Homecare Multifunctional Salad Spinner Review

Homecare Multifunctional Salad Spinner Review

How did the Homecare Multifunctional Salad Spinner fare in our rigorous review process? Let’s find out!

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The Homecare Salad Spinner is much more than just a salad spinner. It has got attachments that are able to chop, grate, and slice vegetables, which makes it a multipurpose tool. While it is a good product, it has its drawbacks, like the basket is not very sturdy, the detachable blades need special attention to fix, and the chopping and slice could have been better.

Salad Spinners usually just have one job – to drain the excess water from salad leaves and greens. This is primarily done so that the salad dressing can coat the leaves evenly and provide a flavorful bite every time. This kitchen tool can take up a lot of space and for people who do not make salads at home that often, can prove to be a little useless. This is where multifunctional salad spinners can be beneficial. A multifunctional salad spinner not only helps dry up those salad leaves in a jiffy, but it also comes with a few other utilities, such as chopping and grating veggies. We reviewed the Homecare Multifunctional Salad Spinner for its various attachments, ease of use, and convenience. Read our #FirstImpression to know more.


What You Need To Know About The Homecare Multifunctional Salad Spinner

*As per information on the pack


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  • Capacity – 4000 ml
  • No electricity needed
  • BPA free


#FirstImpression Of The Homecare Multifunctional Salad Spinner


Homecare Multifunctional Salad Spinner

The different attachments – The Homecare Multifunctional Salad Spinner comes with a lot of attachments.


  • 1 big plastic bowl with a 4000 ml capacity
  • 1 plastic lid to store the chopped vegetables
  • A net basket (To keep the greens)
  • A lid with the toggle (Salad spinner attachment)
  • A white plate attachment with 4 different types of attachments to grate and slice.
  • A green attachment with a knob to hold the vegetables/fruit and to protect the hand.


Homecare Multifunctional Salad Spinner

How we tried the salad spinner attachment – To try the Salad Spinner attachment, we placed the washed greens (parsley and celery leaves) in the net basket. After spinning it for 30 seconds-1 minute we could see that a lot of water separated from the leaves and upon opening the leaves were fairly dry. The motion of the spinner is fine and smooth but the placement of the basket seemed a bit wobbly. The salad spinning action is fine, but we would have liked it if the basket was a bit more sturdy.


Salad Spinning action ready to be tested.

How we tried the blade attachments – We used vegetables with a hard exterior (potatoes and cucumbers) to test the blade attachments. After slicing and grating these vegetables we found that some of the blades are not easy to attach. You really have to push them with force to properly place them. If you are careless about it, you might end up cutting your fingers. We also noticed that the grater blades worked better than the slicing ones. Even though the slicing was thin and uniform, it is not a very smooth process for the user. As far as the overall slicing-grating purpose of the product is concerned, the multipurpose detachable blades need special attention to fix.


The grating and slicing attachments with the white plate.

This is a fairly large salad spinner with multiple attachments that is good for large families. It looks good and the does the job of drying the salad greens quiet well. The attachments are hard to fix, but are convenient. The fact that this has a separate lid to cover the bowl and keep it aside for storage is an added plus. As a one-stop product which can spin-dry salad leaves, grate, and slice vegetables and fruits, it is fairly interesting product to buy for those who like multi-utility kitchen tools. Its a space-saver too.


Homecare Multifunctional Salad Spinner

From drying salad leaves to grating and slicing vegetables and fruits, this Homecare Multifunctional Salad Spinner is a handy and convenient product.

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MRP – Rs 1499/-*

*Price at the time of review

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