The Hillcart Tales Rwandan Treasure Review
first impressions of hillcart tea's rwandan black tea

The Hillcart Tales Rwandan Treasure Review

With a golden colored brew, black tea by The Hillcart Tales Rwandan Treasure does not disappoint flavor-wise.

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Matching the vibe of the corner of the house you’re sitting in with the vibe of the beverage you are sipping on is crucial. Just like black coffee, black tea is an acquired taste. Not many in India enjoy their tea without milk and sugar, but whoever does can easily tell the difference between the different kinds of brew.

Black tea is credited with a lot of health benefits including boosting the immune system. Black tea also has a lot of antioxidant properties. We tried black tea from The Hillcart Tales Rwandan Treasure to gauge the flavor and color. Let’s have a look at the results.


What You Need To Know About The Hillcart Tales Rwandan Treasure

*As per information on the pack


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  • It contains 7 muslin tea bags.
  • Each tea bag contains 2 grams of tea.
  • Each cup of black tea brewed with The Hillcart Tales Rwandan Treasure teabag provides 2.54 Kcal of energy.
  • Contains only one ingredient – 100% Rwandan Black Tea


The Hillcart Tales Rwandan Treasure

The fresh aroma of the black tea by The Hillcart Tales has a robust flavor.

MRP – Rs 130/-

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*Price at the time of review


#FirstImpression Of The Hillcart Tales Rwandan Treasure

Pricing – The Hillcart Tales Rwandan Treasure is priced at Rs 130/- for a set of 7 tea bags. We found that it is extremely overpriced, for almost Rs 18/- a teabag. But looking at the clientele this is targeted at, they may not care so much for the pricing.

Aroma, color, and taste – First things first, the aroma of the tea is super fresh even though we didn’t find any spicy aroma as suggested on the pack. The brewed tea had a deep and vibrant color. The taste of the tea is robust and the feel is very smooth. Unlike most black teas, this is not bitter at all. We tried The Hillcart Tales Rwandan Treasure tea without milk and liked it a lot for its earthy tones.

The size of the muslin bag seems small and we felt that it doesn’t provide the tea leaves inside enough space to come into contact with the hot water and release flavors. We noticed this even with Hillcart Chamomile Tea for our Best Chamomile Tea review earlier.

Packaging – While the packaging looks nice and aesthetically designed – it is also our biggest concern with this product. There is way too much paper and packing used. Around 2 grams of tea is carefully packed in a muslin bag. Then, each muslin bag is packed in a paper envelope which opens up like a star. Then they are stacked together in a tray, which is then put in a paper box. Phew! The entire packaging, as beautiful as it may look, isn’t very earth-friendly.

Suggestion – If you like your tea a little mellow, then brew it for under 3 minutes. If you want to consume it with milk, you may want to brew it for over 4 minutes. The instructions on the pack suggest brewing the tea for 3-5 minutes.


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