The Side-Effects Of Aloe Vera

The Side-Effects Of Aloe Vera

A high intake of the laxative present in aloe vera can cause indigestion, and in some cases stomach irritation and cramps. Here’s a complete list of the side-effects related to the unregulated consumption of aloe vera.

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Considered to be a common house plant, and having a large number of health and beauty benefits, aloe vera is a part of many everyday home remedies. The plant, normally found in tropical regions, has been used as a remedy over centuries, dating back to ancient Egypt. From soothing burnt skin to helping you lose weight, aloe vera’s long list of benefits have made it a popular addition to many commercially available gels, creams and even tonics and health drinks. But if not consumed in a regulated fashion, aloe vera can also have side-effects to your health.


Aloe Vera Side Effects: The Presence Of Aloe Latex

A yellowish fluid present in the inner lining of the aloe vera plant is called aloe latex. It is advised to check if the aloe vera juice that you have been drinking contains this latex or not, for latex has been proven to cause some serious side-effects. Some of these effects may include reduction of the overall concentration of glucose in our blood, and in some cases it can even lead to kidney related problems.

Apart from that, aloe vera can itself be credited for side-effects and must be ingested in a regulated way. Some of aloe vera’s negative impacts on our body are:


1. Liver Toxicity

Due to the bio-active compounds present in aloe vera, it might interfere with the liver’s detoxification process, thus a higher consumption of aloe vera can increase the rate of liver toxicity. However, if consumed in smaller quantities (2tbsp/day), the liver would easily overcome its interference.


2. Low Blood Glucose Level

Aloe Vera is considered to be a wonderful treat for diabetic patients if they want to reduce blood sugar levels in their body. However, a large quantity of aloe vera can further decrease the sugar level, which might have negative impact on people who are non-diabetic.


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Side-effects of aloe vera
Aloe vera is known remedy for the treatment of rising blood glucose level. However, an limitless consumption can further decrease your blood’s glucose level beyond its desired lower limit


3. Digestion Problems


A high intake of the laxative present in aloe vera can cause indigestion, and in some cases stomach irritation and cramps. This can further lead to diarrhoea or eating disorders.


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4. Skin Problems

Aloe Vera has been used for centuries and it is considered to be one of the most effective natural remedies that is used to heal external wounds. However, in some cases, the skin might have an allergic reaction to aloe vera, so it is advised to first apply a little bit over the desired area in order to be sure of your skin’s reaction.

Moreover, it must not be applied before going out in the sun, as sun exposure over skin covered with fresh aloe vera may cause rashes.


The Bottom Line

Though there might some negative impacts of aloe vera that might be taken into consideration, most of these arise due to non-regulated consumption of aloe vera. Ayurveda experts suggest 2 tablespoons of fresh and pure aloe vera gel and not more for seeing its benefits. Being regimented in your intake might just do the trick without causing any of such side-effects. After all, being healthy is an outcome of being responsible.


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