamon. There is a possibility that the taste might not appeal to everyone. The salt level is just right. These have a warm spiciness due to the addition of whole spices. We also observed a lingering flavor of pepper, red chili and mace. 

Texture-wise, the only noticeable change here is that these are shorter noodles. Overall, these too are non-sticky, well-separated and have a firm bite. 

the cooked curry noodles
The Curry Noodles has a bold flavor of cinnamon.
Taste - 3.5/5
Texture - 4/5
Nutri Label (Ingredients + Nutrition) - 4.5/5
  • The noodles are non-sticky and well-separated. 
  • Strong and inviting aroma of garam masalas.
  • Has no maida and oil.
  • No complaints in the cooking process. 
  • Clean ingredient list.
  • Dominant on cinnamon, this might not be liked by everyone.

If you love the flavor of whole spices, then these Curry noodles from Wicked Gud is the right pick for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Wicked Gud Nourishing Instant Noodles.

No. These are medium spicy noodles.

The shelf life of these noodles is 8 months for both the variants.

As per the information on the pack, both the above flavors contain zero cholesterol.

Yes. These both variants of Wicked Gud Nourishing Instant Noodles are vegetarian.

Both the variants of the Wicked Gud Nourishing Instant Noodles have zero trans fat.

In Conclusion

Delightful! Packed with flavors and multigrain goodness, Wicked Gud Nourishing Instant Noodles are an excellent alternative to maida-based instant noodles. On the nutritional front, we found the protein and fiber content to be higher as claimed. These are not deep fried and have a significantly lower fat content.

Among the two reviewed variants, we liked the Schezwan flavor better. The strong cinnamon flavor of the Curry variant might not appeal everyone. The use of no maida and no oil is an added plus. 

Are you excited to try these?

Our reviews are unbiased and all samples used during the reviews were paid for by us. Read our entire ethics statement here.

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