Too Yumm Multigrain Chips Review - We Tried 2 Flavors
too yumm multigrain chips review

Too Yumm Multigrain Chips Review – We Tried 2 Flavors

Tangy tomato or chatpata chat, which Too Yum Multigrain chips variant do we incline towards?

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Mishry Rating

4 / 5
4 / 5
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Too Yum Multigrain chips make for an addictive yet nutritious snack. While we liked the Tangy Tomato variant, Dahi Papdi Chat is the winner for the innovative flavors.

A cricket match, much-awaited downtime with your pals, or a movie night- chips and dips make these 100 times better. With more and more individuals working towards making healthier, smarter food choices, ‘baked’, ‘low-fat, high-protein’ snacks are all the rage.

Too Yumm, a brand endorsed by Virat Kohli, offers baked multigrain chips that claim to have a lower fat content and the goodness of protein. We ordered the Tangy Tomato and Dahi Papdi Chat variant and here’s our Too Yumm Multigrain Chips review.

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Product details of Too Yumm Multigrain chips are mentioned in the table below.

Too Yumm Multigrain Chips Dahi Papdi Chat Tangy Tomato
Price Rs 20/- Rs 20/-
Net Quantity 50 grams 50 grams
Mishry Rating 4 4
Buy Now On Amazon On Amazon
Shelf Life Six months Six months

Our Review Factors

What were we looking for? In addition to flavors and freshness, a key parameter for our Too Yumm Multigrain Chips review was the delivery of claims. 40% less fat, the goodness of protein, let’s find out. 

1. Nutrition Quotient

  • Main Ingredients – The brand claims its chips are made using the ‘Power of 7 grains’- what are these seven grains? Are the quantities specified? What is the source of fat used?
  • Macronutrient Distribution – Are these baked chips all carbs, no fats? What about protein? Is the protein content higher as compared to regular chips?
  • Calories – Does the brand mention calories per serve? If yes, are these surprisingly high for the volume? Or good enough to make these chips an everyday snack?

2. Taste

  • Flavors – Do the flavors do justice to the labels? How close does Dahi Papdi Chat come to the real deal? Typically, tomato-flavored snacks are more sweet than tangy. Our experience with Too Yumm was…
  • Freshness – When multigrain flour goes bad, it develops an odd, bitter taste. And so is the case with oils. Find more on freshness in the following section. 

3. Texture

A crisp, crunchy bite, or slight sogginess? Can these chips be paired with a bowl of hummus, hung curd dip or a cheese spread?

4. Appearance

Are these baked chips flat throughout, or partially fluffed at the center? Broken or alike, can these be added to a party platter?

5. Other Parameters

  • Packaging – These chips are offered in vibrant colored non-resealable packs.
  • Shelf Life – The chips have a shelf life of six months. 
  • Price – A 50-gram pack is priced at Rs 20. 

Too Yum Multigrain Chips Flavors – Detailed Review

Here we discuss our experience with the product –

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Before diving into taste and texture, here are all the nutrition-based details. 

These baked chips are prepared with 91% multigrain flour [28 (wheat flour) + 23 (rice flour) + 19 (corn flour) + 12 (gram flour) + 3 (oats) + 3 (soya flour) + 3 (ragi flour)]

A 30-gram serving offers 142.5 Kcal which is divided as 19.3 g of carbohydrates, 2.8 g of protein, and 5.8 g of fat. 

Potato-based fried snacks have 10-12 grams of fat in a 30-gram serving.

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1. Dahi Papdi Chaat

These thin chips are square-shaped and wavy. The aroma does full justice to the flavor label!

The chips are fresh and crunchy. They feel light and do not have an oily mouthfeel. 

TOOTHSOME- the chips feature an inviting flavor of fresh curd and chat. Moreover, there’s a hint of tamarind-lent tanginess with the right balance of salt and spice. 

Overall, it feels like having a plate of dahi papdi in the form of chips. Best of all, there was no odd taste of the multigrain flour.

So this is just like papdi chaat? Absolutely.

Main Ingredients- 4/5
Macronutrients- 4/5
Flavor- 4/5
Texture- 4/5
Innovation- 5/5
Mishry Rating- 4/5
too yumm dahi papdi chat
The aroma had us drooling!
  • These are prepared with 91% multigrain flour.
  • These baked chips have a lower fat content.
  • They are fresh and crispy!
  • The taste and aroma had us drooling. 
  • Full marks on innovation. 
  • The brand could have used a healthier alternative to sunflower oil. 

A crispy solution to chat cravings? Chat on the go? You ought to try the Too Yumm Multigrain Chips in Dahi Papdi Chaat flavor once!

2. Tangy Tomato

Predominantly tangy with undertones of dry mango powder. There were just two broken pieces, no complaints here. These are coated generously with the dry masala. 

Just like the first variant, these have a lovely crunch. Taste-wise, the chips have a desirable flavor of tomatoes, that just like the aroma, is tangy. The seasoning mix (mango and chilli powder) lends balanced levels of salt and spice that pair well with the tomato tang. Again, the multigrain flour does not have a dominating taste. 

Main Ingredients- 4/5
Macronutrients- 4/5
Flavor- 4/5
Texture- 4/5
Innovation- 3/5
Mishry Rating- 4/5
too yumm tangy tomato
Tangy and crispy!
  • A 30-gram serving offers 142 Kcal which is quite decent considering these are a bag of chips. 
  • The flavor profile is yum. 
  • We like the tomato tang.
  • The multigrain flour does not really impact the taste. 
  • A healthier fat source would have been appreciated. 

Too Yumm Multigrain Chips in Tangy Tomato are sure to be relished by kids for the tangy flavors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Too Yumm multigrain chips.

Compared to regular fried chips, Too Yum is relatively healthier. However, as usual, we recommend limiting the consumption of packaged food items.

These have 5.85 grams of fat per 30 grams, which is 33% less than fried snacks.

Yes, these chips contain INS 330 which is used for maintaining the pH balance and preserving packaged food items.

Final Verdict

Mishry had a positive experience with Too Yumm Multigrain chips! These are fresh and crisp, and one thing we promise is you will not miss your potato chips. Too Yumm, indeed!

Have you tried Too Yumm Chips before?

Our reviews are unbiased and all samples used during the reviews were paid for by us. Read our entire ethics statement here.

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