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portable mini heat sealing machine review

Mini Portable Electric Sealing Machine Review – Does It Work?

Gimmick or does this actually work? We tested the mini portable electric sealing machine at the Mishry HQ and here is what we found.

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Our reviews are research-based, and all trials and testings are conducted in-house over days and weeks. We have a strict no-free-sample policy to ensure our reviews are fair and impartial.

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To put it simply, it doesn't do its job at all. Marketed as a sealing machine for kitchen needs, this tool does not prove to be useful. We would rather stick to our rubber bands and sealing clips.

Yes, online shopping portals have some amazing products that reduce time, effort and prove to be a huge asset in the kitchen. But others? Not so much.

We found this ‘sealing machine’ on Amazon, that looks like a hair straightener. With over 200 reviews online, we decided to order and test this product at the review lab. How does it fare during the testing? 

Our mini portable electric sealing machine review revolves around the design, usability and the convenience it offers. 

A quick glance at all the information you need to know about the heat sealing machine – 

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Mini Sealing Machine Product Information
Price Rs 299/-
Color Lavender
Warranty Not offered
Buy Now On Amazon
Mishry Rating

(out of 5)


Our Review Factors

What were we looking for in this mini heat sealing machine? An efficient tool that is well-designed and helps reduce time in the kitchen and eventually reduce food wastage. 

1. Design

Under this we have sub-categories like – 

  • Material – What is the material of the sealer? Is the material of good quality?
  • Cord length – A long cord length ensures that the usability is increased. 
  • Size – Is it handy and comfortable? Does it need a lot of storage space? 
  • How comfortable is the grip

2. Usability 

To put it simply, how well does it work? Does it seal different packets? What is the time taken to seal a small 5 inch pack?

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3. Convenience

Is this a convenient product to use? Does it reduce time and effort? Or would a rubber band/sealing clip be a better option? 

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Mini Sealing Machine – Detailed Review

Price + Packaging

This came in a clear plastic case which has a small label on top that states that this is a hair straightener/hair curler. We double checked on Amazon and this has been stated as a sealing machine. Puzzled, we went ahead and tested this. We paid Rs 299/- for this product.

outer box pack of the machine
The outer plastic cover states that this is a hair straightener.

Appearance + Design 

This is a lavender colored sealing machine that looks like a hair straightener. The machine is sleek and can be stored in a kitchen drawer easily. The cord and heating plates are white while the body is pastel colored. The cord is long enough to plug it in and use with ease. The grip is comfortable and you can also hold it from the tip to press it while sealing the pack.

body of the sealing machine
The sealing machine is a beautiful lavender color and has a long cord.
closer look at the sealing machine
Closer look at the ini heat sealing machine.

How did we test this?

We tested this by sealing multiple packets of chips, cookies and masalas. Different lengths, different thickness of plastic. We let this pre-heat for a few seconds before we started using this. 

The motion was horizontal.

design and appearance of the mini heat sealing machine
Checking out the design of the sealing machine.

Our Observations

Unfortunately, apart from 1 flimsy wrapper of a cookie, none of the packets were sealed. Although this is comfortable to hold and easy to operate, THIS DOES NOT WORK. Even after multiple attempts during a span of 5-6 days, we could not seal any packs in our pantry completely. 

It took us more than 2.5 minutes to seal the flimsy cookie pack. We would rather use our trusty seal clips or rubber bands to tie it up and keep aside. 

What else didn’t work? The outer body heats up and after a point it becomes difficult to hold. Yes, the cord length is nice, but because the product doesn’t do what its intended use was, we give this a low rating.

Design - 1/5
Usability - 1/5
Convenience - 1/5
  • Comfortable grip.
  • Cute and compact. 
  • Long cord.
  • It does not do its job.
  • It takes too long to heat.
  • Does not reduce time or effort. 
  • The body heats up after 2 minutes when in use.

We do not recommend this product to seal food packets.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on mini heat sealing machine.

This is a straight sealing machine with no waves.

Although the pack says it can be used as a hair straightener and curler, it doesn’t do the job.

The wire is about 43 inches/3.5 feet long. 

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Final Verdict

It’s a thumbs down from Team Mishry. Yes, it’s comfortable to hold and cute to look at, but what’s the point of any product if it does not perform the job it was intended for? We do not recommend this sealing machine for your home. We suggest either using rubber bands or get yourself a pack of sealing clips. 

What do you use to seal off open packs of chips and cookies? 

Our reviews are unbiased and all samples used during the reviews were paid for by us. Read our entire ethics statement here.

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