What To Do With Onions? 5 Ways To Use This Vegetable
What To Do With Onions

What To Do With Onions? 5 Ways To Use This Vegetable

Vegetables like onions, potatoes and tomatoes are considered as staples and are always stocked in bulk in every household. Here is a list of 5 dishes you can use onions in.

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Onions play an important role in Indian cooking. Be it in salads, as tadkas or to enhance the flavor of the gravy – onions are used widely in most Indian dishes. Eating raw onions or pickled onions with desi meals is also a common practice in India. High in antioxidants and loaded with potent anti-inflammatory properties, onions are good for your health. Let’s have a look at all the possibilities you can tap in the kitchen if you have a handful of onions with you. 5 ways you can use this vegetable –


1) Onion Pakodas

The quintessential rainy day snack, the combination of onion pakodas and chai is one of the best ones to date. To make crispy pakodas make sure your batter is made with chilled water. Colder the batter, crispier the pakodas. Add some ajwain and garlic paste to the besan batter to give the pakodas an edge. Sprinkle lots of chaat masala on top. Serve with piping hot with hari chutney, saunth, or ketchup. Don’t forget that cup of tea along with these.


Pakodas + Chai + Gossip = Perfect evening!


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2) Pickled Onions

That image of piping hot butter chicken, crispy butter naan, and sirke wale pyaaz is haunting us. Are you missing those market-style sirke wale pyaaz (pickled onions) with your meals? Us too.

Peel and wash some baby onions. In a pan add water, some sugar, and cut beetroots. Boil and let it cool. Discard the beets and add the washed onions and vinegar to the mix. Let them sit in the refrigerator for about 12-20 hours. Remove the excess liquid and store it in a clean container. These pickled onions can be made once and used for up to 2 weeks.


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3) Paneer-Do-Pyaaza

Paneer is a loved dish in India and can be made in different styles using different gravies. Paneer-do-pyaaza can also be made with mushrooms or chicken if you are not a fan. Use lots of onions and only saute till they are pink. Add tomato puree generously for that lovely tangy flavor. Serve with soft lachcha paranthas, pickled onions, and mint coriander chutney.


A classic dish like paneer-do-pyaaza never fails to satisfy those cravings.


4) Crispy Onion Rings

These onion rings turn out to be so crispy that your neighbors will hear the crunch. Onion rings are the perfect appetizer. This recipe uses three coating – flour, cornflour slurry/beaten egg, and breadcrumbs. To make the first coating combine flour, baking powder, salt, and red chili powder in a bowl. Cut the onions in thick circles and separate the rings. Dunk the rings in the flour mix. In another bowl make a cornflour slurry and dip the flour-coated onion rings there. Then lightly coat them in breadcrumbs and deep fry till golden. TADA! So delicious. So crispy. Serve with ketchup or mustard.

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Crunchy onions rings are great as an evening munchy.


5) Caramelized Onion Tart

Craving something fancy? Nothing fancier than tarts, we believe. Making a tart or tartlet at home is a fairly easy job and can be perfected with a few tries. Just make sure you do not over-knead the dough and the butter you use to make the pastry dough is cold and not melted or room temperature. The temperature of the butter will determine the crispiness of the tart shell. Sweet caramelized onions mixed in a creamy white sauce, poured in a tart shell, loaded with cheese (optional), and baked till golden brown. Enjoy this with a refreshingly light salad.


Fancy and delicate, tarts are easy to master if made regularly.



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