Tetley Green Tea Immune with Vitamin C Review - Mishry
tetley green tea immune with vitamin c review

Tetley Green Tea Immune with Vitamin C Review – Mishry

Just how we like it! Tetley green tea is a quick, convenient, soothing fix. Plus points for staple-free bags.

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Light, refreshing, and aromatic, Tetley Green tea is our go-to beverage for cold, windy evenings. The staple and plastic-free packaging only adds to the positive aspects.

Other than water, green tea is the one non-fad beverage that genuinely reaps multiple health benefits, provided it is consumed consciously and without tons of sugar/sweetener. 

The market is flooded with endless variants of green tea bags, leaves and powders. From flavored to immunity boosting, there’s one for everyone. While Tulsi or lemon-flavored cups are always cherished, there’s something undeniably great about the classic variant.

Tetley, one of the brands that we recommend for green and herbal teas, updated the classic variant to one that contains added vitamin C. In this Tetley green tea immune with Vitamin C review, we discuss the taste, aroma, price, and most importantly, whether or not the tea bags are sealed using staple pins.

Tetley Green Tea – Everything You Need To Know

Here’s all you need to know about Tetley green tea immune with Vitamin C.

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1. Packaging

Full marks on packaging! The bag to tea leaves ratio is spot-on. The thread length? On point. To top it all off, tea bags were sealed with the thread and not staple pins. Each tea bag is wrapped in a separate pouch which ultimately makes it easy to carry while on the move.

2. Main Ingredients

Green tea 99.4% (rainforest alliance certified) and vitamin C (0.62%) are the main ingredients.

3. Taste

Contrary to what many may believe, a cup of well-brewed green tea should not be bitter. It should have a herbaceous, grassy taste unless there are flavoring agents like lemon, tulsi or rose in it.

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When made as per the instructions, our cup wasn’t bitter tasting. 

We tasted Tetley’s green tea without the addition of a sweetener. The green tea had an herbaceous taste and a mild grass-like flavor. 

4. Aroma

Refreshing and subtle natural sweetness of the leaves best describes the aroma of this tea post-brewing.

5. Appearance & Color

The appearance was checked in two stages. We opened a tea bag and next post-brewing. 

On opening the teabag, we were delighted to see not just tea dust or a fine powder, but some coarse dried leaves as well. It had a dark green hue.

Once brewed, the tea is clear and has a slightly muddy look. 

6. Price Range

A 25-bag carton is priced at Rs 165/-.

7. Shelf Life

It has a shelf life of 12 months. 

8. Nutritional Information

One green tea bag (without sweeteners) would have negligible calories. 

A 1.3-gram bag provides 0 Kcal, negligible protein, carbohydrates, and fats with 9 mg of Vitamin C.

For adults, the RDA for Vitamin C is 65-90 mg per day. A single cup of this green tea provides 9 mg which is a good support, apart from the vitamins you get from everyday fruits and veggies.

Did you know? Any beverage with less than six Kcal per serving is considered as a zero-calorie drink.

Tetley Green Tea – Detailed Review

Tetley Green Tea Parameters
Price Rs 165
Quantity 25 bags
Shelf Life 12 months
Amazon Rating (on 5) 4.3

Green Tea and Vitamin C

Typically, green tea offers 7mg of vitamin C per cup when brewed with 2.5 grams of green tea. Whereas a 1.3-gram teabag by Tetley offers 9mg of vitamin C

After visually assessing the contents of the green tea bag, we started the brewing process. Around 120 ml of boiling water was added to a cup followed by one teabag. After letting the bag brew for a minute, we dipped it a few times before finally beginning the taste test. 

Since we prefer our cup of green tea without any added sweetener, we skipped this step. Once brewed, the beverage had a muddy color like green tea usually has, but was clear. The tea has a refreshing aroma.

A few relieving sips later…

Tetley green tea had the characteristic green tea taste. Slightly grassy and herbaceous, this was not bitter at all. This lack of bitterness speaks of the freshness and quality of tea leaves. Thumbs up!

tetley green tea immune packaging
The tea bags are packed individually.
closer look at contents of tea bag
The bag holds 1.3 grams of tea leaves.
dipping tetley tea bag into a glass of boiled water
Brewing the tea for our taste test.
brewed cup of tetley green tea
The green tea has a refreshing, grassy taste.


  • A carton holding 25 tea bags is priced at Rs 165/-.
  • It has a shelf life of 12 months.
  • Main Ingredients- Green tea 99.4% (rainforest alliance certified) and vitamin C (0.62%)


  • Staple-free bags are always appreciated.
  • The individual packaging is plastic-free.
  • This packaging retains aroma and taste. It is also easy to carry this while traveling.
  • The green tea is clear.
  • This does not have any bitter taste. It is grassy and herbaceous.

Best Suited For

A low-cal beverage? Something to sip on after a satiating carb and fat-rich meal? We recommend trying Tetley green tea. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Tetley green tea immune with vitamin c.

1. How many tea bags are there in total in one pack of Tetley green tea?

One carton holds 25 bags.

2. Is this green tea staple free?

Yes, the tea bags are staple-free. 

3. Does this green tea contain caffeine?

Yes, this does contain caffeine.

4. Can this green tea be flavored with lemon?

Yes, definitely! You can add some freshly squeezed lemon juice and a sweetener of choice.

5. Does this green tea work as a fat burner?

Fat-burning foods and beverages are a myth. Since green tea is lower in calories as compared to milk-based teas, consuming green tea reduces your overall calories, which results in weight/fat loss.

Final Words

Team Mishry liked Tetley green tea. The refreshing taste and aroma are commendable. We give full marks for the staple-free and plastic-free packaging.

What do you snack on with a cup of freshly brewed green tea? Let us know!

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