Types Of Coffee At A Cafe | 11 Great Choices For Every Coffee Lover
types of coffee

Types Of Coffee At A Cafe | 11 Great Choices For Every Coffee Lover

Coffee-based beverages are famous all across the world. In fact, their popularity is just a little lower than that of tea. Having different variants, read this list to pick what’s your favorite type of coffee.

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A cup of coffee is often regarded as a top-beverage that can change your dull mornings into an energetic start. This caffeine-loaded drink has been part of various cultures throughout history, so it is quite evident that its popularity is always on the rise. Though it is enough to alert your mind, the other thing of importance, especially when you are sipping a cup of coffee, is its taste, smell, and way of preparation. There are a variety of beverages that use coffee beans, and each of them has an entirely different reward of their own.

A coffee beverage is a brewed drink that is prepared with the help of roasted coffee beans. It is usually bitter, but based on the different modes of preparation and addition of ingredients such as milk and sugar, its taste can be easily controlled and changed as per your requirement. The other thing to note is that even if you are in love with its bitter-sweet taste, you must take note of your caffeine consumption since it is a highly addictive thing. Let’s take a look at some coffee-based beverages that you can find at your local café or prepare at home (maybe your favorite beverage is here on the list):


1. Espresso

Though an espresso may not be the most popular type of beverage, it is still the most consumed coffee variant as it is also used to prepare other beverages such as latte and cappuccino. Considered to be the purest coffee-beverage consisting of finely ground coffee beans and hot water, making a perfect shot of this caffeinated drink can be quite hard to master, for it is all about finding a good brew. To prepare a perfectly aromatic shot of espresso that has that roasted coffee smell, just add some ground coffee beans into a pot of boiling water; the more you boil the water, the stronger it gets.


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types of coffee
Espresso is the purest form of coffee that is used to make other variants of this beverage.


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2. Cappuccino

This is the most popular type of coffee-beverage. The process of cappuccino preparation includes a shot of espresso, a shot of hot-steamed milk, and foamed milk, which is used as a topping by the barista. The reason behind its popularity is its milky addition to the flavor of the coffee beans. With the addition of milk, the bitterness of coffee beans blends with the milky flavor and results in a less roast-like taste, unlike espresso, however it is not as strong as the later.


Types of coffee
A cappuccino is made with three basic ingredients, namely a mixture of espresso and steamed milk that is topped with a layer of foam.


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3. Latte

The preparation for the café latte is very similar to that of cappuccino since both of them include the same ingredients. However, in the case of a café latte, more steamed milk is involved, and the foamed layer is completely absent. Due to this, a cup of café latte is creamier and more velvety as compared to cappuccino while also having a less espresso-like taste. It is a great early-morning drink if you don’t have an appetite for bitter stuff.


types of coffee
As compared to cappuccino, cafe latte has less amount of foam and a higher volume of steamed milk.


4. Café Americano

As another coffee-recipe made from espresso, café Americano is still very much different from the rest. For one, milk is completely absent from its preparation, and instead, a cup of hot water is mixed with the espresso; thus, it has a very similar taste that of roasted coffee beans. However, you can mix a bit of sugar to get rid of it.


An Americano is essentially a form of espresso with a high volume of hot water.


types of coffee
An Americano is a diluted form of espresso with a high volume of hot water.


5. Mocha

If you are looking for a tasteful coffee experience, the chocolate-infused caffeinated drink might just be the one for you. It has the perfect blend of bitter-sweet chocolaty goodness alongside the flavor of roasted coffee that brings out a great taste. Its chocolaty taste is responsible for making it a popular choice among children and other people who have just entered the world of coffee, thus making it a great entry-level coffee drink.


types of coffee
A mochaccino is a coffee beverage that is infused with chocolate syrup.


6. Irish Coffee

If you are looking for a drink that’ll give you that energy boost required to start your day, then maybe this beverage is not your deal. Though it contains caffeine and a strong shot of espresso, its other ingredients would send you back to sleep. This beverage contains whiskey and sugar instead of milk. So you can see that it is not your average cup of coffee, and its alcohol content also makes it quite difficult to find in a nearby café.


Types of coffee
Irish coffee is a type of cocktail that is a coffee-based drink containing a significant volume of Irish whiskey.


7. Long Black

Commonly consumed in Australia, a glass of long black coffee is very similar to that of café Americano. A Long Black is made with two strong shots of espresso; the only difference between America and long black coffee is the quantity of additional hot water added to the mix. A long black variant usually has less volume of water as compared to the Americano, thus making it a stronger and a bitterer variant among the rest.


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8. Café Crema

This is yet another black variant of coffee, but unlike Americano or Australian Long Black coffee, both of which are forms of diluted espresso, café crema’s preparation involves the addition of hot water while the coffee is brewing. Thus, it is not made from espresso. Instead, it is an espresso that is lighter in taste and aroma.


9. Vienna

This is a traditional cream-based variant of coffee that is prepared by mixing whipped cream with espresso instead of milk or hot water. The whipped cream is added to the shot of espresso until the cup is full, which can be additionally topped off with chocolate chips or sprinkles.


10. Melange

This is the most common variant in Europe, especially in Vienna. Some people might think of it as a cappuccino, as it is prepared with the help of espresso, steamed milk, and foamed top. Yet, if you take a look at it, you’ll immediately know the difference, for the foamed layer present at the top is of quite a quantity, and it will surely fill your nostrils with froth once you take a sip!


11. Café Macchiato

Another espresso-type drink which is not a pure shot of espresso, but is a small amount of foamed milk mixed with pure brewed coffee that adds a milky texture and flavor to it. Macchiato is an Italian word which ‘stained coffee,’ or, as you can say, a coffee with a spot of milk.

The variants of coffee-based drinks are many. A drink as popular as coffee has hundreds of variants all across the world, yet names listed above are the most common beverages that have been popular for centuries. Whether its pure black coffee or an espresso shot mixed with foamed milk, there is no doubt in the fact that these caffeinated drinks will provide you with an experience that’ll make you fall in love with coffee itself.


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