Imagine Meats Vs Shaka Harry Chicken Nuggets: Mishry
imagine meats vs shaka harry chicken nuggets review

Imagine Meats Vs Shaka Harry Chicken Nuggets: Which Is Better?

Which tastes better, has a juicier texture and comes closer to the ‘chicken’ nugget promise? Check out Team Mishry’s Imagine Meats vs Shaka Harry Chicken Nuggets review.

Why trust us?

Our reviews are research-based, and all trials and testings are conducted in-house over days and weeks. We have a strict no-free-sample policy to ensure our reviews are fair and impartial.

Mock meats or meat analogues is a term used for foods similar to meat in taste, texture and appearance that are made using vegetarian sources like soy, gluten or vegetables like jackfruit. Plant-based meat is a rage in international markets and is also steadily gaining ground among Indian audiences. This subsection of the smart protein sector is turning to be the go-to option for various reasons – ethical, health, environment, among others.

Over the past weeks, we reviewed two easily available brands of plant-based chicken nuggets in India –  Imagine Meats and Shaka HarryIn this Imagine Meats vs Shaka Harry chicken nuggets review, we decode the taste, texture, and visual appeal and reveal the answer to which is the better ‘chicken’ nugget in India.

Here is how we reviewed.

Here’s an overview of the parameters that we have used to produce an unbiased review. 

Parameters Imagine Meats Shaka Harry
Net Weight 500 grams 250 grams
Price Rs 595 Rs 295
Calories (per 100 grams) 256 Kcal 257.9 Kcal
Shelf Life 1 year 12 months
Mishry Rating (on 5) 4 3.5

Imagine Meats Vs Shaka Harry Chicken Nuggets: In Depth Comparison

Taste and texture were the prime focus of our review. How close do these come to the real thing? Would these satiate a hard-core non-vegetarian who’s a newly turned vegan? 

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*Based on Mishry's internal reviews and ratings

1. Packaging

The packaging doesn’t just add a touch of premium looks, but good quality packaging ensures unbroken pieces and helps in easy storage. If you plan to prepare only half the contents, storing the remaining becomes hassle-free with resealable packs.

imagine chicken nuggets packaging
These nuggets have no tray packaging.

Imagine Meats- These vegan chicken nuggets are packed in a vibrant green pack that depicts a ‘happy’ chicken. The nuggets are not packed in a tray, neither is the pack resealable. 

shaka harry chicken nuggets packaging
Shaka Harry chicken nuggets are packed in a resealable pouch.

Shaka Harry- Shaka Harry chicken nuggets are placed in an eye-catchy resealable pouch. ‘0% meat, 100% Yum’ is printed on the pack. 

Winner- Shaka Harry

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2. Main Ingredients

Following are the key ingredients used to prepare both vegan chicken nuggs. Let’s decode which is the better option of the two.

imagine chicken nuggets on a plate
These are shaped like regular nuggets.

Imagine Meats Chicken Nuggets Ingredients – Imagine Meats chicken nuggets are prepared with- Water (47.5%), Breadcrumbs (Refined wheat flour (Maida), Dextrose, Iodised salt and Yeast), Refined palm oil (Antioxidant INS 319), Textured soy protein concentrate (8.7%), Protein blend powder {Soy protein concentrate. Thickener (INS 461), Yeast extract, Dextrose}, Batter {Stabiliser (INS466)}, Refined sunflower oil {Antioxidant (INS 319)}, Spices and condiments, Contains added flavor (Roasted chicken flavor), Yeast extract, Iodised salt {Anticaking agent (INS 536)}, Thickener (INS461) and Pea Protein.

It uses three sources of protein – Textured soy protein, Protein blend powder and pea protein. Imagine Meats has mentioned the quantity of ingredients too.

shaka harry chicken nuggets on a plate
These are leg piece-shaped.

Shaka Harry- These chicken nuggets use- Water, Veg protein mix (Textured protein (Soya), Vegetable fibre (Oats), Soya Protein, Dehydrated onion, Iodized salt, Methylcellulose (INS 461), Vegetable fat, Predust and batter mix (Starch, Maida, Rice flour, Acidity regulator (INS 450i), Raising agent (INS 500 ii), Xanthan gum (INS 415), Bread crumbs (Bread crumbs (Wheat flour, Iodized salt, Dextrose, Yeast, Edible veg oil), Rice bran oil, Seasoning mix (Acidity regulator (INS 452 (i)), flavour enhancer (INS 627, INS 631)

Winner- Imagine Meats

3. Taste

Do these faux chicken nuggets have the classic meaty taste or is it soy-dominant? How well are they seasoned? Do they make for a delicious snack? 

We have covered the detailed comparison in our ‘First Impressions’.

imagine chicken nuggets after frying
Imagine Meats chicken nuggets had developed a crisp exterior once fried.

Imagine Meats- These plant-based nuggets come surprisingly close to the actual chicken nuggets. The roasted ‘meaty’ taste is reflected surprisingly well which is due to the added chicken flavor. If we were to conduct a blind tasting, it would have been tough for us to differentiate between the two. 

shaka harry chicken nuggets after frying
Shaka Harry chicken nuggets browned well.

Shaka Harry- These nuggets are seasoned well but are accompanied with a lingering taste of soy. 

Winner- Imagine Meats

4. Texture

Keeping the target audience in mind, the correct texture of this plant based nugget is important. The texture is as significant as taste when it comes to ‘craving killer’ products. Which of these showcase a juicy, meaty, chunky bite? All in all, which chicken nugget has a mouthfeel closer to the real deal?

We also kept in mind how well do the nuggets crisp up?

Imagine Meats- Chunky with a wholesome bite! These nuggets have a crisp exterior with a ‘meaty’ bite that bring it substantially close to the real deal. 

imagine chicken nuggets texture
The chicken nuggets by Image Meats have a chunky bite.

Shaka Harry- Spot-on crunch with an appreciable bite, the textural feel of these chicken nuggets is almost like meat-based chicken nuggets. 

shaka harry chicken nuggets texture
Cross-sectional view of Shaka Harry's chicken nuggets.

Winner-Tie! We liked how neither of the brands showed rubbery textures that is a result of over-processing.  

5. Appearance

As mentioned above, these chicken nuggets did not have tray packaging. Did this result in broken pieces? 

Was visual consistency maintained? Or does each piece have a unique shape?

imagine chicken nuggets appearance
A pre and post-cooking comparison of Imagine Meats.

Imagine Meats- Chicken nuggets by Imagine Meats look almost identical to the meat-based counterpart. Post-frying, the nuggets had developed an inviting golden brown crust. 

shaka harry chicken nuggets appearance
A comparison of pre and post-cooking stages.

Shaka Harry- These have an elongated shape that looks like a miniature leg piece (tangri).

Winner- Since none of our pieces were broken, this parameter is a tie.

6. After Taste

Soy is one of the most commonly used ingredients that lends the taste, texture, and protein content to plant-based meats. Seasoning and flavoring play a key role here in camouflaging the raw soy taste and adding ‘meaty’ flavors. 

Which brand did it better?

chicken nuggets before and after frying
A before and after of the chicken nuggets. Shaka Harry (L) and Imagine Meats (R)

Imagine Meats- A meagre aftertaste of soya was observed but it did not impact the overall experience.

Shaka Harry- The lingering aftertaste of soya in these chicken nuggets was overpowering. That said, this aftertaste did not make the nuggets unappetizing by a large margin.

Winner- Imagine Meats

7. Nutritional Information

OG chicken nuggets offer around 300 Kcal with 20 grams of fat, 15 grams of protein, and 14 grams of carbohydrates. Whereas, these plant-based chicken nuggets…

Imagine Meats- Per 100 grams, these nuggs offer 256 Kcal with 19.55 grams of carbohydrates, 11.92 grams of protein, and 12.6 grams of fat.

Shaka Harry- Per 100 grams, you get 257.94 Kcal which is divided as 5.3 grams of protein, 17.92 grams of carbohydrates, and 18.34 grams of fat. 

Winner- Imagine Meats

Although the overall calories are almost similar, the macronutrient breakdown of Imagine Meats surpasses the contender.

8. Price

Faux meats, vegan eggs- such smart protein sources are priced higher when compared to animal-based products. 

In our  Imagine Meats vs Shaka Harry chicken nuggets review, the more economical option is…

Imagine Meats- Chicken nuggets by Imagine Meats are priced at Rs 595 for a 500-gram pack.

Shaka Harry- A 250-gram pack of chicken nuggets by this contender is priced at Rs 295. 

Winner- Tie, these fall in the same price range.

9. Shelf Life

Are there major differences in the shelf life?

Imagine Meats- Imagine Meats chicken nuggets have a shelf life of one year.

Shaka Harry- Shaka Harry chicken nuggets have a 12-month shelf life.

Winner- Tie

Imagine Meats Vs Shaka Harry Chicken Nuggets – Verdict

If you’re a newly turned vegetarian or are trying to incorporate a few vegan meals, taste and texture hold prime significance to keep cravings in check but also keep you satiated. 

Our panel of judges performed a blind taste test on the nuggets and Imagine Meats was the collective favorite. Why, you ask. The minimal soy aftertaste and the DELISH seasoning- these two factors gave an edge to Imagine Meats over Shaka Harry. 

That said, the vegetarian tasters in our Team did not like the unfamiliar flavor of the Imagine Meats Chicken Nuggets.

Final Words

Trying to go vegan? Let us assist you in making this journey a bit more flavorful. 

Despite having a crisp texture and meaty bite, Shaka Harry did not win the title of the best vegan chicken nuggets due to the dominant soy aftertaste. On the other hand, Imagine Meats won for its spot-on seasoning and chunky bite. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Imagine Meats vs Shaka Harry chicken nuggets.

1. Are these nuggets healthy to consume?

We recommend moderate and occasional consumption of packed foods, regardless of how ‘healthy’ they claim to be. 

2. Do these nuggets require refrigeration after unpacking?

Yes, but remember to not refreeze these snacks once thawed. 

3. How many nuggets are there in total in each of these packs?

Imagine Meats holds approximately 20 pieces (500 gm) while Shaka Harry (250 gm) had around 10. 

4. Will mayo dip enhance the taste of these nuggets?

Definitely, if you prefer creamy dips try dipping these nuggets in some mayonnaise. These would pair well with ketchup, mustard, and hot sauces as well.

5. Can these nuggets be paired with tea or coffee?

If you prefer a combination of sweet and savory, you could try nibbling on these nuggets with a cup of tea/coffee. 

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