5 Different Types of Microwave Ovens with Features & Uses
different types of microwave oven

What are the Different Microwave Oven Types?

This buying guide will help you know the facts about the various microwave ovens types available around you.

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The technology that we use in the kitchen is changing, and new things are becoming a part of our routine. One of the things that are in the kitchen is microwave ovens. The amount of microwave oven types is enormous. However, you need to choose a microwave that suits your needs and purposes.

When you are shopping for a microwave oven, you need to keep a budget in mind. When you have a budget, you have an idea of what’s available within that budget of yours. You can look at the different microwave oven types and choose one that suits your needs. Many times before you go through a buying guide for a microwave oven, you come across many myths that may dissuade you from buying a microwave oven. However, those are just myths about microwaves that you don’t need to believe in them.

Various Uses Of A Microwave Oven

Microwave ovens are a part of the new age technology, which is going to reduce the time of preparing dishes. There are many microwave oven types that outrun each other. You can choose an option which you consider perfect for your kitchen needs. There are many advantages of the different microwave ovens types that are available.

#1 Reduction In Cooking Time

There are so many times when you can avoid spending long hours of cooking a dish by doing one thing. The one thing is that you can purchase a microwave oven. Every time you want to cook something, you can make it in the microwave oven. When you have extra time while cooking the dishes, you can easily prepare another meal or take a break. It is also very easy and quick to clean a microwave.

#2 Nutrients Of Your Food 

When you are cooking on a burner or any other appliance, the nutrients in the food reduce. However, when you are using a microwave oven in a container with a lid, you are making sure the number of nutrients doesn’t decrease. Therefore, you are eating healthy and nutritious food because of the type of microwave.

#3 You Are Away From Heat Or Fume 

When you are cooking on a burner, you are close to fumes and heat. However, preparing a dish in the microwave oven keeps you away from vapors and heat. Any recipe you make will not leave any smoke around in the house. Hence, your kitchen and home will be smoke free. The heat and fume will be a missing element in your house because of the microwave oven.

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basic microwave oven
basic microwave oven

#4 Microwave Ovens Are A Safe Option 

There are many occasions when certain events make you question the safety of kitchen appliances. However, purchasing and using any type of microwave oven – grill or convection – is safe. Microwave ovens of different types are safe and secure for your usage.

#5 Microwave Ovens Will Help In A Clean Kitchen

A microwave oven is an excellent kitchen tool that will help keep the environment of your kitchen clean. When you are cooking a dish traditionally, the kitchen is messy, and you have to spend more time cleaning. However, when you use a grill microwave oven or a conventional microwave oven, that problem isn’t there anymore. You will have a clean and tidy kitchen when you use a microwave oven to cook.


What are the different kinds of microwave ovens?

There are many different kinds of microwave ovens available for kitchen use. You need to choose a microwave oven that’s convenient for your use. There’s a lot of variations in the different microwave ovens. So you need to choose a microwave that’s going to help you with your cooking. There’s a specific purpose for every microwave oven, and you need to choose accordingly. You can’t choose a conventional microwave oven for grilling. Therefore, you need to remember which microwave oven you want and purchase one thus.

When you look at the main categories of microwave ovens, you will find that there are three main ones. Solo, grill, and conventional microwave ovens are three main microwave oven types.


The Different Types of Microwave Ovens

Here are 5 types of microwave ovens available in the Indian market.

#1 Solo Microwave Ovens 

The first on the list of micro oven types is the solo microwave ovens. Solo microwave ovens fulfill two purposes, which are the most basic ones. One, you can use a solo microwave oven for reheating food, secondly, for cooking essential dishes.

Solo microwave ovens are the most basic microwave ovens that are available for your use. The amount of microwaves that a solo microwave oven produces is one. Hence, it can accomplish all the essential tasks of cooking dishes.

There are almost no similarities between a conventional and solo microwave oven. You can’t bake a cake or any other bakery item in a solo microwave oven. Therefore, you will need to purchase a conventional microwave oven for baking goods.


solo microwave oven
Solo microwave ovens are the most basic microwave ovens

Here are some solo microwave ovens uses – firstly, it’s helpful if you live in a small family or a bachelor’s. Secondly, if you know how to make simple dishes, a solo micro magnets oven is perfect. Lastly, you can quickly reheat food in the microwave oven

#2 Grill Microwave Ovens 

Grill microwave ovens are the second microwave oven types. The grill micro oven is perfect for grilling food like kebabs and sandwiches. When you purchase a grill microwave oven, you will get many different kinds of tools along with it. The devices will help you every time you decide to make a dish in the oven.

Every time you decide to make kebabs or sandwiches, you can easily use the grill microwave oven. You can use the grill microwave oven to reheat the thawing.

A grill microwave oven is different from the convection microwave. In a grill microwave oven, you have to grill your food. However, in the second one, you can cook your food or bake anything you want. Therefore, the two types of microwave ovens from different from each other.

The grill microwave oven uses both the grill and micro magnets to help in cooking your dish in a few minutes. Therefore, it doesn’t take a long time to prepare a meal in the grill microwave oven.

#3 Convection Microwave Ovens 

The next in the types of ovens is the convection microwave oven. It’s the perfect type of microwave oven that you can use for many different purposes.

You can choose what kind of purpose you have and use the convection microwave oven. If you want to roast something, you can easily set the settings accordingly and cook it. In the same way, if you’re going to bake something, you can easily bake in the convection microwave oven.

A convection microwave oven type is the one in which you can bake, roast, grill, and reheat all the dishes. It’s one of the most advanced microwave oven types in India.

The micro magnets on inside heat the food from the inside and temperature from outside helps the menu too. Therefore, heat from the inside and out of the convection oven type makes the food crispy and gives it a perfect roast.

#4 Over The Range Microwave Oven

The next kind of microwave oven is the over the range microwave oven. Usually, you will see an over the range microwave oven over the stove. There are two purposes for it. Firstly, it’s an excellent spot for a microwave oven. Secondly, it doubles as a hood above the stove.

The over range microwave oven can be of two types, and you can have the standard one or the convection one. It’s your decision as to which one suits your needs. There are many other additional features along the microwave oven top that can help you.

Two things that you will have to manage because of the over the top microwave oven is the lights and vent fans. When you are planning your space of the microwave oven type, you need to think about the kind of lights and fan. You can install the lights under the oven type and above the stove or induction. You need to care about the views and supporters because they make cooking a pleasant experience.

#5 Built-in Microwave Oven

A built-in microwave oven is a perfect choice for you if you are designing the kitchen. It’s a type of microwave oven which helps you bake or grill every time you need to do it. When you add a built-in microwave oven to your kitchen space, you are adding a piece of decor. Therefore, you need to choose a type of microwave oven that will match the theme of your kitchen.


built in microwave oven
One of the most advanced type of microwaves built-in type

One of the advantages of the built-in microwave oven is that you have counter space. Usually, when you have a microwave oven, it takes up counter space. However, when you have a built-in microwave oven, there’s ample counter space.

Occasionally, when you are purchasing a kind of microwave oven, you have a budget. If you are thinking about buying a built-in microwave oven, you need to keep your budget high. There’s a variation in the prices of the different types of micro ovens. A built-in microwave oven is an expensive kitchen tool. It’s an investment, so you can think about purchasing it, you are investing.


Features Of A Microwave Oven 

When you are going to buy a microwave oven, you need to look for specific features that it should fulfill. They are precise specifications that any type of microwave oven should have for you to purchase.


#1 Built-in Cooking Setting 

Any type of microwave ovens has to have built-in cooking settings. The settings should be simple ones so that everyone can understand. Therefore, when you have to cook anything, the settings will help you.


#2 Convection Option

When you have a convection option, it’s going to help while preparing any dish. The fans on the oven will help in the air circulation and give your food the perfect time to cook. A convection option is an efficient option for cooking in a microwave.



#3 Quality Of The Carousel

A carousel is an integral part of a microwave oven. When you are looking for microwave ovens, you should look at the quality of the carousel. Hence, the quality of the carousel is a significant factor in which you should base your decision on an oven.

Sometimes people want a carousel, which is the easiest to clean. Other times, people ignore the type and quality of a carousel.


#4 Convenient Space For A Microwave Oven

When you are looking for a microwave oven, you need to look at the ones which are perfect for your space. When you have a microwave oven that fits perfectly in your area, it makes purchasing it easy. Therefore, check the space that you want to assign for your microwave oven and then buy a microwave oven. When you have a functional space, it makes it easier to decide what kind of a microwave oven you would want to purchase.

Whichever type of oven you buy, you should keep a space in mind, so that your kitchen space and microwave oven match. Therefore, make space or use the existing space for placing your oven.



When you are going to purchase a microwave oven type, you need to remember to make a list of things and go. On the record, put your budget for the microwave oven, which one you should buy, and also which one you want to buy. It’s a way you’ll know which is the best option for your kitchen and you.

You can check out the different kinds of microwave ovens available online. In the end, choose a microwave oven that you like otherwise you’ll have to settle for less. Choose a microwave oven that will serve more needs for you in the kitchen than the others. Therefore, you should think about which microwave oven type to purchase. Go through the features of the different microwave ovens that are available.


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