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vegetables that start with letter h

List Of Vegetables That Start With H

Trying out new vegetables is always a fun thing to do. Isn’t it? Learning about them is also a fun activity. So in this article, we will be accumulating more knowledge on vegetables, beginning with H.

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Vegetables are of various kinds. Our Mother Nature has provided us with these healthful blessings not only in abundance but also in variety. Vegetables are powerhouses that not only fill our stomachs but also energize our bodies to perform our everyday chores without wearing and tearing off our bodies. We should eat these vegetables in plenty to upkeep our health. 

Here’s a glossary of vegetables to either obtain from our nearby vegetable stores or grow them in our backyard to absorb their healthy goodness. These vegetables starting with H also carry their scientific name which has been listed in the list.

List of vegetables of letter H 

Here’s a list of vegetables that start with H to enrich your glossary of vegetables. 

1. Hamburg Parsley

hamburg parsley
Hamburg Parsley [ Image Credit: Wikipedia ]
Hamburg Parsley or simply Parsley is the first vegetable in this list of vegetables of letter H. These are widely cultivated as a herb. The leaves are smooth and with elongated taproots. These leaflets are used for seasoning. Its scientific name is Petroselinum cirspum.

2. Horse Gram

horse gram seeds
Horse Gram [ Image Credit: Wikipedia ]
Horse gram, also known as kulthi and Madras Gram is a lesser known bean variety, in the list of vegetables that start with H. It has ayurvedic significance and is consumed for its medicinal properties. Its scientific name is Macrotlyloma uniflorum.

3. Hijiki

Hijiki [ Image Credit: Wikipedia ]
This vegetable from the list of vegetables beginning with H is a sea vegetable, extremely popular in Japanese cuisine. It grows on the rocky coastline. This vegetable is extremely rich in essential minerals like calcium, iron and magnesium. Its scientific name is Sargassum fusiforme. This was another vegetable in the list of vegetables that start with H.

4. Horseradish

horse radish
Horse radish [ Image Credit: Wikipedia ]
This is the last vegetable from the list of vegetables starting with H. The name of this vegetable from the list of vegetables of letter H is Horseradish. It belongs to the family of Beassicaceae. It is often used as a condiment. Its scientific name is Armoracia rusticana.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few interesting FAQs about the vegetables that commence with letter H.

1. What are the health benefits of the vegetables starting with H?

The health benefits of the vegetables that start with the letter H are numerous.  These vegetables are rich in minerals and vitamins. Also, they are low in calories, which makes them an ideal choice in your weight journey.

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2. Which of the vegetables beginning with H are rich in Vitamin C?

Hamburg parsley is rich in Vitamin C. The 100 grams of them have 221% of the daily value. They are native to the eastern and central Mediterranean region.

3. Which of the vegetables starting with H has the most fiber content?

Vegetables such as horse gram and hijiki are rich in dietary fiber content. Along with fiber, they are also loaded with essential minerals such as potassium, iron and calcium.

4. Which of the vegetables starting with H are helpful for weight loss?

Horseradish would be the ideal choice if you want to lose weight. They are low in calories.  Along with it, horseradish has zero fat content.

Final Words

These were some vegetables beginning with H. We hope this glossary of vegetables will widen your knowledge about vegetables and also present a variety on your table. These were the only four vegetables while preparing the list of vegetables that start with H.

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