We Love Gladful Mini Protein Cookies - 5 Reasons Your Little One Will Too!
gladful protein mini cookies review

We Love Gladful Mini Protein Cookies – 5 Reasons Your Little One Will Too!

Bite-sized cookies filled with the goodness of protein. Here’s why Gladful Mini Protein Cookies can be your child’s go to snack option.

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Cookies are a delightful treat to our taste buds and hard to stop at a single one. We usually go on a guilt trip after indulging in our favorite cookies since these are loaded with sugar and carbs and have no real value. When it comes to kids getting snacks which are nourishing and have the right ingredients are a must. 

Have you imagined cookies which are not only made of clean ingredients but are rich in protein too? Filled with the goodness of protein from rice, pea, milk and wheat and made with unrefined sugar, these cookies make for a guilt-free snacking option. 

We recently reviewed three variants from the Gladful Protein Mini Cookies range and loved the exceptional taste it delivered. Today’s review highlights 5 reasons why you and your kids need to try Gladful Protein Mini Cookies.

5 Reasons Your Kids Will Love The Gladful Mini Protein Cookies

Gladful Mini Protein Cookies will surely be a treat to our taste buds. Here we list the reasons why you need to try out these mini cookies right away! 


When it comes to how protein cookies will taste, people generally become a little hesitant before purchasing them. Cookies that taste delicious and are healthy too will surely be the first choice that you can consider giving to your kids. 

Gladful Protein Mini Cookies offers 3 variants that include the following – Chocolate, Almond and Orange. 

The most noticeable thing is the size of these cookies. Coin sized minis – which make for a mess free snack.


Taste-wise, these cookies have a noticeable taste of chocolate. It contains a balanced level of sweetness.


This variant has a taste similar to that of orange cream filled sandwich biscuits. It is zesty, orangey and flavorful. 

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The flavor of almonds in this variant is mild. Sweetness-wise, these cookies among the other two are slightly less sweeter.

2. Flavors

Gladful Protein Mini Cookies are available in 3 exciting flavors to choose from : Chocolate, Orange and Almonds. Your kids will surely have a hard time making a decision among these 3.

gladful cookies flavors we reviewed
Variants of Gladful Cookies we reviewed

3. Texture

Cookies are meant to have a light and airy texture. We were quite impressed with the texture of all the 3 variants from the Gladful Protein Mini Cookies range. 

These cookies have a crunchy, light and airy texture which makes a delightful treat for your kids. We give the product a big thumbs up since they do not feel oily.

closer look at orangy gladful cookie
Closer look at the Gladful Orangey Protein Cookie.

4. Protein Content

The core area of these cookies is the protein content that it delivers. The great part is that it has protein from plants as well as milk. Here is the breakdown of the protein content of all the 3 variants :


This flavor contains 43% of the protein blend which is a mix of whole wheat, whey protein, rice protein and pea protein.


The protein content in this variant is 47%. The protein mix is the same as above.


This variant has a high percentage of protein content that stands out at 49%. The protein blend is the same as the chocolate variant.

closer look at almondy gladful cookie
The Almondy cookie has the highest amount of protein blend.

5. Clean!

These cookies are NABL lab tested. They contain no trans fats, maida, or cholesterol. Are tested for metal as well as crop contaminants. This is a snack which is rich in fibre as well as protein. The Choco cookie is rich in iron and calcium whereas the orange cookie is rich in Vitamin C.

Final Words

If you are looking for a nutritious snacking option for your kids that tastes delicious and is rich in protein, Gladful Protein Mini Cookies are ideal. These are cute bite sized cookies that are flavorful and light in texture. 

So what are you waiting for? Get your little eaters to hogging on these flavorful and yummy mini protein cookies.

* This article is in collaboration with the brand. However, our process of evaluating any product remains independent. 
* Our reviews are unbiased, and we pay for the samples ourselves. Read our entire ethics statement here.

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