Wagh Bakri Ice Tea Review

Wagh Bakri Ice Tea Review

Ice tea premixes need to be two things – refreshing and quick. Read our review of the Wagh Bakri Ice Tea – orange and lemon flavors to know more.

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A glass of chilled ice tea is a perfect accompaniment to your meal when you want something refreshing, but don’t want something fizzy. Even though ice tea can be made at home using your regular tea leaves, instant ice tea powder is a much more convenient option and a popular one too. Wagh Bakri group has been known for its premium tea for decades. They also have a range of ice tea in three flavors – Lemon, Peach, and Orange.

We reviewed two variants of ice tea by Wagh Bakri – Lemon and Orange – for their taste. Read our #FirstImpression to know if it is worth the purchase.


What You Need To Know About Wagh Bakri Ice Tea

*As per information on the pack


  • Contains added flavor.
  • 100 grams of this beverage provides 390 calories.
  • Best before 12 months from date of manufacture.


#FirstImpression Of Wagh Bakri Ice Tea

Price and packaging – A 250-gram pack of Wagh Bakri Ice Tea is priced at Rs 70/-. The Lemon Ice Tea comes in a bright yellow pouch packaging and the Orange Ice Tea comes in an orange pouch packaging.

The instructions given on the pack are simple and making the ice tea is quite easy. We mixed 1 tablespoon of the premix into a glass of chilled water and consumed it.


Wagh Bakri Ice Tea Review


Flavor Notes For Orange Wagh Bakri Ice Tea

When you make or order an orange-flavored drink, you expect a sweet, citrus tang. The orange flavor ice tea by Wagh Bakri has a medicine-like flavor, which we just didnt like. The orange flavor seems very diluted too; we just could not finish our glass of ice tea. It was almost like drinking a mildly flavored orange drink that is completely avoidable.


We are not putting the buy now button for the Orange Wagh Bakri Ice Tea as we do not recommend this flavor at all.


Wagh Bakri Ice Tea Review – Orange Flavor is disappointing.


Flavor Notes For Lemon Wagh Bakri Ice Tea

Lemon flavored ice tea is loved by most and is a popular choice for regular ice tea drinkers. We loved the Lemon Wagh Bakri Ice Tea as it wasn’t overly sweet and the lemon flavor was very pleasant. It makes for a delicious drink, one that you want to keep sipping on a hot day. We can easily say that this flavor of the Wagh Bakri Ice Tea can give competition to the existing ice tea premixes.

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Wagh Bakri Ice Tea – Lemon Flavor is fresh and delicious.

A thumbs up for the Wagh Bakri lemon-flavored ice tea. Orange-flavored ice tea is not recommended. The ratings given are based on the lemon flavor and not the orange flavor.


Wagh Bakri Ice Tea – Lemon Flavor

The Wagh Bakri lemon flavored ice tea is very nice and refreshing.

MRP – Rs 70/-*

Net weight – 250 grams

*Price at the time of review

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