4700 BC Gourmet Popcorn Review: These Chocolate Popcorn Are YUM!

4700 BC Gourmet Popcorn Review: These Chocolate Popcorn Are YUM!

4700 BC Gourmet Popcorn are just what you need for you next movie night.

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The salted caramel porpcorn tastes amazing. It is crunchy, and the caramel coating makes it even more so. Perfect for gifting.

Think Popcorn and instantly tons of butter and a generous sprinkle of salt come to mind. With a dynamic change in the food industry, new and innovative flavors have been entering the market. (We aren’t complaining, it makes our job even more delicious!) One such brand that has introduced gourmet popcorns to the Indian market is 4700 BC. 4700 BC Gourmet Popcorn has a lot of eclectic, sweet, and savory popcorn flavors like Tiramisu Chocolate Popcorn and Sriracha Lime Cheese. We reviewed the Nutty Tuxedo Chocolate Popcorn by 4700 BC Gourmet Popcorn and here is what you need to know.

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Facts About 4700 BC Gourmet Popcorn

*According to information on the pack

  • Contains added flavors.
  • A single serving (28 grams) of this popcorn provides 133 Kcal of energy.
  • Allergen information – Contains soy, milk products, and nuts.

#FirstImpression Of 4700 BC Gourmet Popcorn – Nutty Tuxedo Chocolate Popcorn

Price and packaging – The 4700 BC Gourmet Popcorn comes in a classy blue and gold tin packaging. A 125 gram tin is priced at Rs 200/-. We got the Limited Edition pack, and this looks even more festive.

4700 BC Gourmet Popcorn – Nutty Tuxedo Chocolate Popcorn

Ingredients – Sugar (37%), Chocolate (26%), Corn (19%), butter, corn syrup, almonds (4%), maltodextrin, edible common salt, flavor, soy lecithin, antioxidant, acidity regulator, antifoaming agent.

Taste and texture – These popcorns are super delicious and have the perfect texture. The flavors are delicate, and frankly quite addictive. The popcorns by themselves are crunchy and with the added caramel coating, even more so.

There is chocolate in some parts which tasted excellent. Now, we know you would think that something with chocolate and caramel would be unbearably sweet, but that’s not the case. It’s sweet, undoubtedly, but the addition of salt balances everything out. The end result is a crunchy, sweet snack that is just perfect for when you need something to munch on.

These are definately not for people who are looking for a low calorie snack or if you are on a diet. This would make for a delicious movie night snack or even as a dessert on those late night binge-watch sessions. These popcorns would also taste great as dessert toppers for a mousse or a vanilla-chocolate pudding.

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The Nutty Tuxedo Chocolate Popcorn by 4700 BC Gourmet Popcorn is simply amazing. Perfect for the cool weather! This will be ideal for gifting, for when you want to carry something small or even if you want to add something nice and posh-looking in a gift hamper

4700 BC Gourmet Popcorn – Nutty Tuxedo Chocolate Popcorn

The 4700 BC Gourmet Popcorn‘s Nutty Tuxedo Chocolate flavor is just delicious and would make for an excellent snacking option.

MRP – Rs 200/-*

Net weight – 125 grams

*Price at the time of review

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