McCain Crazy Fries With Masala Mix Review

McCain Crazy Fries With Masala Mix Review

Crinkle cut McCain Crazy Fries come with a spicy masala mix. Let’s have a look if they are worth the purchase.

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Potato fries > Other potato snacks.

Fries come in all shapes and sizes – Crinkle cut, steak cut, wedges, shoestring, curly, and waffle cut, to name a few. Crispy fries (no matter what shape) are loved by most people on this planet. Getting cafe style, crispy, uniformly cut fries at home through the convenience of various frozen foods is a BIG plus.


Due to the lockdown, we all are running low on resources and have been unable to review products that often. So finally when some of our review producers got their hands on the same pack of frozen food, we decided to review these crinkle-cut fries in our respective homes over a video call. Let’s find out how did the McCain Crazy Fries With Masala Mix rate on our taste-o-meter.

What You Need To Know About McCain Crazy Fries With Masala Mix

*According to information on the pack

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*Based on Mishry's internal reviews and ratings
  • They can be fried or baked.
  • Do not thaw them before cooking.
  • It contains added flavors.
  • These cannot be cooked in a microwave.
  • 100 grams of these crazy fries provide 144 Kcal of energy.

McCain Crazy Fries With Masala Mix

These crinkle-cut potato fries are super crispy and have a spicy masala that can be sprinkled on top.

MRP – Rs 50/-*

*Price at the time of review

#FirstImpression Of McCain Crazy Fries With Masala Mix

Price, packaging, and quantity – The McCain Crazy Fries Masala Mix comes in the standard red McCain packaging. It is priced at Rs 50/- for a 175-gram pack. We felt that the quantity was a little less than expected.

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Aroma and appearance (Before cooking) – There was no significant aroma of the fries, but upon opening the masala pack there was a sharp and spicy hit that you expect out of a desi masala. Almost all the fries were intact and were not broken. These fries are crinkle cut.

How to cook them – You can use three cooking methods to cook these fries – Baking, deep-frying, and air frying.

Cooking Process and outcome – To cook these crinkle cut McCain Crazy Fries, we deep-fried them in regular vegetable oil (soya bean) until crisp and golden. We did not thaw them (as per instructions given on the pack).

The fries were super crispy and crunchy. We sprinkled half the masala mix on these fries and kept the rest aside. You can increase or reduce the masala quantity according to your spice tolerance level.

All the reviewers agreed that half quantity of the masala on the fries seemed sufficient.

Final Product – Crispy fries doused in a spicy masala

If you love tangy, spicy fries in comparison to the plain and bland salted ones, these are delicious and will definitely hit the spot. You can use the masala later to spruce up some regular home fries also.

Even though the kids will enjoy this shape/cut of fries, avoid using the masala for them. The masala is definitely not for those who have a low spice tolerance level.

These will go perfectly with homemade burgers and coleslaw sandwiches.

A big thumbs up for the crispiness and the delicious tangy desi masala.

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