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best things to order at chaayos

14 Best Things To Order at Chaayos – Mishry

Chai, the snacks that go along with it and something that you can take home too. Here’s a breakdown of everything worth your buck at Chaayos. Tried and tested by Mishry.

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Nitin Saluja was craving for some desi chai in a foreign land and all he got was coffee. Over and over again! This is how the idea for Chaayos was conceived. 

Not just chai, Chaayos has a wide range of delicious food and packaged snacks that you can choose from. But if you are confused looking at the long menu, we are here to simplify your life. Here are the best things to order from Chaayos tried and tested by Team Mishry. 

A list of the best things to order at Chaayos – 

Sno. Product Name Price
1. Desi Chai  Rs 129/- (mini ketli)
2. Kulhad Chai Rs 159/- (mini ketli)
3. Instant Masala Tea Premix Rs 105/- (5 sachets)
4. Chai Masala Rs 237/- (100 gm)
5. Bun Maska + Bun Bhujia Rs 79/- and Rs 99/-
6. Vada Pav Rs 99/-
7. Chilli Cheese Toast Rs 209/-
8. Homestyle Meals – Upma & Poha Rs 169/- and Rs 129/-
9. Samosa Dishes – Chaat + Bun Samosa  Rs 199/- and Rs 159/-
10. Podi Idli Rs 219/-
11. Mini Samosa Rs 124/-
12. Methi Mathi Rs 119/-
13. Dry Fruit Cookies Rs 21/- (2 pc pack)
14. Whole Wheat Cookie Rs 21/- (2 pc pack)

Chaayos Tea – Chai That You Must Try

The highlight of the brand – Chaayos tea. 4 things from their tea menu that you must-order:

1. Desi Chai

Doodh kam ya zyada?

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*Based on Mishry's internal reviews and ratings

Chai patti kitni?

Aur cheeni? 

Masala kaunsa daalen?

Did you know that the tea at Chaayos can be personalized in 80,000 ways? Well we have definitely tried over 10 ways to customize our chai ketlis at multiple locations (in cafe and delivery). Each time, our requests were fulfilled 100% and the instructions followed to the T.

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Available in two sizes – choti ketli and mini ketli. 

Price: Rs 129/- (Mini ketli)


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2. Kulhad Chai

Chai in a kulhad is the ONLY way to have it. Don’t you agree?

A warming masala chai with a tinge of saffron for those cold winter evenings. You cannot customize the milk or masalas here, just the sugar can be adjusted. Goes best with atta and dry fruit cookies. 

Price: Rs 159/- (Mini ketli)


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3. Masala Chai Premix

If you, like us, cannot do without your cup of chaa while traveling, the masala chai premix by Chaayos is here to satisfy your cravings. In fact, Chaayos won at the Mishry HQ when we were testing different brands of masala chai premixes last year. 

What we liked – higher amount of premix powder per sachet, robust aroma and flavor of ginger and pepper, warming notes of clove, and the fact that this resembles a homemade kadhi hui chai.

Price: Rs 105/- for a 5 sachet pack.

Chaayos Masala Chai Premix (19)
A look at the packaging of the Chaayos Masala Chai Premix.

4. Chai Masala

Add a pinch to your homemade chai and expect wonderful, warming flavors. This masala is potent and just a pinch goes a long way. We liked the ginger-cardamom dominant flavors with a surprising hot of black pepper at the end of the cup.

Read details of our chai masala review here. 

Price: Rs 237/- for 100 gm

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Chaayos Food

Buns, pavs, toasts and more. Best things to order from their food section –

1. Bun Maska + Bun Bhujia

How much butter goes into a single bun maska? 1 chiplet? 100 grams? Who knows!!? Well, it’s definitely more than that! A copious amount of butter in a warm sesame encrusted bun is just what you need with your chai.

Want to level up? Try the bun bhujia. Crisp bhujia sandwiched between butter soaked buns that you just can’t miss.

Price: Rs 79/- and Rs 99/- respectively


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2. Vada Pav

The soft pav, spicy green chutney, fried green chillies and the aloo in between – what’s not to like. A small but satisfying snack from Chaayos that is a must-try.

Price: Rs 99/-


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3. Chilli Cheese Toast

If you’re looking for something desi with a cheesy twist, we suggest going for the spicy chilli cheese toast. This is not meant for those who have a low chilli tolerance. The green chillies on top might be a tad bit too much.

Price: Rs 209/-


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4. Homestyle Meals

Skipped breakfast while rushing to work? Say hello to the homestyle upma and poha by Chaayos. Trust us when we say, we have done this more than we would like to admit. 

The ghee loaded upma is extremely filling and can easily be shared by 2. The poha is khila-khila and acts as a fuel.

Price: Rs 169/- and Rs 129/-


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5. Samosa Meals

Be it inside a warm chutney-slathered bun or in the form of a chaat, the samosas are a must-try at Chaayos. After all, what is better than a warm cup of chai with a samosa snack. 

We liked the wholesome stuffing and the crisp casing.

Price: Rs 199/- and Rs 159/-


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6. Podi Idli

Soft mini idlis tossed in a fairly spicy podi, splattered with a generous amount of mustard seeds. Sent with a mild coconut chutney, this is best when hunger strikes between meals. 

Price: Rs 219/-

Chaayos At Home – Ready to Eat

Take a piece of Chaayos home with these – 

1. Mini Samosa

What we love about these is the crisp outer casing and commendable textural interplay in the filling. Chewy plump raisins, cashews, fine sev that adds a subtle crispiness is all superb.

Read more details in our full review of the Chaayos Mini Samosa

Price: Rs 124/-

chaayos mini samosa review

2. Methi Mathi

Winter evenings, a cool breeze, warm chai and some khasta mathi. Ah, bliss! Small, bite sized thick mathis that have robust flavor of methi and pairs well with any masala chai.

Price: Rs 119/-

3. Dry Fruit Cookies

Chaayos cookies hold a special place on your table if all you want are some crunchy sweet treats. These are generously topped with dry fruits and are ‘khasta’. Very travel friendly and we love them!

Price: Rs 21/- (2 pc pack)

4. Whole Wheat Cookies

Old school cookies that you can never go wrong with. The quintessential atta biscuits by Chaayos are crisp, buttery and will take you on a nostalgic journey.

Price: Rs 21/- (2 pc pack)

A product we suggest you stay clear of – The chocolate chip cookies

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on best things to order from Chaayos.

Their chai and multiple chai-related snacks. Their bun maska and vada pav are also extremely popular.

Yes. You can order food from Chaayos through multiple food delivery platforms like Zomato and Swiggy.

Yes, they do serve filter coffee and desi cold coffee.

As per the data on their website, currently there are 109 stores in India.

This is subjective depending on your preference of masalas, quantity of milk, patti and sugar. 

In Conclusion

Chai fanatics would agree that Chaayos has one of the best ranges of tea, masalas, snacks and tea-related packaged food in India. 

If you’re confused about what to order at Chaayos, consider our list as a guide to help you choose better.

Which is your favorite menu item at Chaayos? Let us know down below. 

Our reviews are unbiased and all samples used during the reviews were paid for by us. Read our entire ethics statement here.

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