Best Wine Brands in India
best wine brands in india

Best Wine Brands in India

In the following article, we will discuss some of the best wines available in India.

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There are many alcoholic beverages available in the market such as whisky, rum, beer, etc. Wine is considered to be one of the premium alcoholic beverages. There is the availability of different types of wines in India. It will be interesting to learn about some of the top wine brands in India or the best wine in India. There was a time when it was difficult to find any good Indian wine. Most of the wines were imported from other countries. However, with time a lot of brands emerged as the producers of wines in India.

Wines arrive with different flavors and colors. Red wine in India is quite popular. Apart from international brands, there are homemade Indian wine brands also. You can use the information below to learn about some of the well-known wine brand names in India so that you can store them at your home and serve them to your guests anytime.

Types Of Wine

Before knowing about the best wine in India, let us first know about a term used in the case of wines known as “tannin”. Tea or grapes are a major source of tannin. It is a natural substance. It tastes very bitter. The amount of tannin in the grapes during the preparation of wine decides the color of the wine. Red wine in India or any other country uses more amount of tannin to get its red color.

Similarly, white wine has less tannin content in it.  Tannin also helps to make the wine smooth and soft. What comes in between the white and the red wine is rosè wine. It is also called blush wine, which is pinkish in color. Some people consider it as the best wine in taste.

Apart from all of these, there is another type of wine known as sparkling wine. It is a result of the natural process of fermentation.

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Let us now study the top 10 wine brands in India. There are many other brands also which are considered good but this list contains some of the famous wine brands in India.

red wines served in a transparent glass
What Are The Best Wine Companies In India?

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Top 10 Wine Brands And Price In India

1. Myra Reserve Shiraz (Red Wine)

It is owned by Myra vineyards, Bangalore. The price of this Indian wine lies between Rs. 850 to Rs. 950. The brand entered the market of red wine in India in the year 2011. The brand is popular for producing wine in India at pocket-friendly rates.

Despite its low price. It is listed among the top wine brands in India. It is giving competition to some of the famous wine brands in India such as Sula. It has a fruity and spicy flavor that suits the taste buds of a lot of Indians. Still, it depends on the consumers and their choice of grapes.

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2. KRSMA Sangiovese Wine

This brand is owned by Krishna Prasad and his wife, Uma. Initially, they had a pharmaceutical company. Later, they got involved in the production of wines in India. Nuts and spices are the prominent ingredients of this particular wine.

The price of this fruity red wine in India is Rs. 1000. But, you can only find it in Karnataka.

3. Zampa Chene Grande Reserve (Red Wine)

In French, Chene means oak. Zampa Chene Grande Reserve is a blend of Syrah and Tempranillo. As you start feeling the taste of this Indian wine, you can discover the feeling of chocolate, vanilla, and coffee in it.

The wine is one of the most top wine brands in India. It has won many international awards too. The price of the wine in India ranges from Rs. 1700 to Rs. 1800.

4. Charosa Sauvignon Blanc (White Wine)

charosa sauvignon blanc (white wine)

This particular wine is from Dindori, Nashik. Some people consider it as the best wine in India due to its amazing quality and taste. Today, the place of manufacturing is known as the wine capital of India due to its huge production of Indian wines. This white wine is fruity in taste. Its price is Rs.750-850.

5. Grover Zampa La Reserve (Red Wine)

It is a masterpiece from Grover vineyards. Grover vineyards are among some of the famous wine brands in India. This wine has gained its name as the best red wine brand in India. Its aroma is very classy.

The wine was introduced in India around twenty years back and holds a good reputation in the Indian market now. Its price range is Rs. 2150.

6. Fratelli Sette (Red Wine)

Fratelli is one of the top wine brands in India. The brand was founded in the year 2007, in collaboration with Italian vineyards. Many wine critics in India have tagged Fratelli Sette as the best wine in India.

The red wine is made from finely handpicked grapes, which is the reason for its marvelous taste. Moreover, the design and color of the bottle give the wine a royal look. Its price is Rs. 1500.

7. Sula Chenin Blanc (White Wine)

sula chenin blanc (white wine)

Sula is another big name in the wine brand names in India. The brand was introduced by Rajeev Samant in the year 1999.

The Chenin Blanc Reserve is one of the limited editions of the brand. The wine posses true Indian flavors within it. Sula Chenin Blanc is a white wine that you can enjoy with your desserts, salads, etc. The price of the particular wine is Rs.1000.

8. Zampa Soiree Brut (Sparkling Wine)

This sparkling wine is said to be the best wine in India in its category. It is of very premium quality and you can find the taste of cherries and Syrah grape, strawberries in it. This is another wonderful product from Grover vineyards. Zampa Soiree Brut wine is made from Syrah grape. The price of the particular wine is Rs. 1200.

9. York Sparkling Cuvee Brut (Sparkling Wine)

sula chenin blanc (white wine)

100% Chenin Blanc is its main content. York Sparkling Cuvee Brut was a hit in the market as soon as it entered the market of wines in India. The brand is owned by the Gurnani brothers.

If want to have light spicy Indian food someday, then you may want to pair your meal with this wine variant. The price of the sparkling wine in India is Rs 1000 to Rs 1200.

10. Sula Dindori Reserve Shiraz (Red Wine)

This is another variant of red wine in India or you can say, a masterpiece from Sula, one of the top 10 wine brands in India. The name of the wine is based on a region of India, called Dindoru. It made its mark in the list of top 100 wines in the year 2014 by Wine Enthusiast magazine. The price of this Indian wine is Rs. 1000-1200.

This concludes our list of top 10 wine brands and prices in India.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Here are some interesting FAQs on the Best Wine Brands :

Some of the affordable wine brands in India are Sula, Four Seasons Vineyard, Fratelly Vineyard, Charosa Vineyards, and Grover.

The best tasting Indian wine are : Cabernet Shiraz By Sula, Fratelli Gran Cuvee Brut, Sette 2011, and Grover Zampa La Reserva.

Wine particularly red wine has a lot of health benefits. It is rich in antioxidants, regulates blood sugar and helps lower bad cholesterol.

Ideally, it is safe for women to have up to one drink a day. For men up to two drinks a day is safe.

Long-term consumption of wine in large amounts is said to increase dependence and may lead to serious health problems.

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Today, red wine India has become very common with lunch and dinner. A lot of wine brands manufacture red wine in India. However, among all the top wine brands in India, you should choose the best wine which can suit both your mood and food.

Wine is believed to be royal in its segment of drinks. Indian wine brands are placing their footprints in the alcohol industry in the entire world. There are many wine brands in India. However, we need to choose the best wine in India according to our required taste. There are wines of different colors and flavors.

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