We Adore Catch Pasta Masala
catch pasta masala

We Adore Catch’s Pasta Masala

Team Mishry is head over heels for Catch Pasta Masala, here are some reasons you’d be too.

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If you’re someone who cooks pasta quite frequently at home, this post is for you! 

We recently reviewed Catch Pasta Masala and its not just the flavor this adds, but several other aspects that have us drooling. Here are five reasons we adore this, and you would too. 

Reasons You Must Try Catch Pasta Masala 

1. Taste 

This is not your regular, Italian-flavored pasta masala. This seasoning mix lends desi flavors that are well-rounded. Neither high on spice, nor salt, we quite liked the prominent flavors of ingredients like garlic, chillies, black pepper, coriander- all tied together with the tanginess of tomatoes.

catch pasta masala pasta
We loved the hit of desi flavors.

2. Texture 

This powder had a deep red hue before we added it to the pasta. The texture was commendable. It wasn’t completely fine or extremely grainy, but it coated the veggies and pasta well. There were no lumps formed and it was evenly distributed.

catch pasta masala appearance
This was a lump-free powder that coated all pasta evenly.

3. Packaging 

Easily one of our favorite pro about Catch Pasta Masala would be the packaging. This comes in single serving sachets which not only makes them easy to carry around, but also prevents wastage. 

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Quite often, masalas (or seasoning) when stored incorrectly catch moisture and turn soggy or stand the risk of losing flavor. Since Catch Pasta Masala is packed in 9-gram sachets, it is ideal for one meal, not too little, not too less.

catch pasta masala packing
This style of packing ensures lasting freshness.

4. Price 

One sachet is priced at Rs 5/- which is value for money. Looking at the flavors, overall quality, and price of competing brands, we think this is priced adequately. 

5. Overall Convenience 

Not just pasta, you can add this seasoning over a salad, use it as marinade, add it to your omlettes, and a lot more. Its texture enhances the convenience. 

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It has been almost a month since we reviewed Catch Pasta Masala and fell head over heels. Why? 

This masala has a unique blend of spices which in turn prepares a lip-smacking, desi-style pasta. Moreover, the texture and the packaging get full marks on convenience.

This article is in collaboration with the brand. However, our process of evaluating any product remains independent. Our reviews are unbiased, and we pay for the samples ourselves. Read our entire ethics statement here.

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