Top 7 Substitutes For Dill

Top 7 Substitutes For Dill

Dill is a wonderful herb used widely across many cuisines. If you have run out of this herb, here are seven substitutes for dill that will enhance you dish.

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Dill, also known as Anethum graveolens has a distinct taste and aroma that adds an exotic flavor to most recipes. If you are making a dill based recipe and in case if this ingredient runs out of stock, there are a few substitutes for dill that you can opt for.

Dill weed is an aromatic herb that caters to many regions of Mediterranean countries. Also known as baby dill, it is also widely used in Germany, Russia, and other countries. As far as the appearance matters, they resemble the fern and capture a sweet and mild taste.

Dill seeds as well as leaves are utilized as the popular herbs or spices in your food. It is low in calories, but high in manganese, and Vitamin A. Leaves of this fresh herb are also known as ‘Dill herb’. Such leaves add a great flavor to the soups, dishes, and stews.


Have you ever used Caraway? Dill and caraway have analogous flavor and an amalgamation of these herbs can also work well with several recipes.

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A bunch of fresh dill on a cutting board on a wooden table.


Where Is Dill used?

Dill plant is grown beneath the ground and is widely utilized in many types of dishes. Traditionally, due to its medicinal properties, it is used for treating digestive issues and bad breath. Also, its flavor is quite gentle and this allows it to be an addition to your soups and stews. Throughout the world, you can find several variations in Dill and there are many forms of its usage. National cuisines of many countries comprise of Dill such as India, China, Europe, and the United States. It the right herb with very balanced aroma and taste and appropriate anticancer properties due to the presence of d-limonene.

Dill has a kind of freshness in its taste that works perfectly for garnishing purposes. Many cooks around the world use fresh and dried dill in a variety of cuisines. This herb is easily available at the fancy grocery stores or you can order it online as well.


Dill can be used in soups, stews, pasta sauces and roasted meats and grills.

Dill leaves are derived from the dill weed herb and it can widely complement a number of dishes like potato salad, chicken stews, and a variety of fishes. It is a great garnishing agent due to its natural properties. It has a flavor close to fennel and celery. Another advantage of this herb is its citrus flavor. You can surely experiment with fresh mojitos and juices as well.

Add Dill and make many wonderful recipes like pasta, casseroles, dips, and meat recipes. It is a primary ingredient in various types of pickles as well. When use in marinades, dill flavors blend quite well with every dish.

You can avail of this herb throughout the year but if you are not getting your hands on it, finding substitute for dill is the smarter way out. Any flavor cannot exactly replace the dill taste but can partially match its rich flavors.

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Top 7 Substitutes For Dill




fennel vegetables placed on a wooden board

Fennel has a broad stem and the extensive leaves just like the celery but its flavor is quite on the sweeter side. Unlike celery, it has harder stalks that are non-usable. Its leaves and stems are worth consumption after cooking with some vegetables or fish or can also work well as a garnishing in salads. If you are buying some fresh fennel from the market, you can wrap it and preserve it for around 5 days in your refrigerator. It is a very close substitute for dill as it imparts a great taste for your favorite stews and soups.




Thyme is a nice substitute for dill.

The next substitute for Dill seeds is thyme. Fresh thyme has a quite pungent flavor and is a part of the mint family. Apart from stews and soups thyme works well in preparation of pasta sauces and eggplants as well. Dill weed is very mild in its fragrance but that’s not the case with thyme. It can hold its flavors even after undergoing baking or cooking process. As a result, they can be an ideal option for vegetable salads, roasted potatoes, or tomato soups.




Rosemary has a wonderful aroma that can be used to enhance the flavor of many dishes.

It is the next alternative for dill seed. There is a concentrated aroma of rosemary that adds a great flavor to conventional chicken, fish, and pork recipes. If you are making vegetarian dishes, rosemary can impart an impeccable flavor to onions, mushrooms, spinach, peas, and potato. Dill works great with salads and so does rosemary. There is also another unique concept in which this herb can be utilized. You can rip off its leaves and use them in various recipes after storing them in the refrigerator. The stems of this herb are also very useful and can be used as skewers for kebab preparation. It is certainly a different way to accentuate the exotic rosemary flavor.


Fresh Parsley


Fresh parsley adds a herbaceous touch to your meals.

The next substitute for dill is parsley. Parsley is a very commonly available herb. It has very subtle flavors that can work well with any type of dish. You can also use dried Parsley if the fresh one is unavailable. A finely chopped parsley also works great as a substitute for dill leaves. Fresh parsley is preferable if you wish to garnish dishes like eggs, fish, chicken, roasted lamb, or grilled steaks. On the other hand, you can also substitute the dried parsley instead of dill seeds. The benefit of using the dried version of these herbs is you can add them while cooking itself. These dried herbs retain their taste and enrich the flavors of your recipes for quite a long time.




Fresh chervil is a good substitute for dill.

The next alternate to dill is chervil. It is also another herb from the parsley family that is available all year round just like the parsley. It is a primary herb used in French cuisine. Talking about their flavors, they taste like a blend between parsley and licorice. Countless of French and Italian recipes comprise of Chervil as its base herb. Especially if you are preparing soups and salads, it can work well in the place of dill.




Fresh basil leaves add a lot of freshness to any boring meal.

Basil is yet another herb in your kitchen pantry that can replace dill. It has a sweet aroma and a very powerful taste. Asian and Italian cooking is usually incomplete without the use of basil. Basil is one herb that is grown in different variations.

Ranging from purple to green, there are many forms of basil available in the market. Besides, it is also largely used to make distinct types of pesto and other varieties of sauces. Utilizing it with other recipes such as salads, pickles, marinades, and spaghetti is also a wonderful option. Unlike herbs like fennel or parsley, it is not advisable to store it in the refrigerator.




Tarragon has a mild licorice like flavor.

The next up alternate for dill weed is Tarragon. Initially introduced to French recipes, it is now the part of recipes throughout the world. It has a licorice flavor that works best when combined with white wine vinegar. When you are in search of a taste that can replace the dill flavors, you could consider this as a good option.

From being the base element in Béarnaise sauce to the ideal option for preparing omelettes, dill is widely used. It also has a similarity with dill seed that its flavors get alleviated after cooking. Tarragon has a powerful flavor and this is the reason why you need to use it in moderation.



No substitute can be an exact replacement to your favorite dill herb. But getting a hang on other substitute recipes is always a great option. You just need to keep experimenting with all substitutes stated above and you can pitch to the perfect option after several trials. Aroma, taste, and texture vary for every herb. But if you are in immediate need to replace dill as an ingredient, considering the above alternatives is a good move.


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