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Fortune Super Food Millet Khichdi Review – Not So Millety

Mishry reviewed three variants of Fortune Super Food Millet Khichdi for their nutrition, taste, and convenience. Here’s what we thought.

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Mishry Rating

3 / 5
3 / 5
3 / 5
3 / 5


While the taste and textures are on point, the skimpy addition of millets and the quality of fat used in Fortune Super Food Millet Khichdi was a drawback.

Fixing your macronutrient intake may be something you’ve excelled at. But micronutrients? Eating according to seasons is a granny-trusted method to incorporate all essential nutrients through a regular diet. 

Fortune has launched millet khichdi with bajra, jowar, and ragi. We reviewed all three variants- Gujarati Khichdi, Punjabi Khichdi, and Bengali Bhog Khichdi. Our Fortune Super Food Millet Khichdi review discusses more on their ingredients, taste, and texture.

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All details of three variants of Fortune Super  Food Millet Khichdi are discussed below. 

Fortune Super Food Millet Khichdi Gujarati Khichdi Bengali Bhog Khichdi Punjabi Khichdi
Price Rs 65/- Rs 65/- Rs 65/-
Net Quantity 200 g 200 g 200 g
Mishry Rating 3 3 3
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Shelf Life Nine months Nine months Nine months

Our Review Factors

What were we expecting from Fortune Super Food Millet Khichdi?

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*Based on Mishry's internal reviews and ratings

Khichdi is typically made of dal and rice. Millet khichdi, as suggested by the name, uses a blend of nutritious millets. These packed mixes claim to be nourished with five grains and are ready in just one whistle. 

Do they deliver or are the claims just marketing gimmicks? Let’s find out. 

1. Taste

What does this primarily taste like? Millet-like or like our regular khichdi?

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Flavors – Each part of India has its own blend of masale that results in unique flavors. Do the Fortune Khichdis do justice to the labels? Are the signature flavors of Gujarati (sweet and sour), Punjabi (rich, buttery), and Bengali (strong and spicy) cuisines showcased? Does this taste homestyle or restaurant-like?

Freshness – Do the cereals, pulses, millets, and spices taste fresh post-cooking? Did we notice any off-putting, industrial aftertaste?

2. Texture

The one-whistle claim was put to test here. Do these millet mixes develop the signature mushy khichdi texture in just one whistle? Have the millets softened?

3. Appearance

Do all the ingredients come together? Or were they identifiable once served?

Vibrant yellow or pale, does it look appetizing?

4. Convenience

Packaging – The millet-pulse mix is packed inside the main wrapper with a tastemaker inside. 

Preparation – The brand suggests emptying the contents in a pressure cooker with 1 L of water. This needs to be cooked on a high flame until the first whistle, followed by cooking the mix on a medium flame for 10 more minutes. Does this cooking method yield desirable results? Are any additional ingredients needed from us? If yes, are they pantry staples or something we need to make special arrangements for? 

5.  Nutrition Quotient

Main Ingredients – All three variants contain 30-60% rice and 30-45% dal. They contain 4% Bajra, 4% Ragi, and 1% Jowar. The ingredients of the tastemakers are mentioned below. 

Calories – Per 100 grams, the khichdi would offer anywhere between 340-370 Kcal. 

6. Other Parameters

Price – A 200-gram pack is priced at Rs 65/-.

Shelf Life – These mixes have a shelf life of nine months. 

Fortune Super Food Millet Khichdi – Detailed Review

fortune super food millet khichdi variants
These are the variants we tried.

In this section, we discuss our experience with Fortune Super Food Millet Khichdi. What we liked, what we didn’t, what could have been better, all you need to know is covered here.

How we tasted the prepared khichdis?- The third stage of our review process (tasting) was divided into two- with and without the addition of ghee.

1. Gujarati Khichdi

Stage one: Inspection – Here we whiffed the tastemaker, analyzed the khichdi mix, and recorded our observations. 

The tastemaker had a very inviting sweet-sour aroma. We could see cumin and fennel seeds with some dry masala powder. In the khichdi mix, there was chilka moong, rice, tiny granules of ragi, black sesame seeds, flax seeds, and very few bajra grains. 

Stage two: Preparation – We followed the brand recommended method of preparation and served with a dollop of ghee. When we opened the pressure cooker lid to check, the mix hadn’t come together, it needed a good stir. 

Post-mixing, it looked like a homemade meal with just the right consistency. 

Stage three: Taste test– The nutty flavors of millets weren’t really present in the khichdi. The tastemaker governs the overall flavor. There’s a decent salt and spice balance and the prepared khichdi tastes homely. It is not overloaded with flavors or fat, like the meals you’d get at a restaurant. 

However, the sweet-sour flavor profile Gujarati dishes are known for was missing. 

We added a generous dollop of Baidyanath Ghee which imparted a rich texture and aroma to the khichdi. 

While the flavors are comforting, the use of maltodextrin and the proportion of millets left us disappointed. Moreover, the pack mentions it holds four servings. It had only three.

Taste - 3/5
Texture - 3/5
Appearance - 3/5
Convenience - 3/5
fortune super food gujarati millet khichdi packaging
Packaging and contents.
fortune super food gujarati millet khichdi contents
The dal-rice mix and tastemaker.
fortune super food gujarati millet khichdi rte
Ready to eat!
  • The one-whistle claim is delivered. 
  • The proportion of dal to rice was on point.
  • Suggested preparation method needs no adjustment, thumbs up!
  • Taste, texture, and consistency were quite good.
  • The blend is primarily rice and dal with just 10% millets. 
  • It contains maltodextrin.
  • The primary fat source is palm oil. A better source of fat could have been used. 

If you’re looking for flavors of a homemade khichdi at home, Fortune Super Food Millet Gujarati Khichdi is a quick, convenient, and flavorful option. 

2. Bengali Bhog Khichuri

An enticing aroma of Gobindobhog rice and desi ghee, nutty flavors of roasted dal and spices, and a rich, creamy texture- this is what makes Bengali Khichuri a comfort food. 

Stage one: Inspection – The rice-dal mix had a prominent moong dal aroma. Since the pack mentions it uses Gobindobhog rice (it is one of the most aromatic variants), we anticipated a bold aroma of the grain. However, it was missing. Majorly, there were short-grained rice and yellow moong dal with a relatively lower quantity of the millets and seeds. 

Stage two was the same as above.

Stage three: Taste test – The aroma felt fresh and homemade! Corroborating to the aroma, the taste wasn’t artificial/industrial at all. There was a slight bitterness that spices develop once they’ve been roasted. 

Again, we’re disappointed at the fact that the nutritious millets make up only 10% of the total ingredients.

Taste - 3/5
Texture - 3/5
Appearance - 3/5
Convenience - 3/5
fortune bengali khichuri
Here's a look at the contents, raw.
fortune super food bengali khichuri rte
This looks appetizing!

Same as above

same as above

If you’re expecting the comfort and flavors a traditional bowl of Bengali Khichuri offers, this may not be the product for you. But, if you are looking for a bowl of fresh-tasting dal rice with a hint of millets? We recommend trying this variant by Fortune. 

3. Punjabi Khichdi

Stage one, dry inspection The tastemaker had an intense but inviting aroma of dry masala. While the rice and dal mix had the characteristic aroma, we could see broken rice grains with split green moong dal, ragi, jowar, bajra, and black sesame seeds with flax seeds. 

This claims to use Basmati rice, but we were in a fix after looking at the length of the grains. 

Stage two: Preparation – We prepared the khichdi as per the brand’s instructions. The texture was remarkable and so was the dal to rice proportion. The instructions are spot on, no adjustments were needed there. You will need to stir the contents, once cooked. 

Stage three: Taste test – The salt and spice were on point. The heat does complete justice to the ‘Punjabi’ tag. We tasted this with and without Baidyanath Ghee. While this pure cow ghee undeniably enhanced the flavor, the khichdi tasted pretty good without the addition too! It has a touch of ‘ghar ka khaana’ to it. The bite and consistency too, were commendable.

Taste - 3/5
Texture - 3/5
Appearance - 3/5
Convenience - 3/5
fortune super food millet khichdi punjabi
The khichdi mix is primarily dal and rice.
fortune super food millet khichdi punjabi rte
This is the texture it acquired post cooking.

Same as above

  • We savored the flavors.

Same as above

  • The rice grains are surprisingly short.

A treat meal? A flavor-loaded bowl of carbohydrates? You are sure to relish this Punjabi Khichdi. 

This showcases the characteristic heat Punjabi dishes are known for. PS- adding ghee made it even better.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Fortune Super Food millet khichdi

No. The Khichdis showcase a toothsome blend of flavors. 

There are no artificial preservatives. These khichdis contain palm oil which is a natural preservative that enhances the shelf life of packaged food items.

Yes, these are completely vegetarian. 

These have a shelf life of nine months. 

We would not recommend consuming this everyday as it contains maltodextrin and palm oil. You would not really consume these ingredients daily and nothing beats freshly prepared food.

In Conclusion

Not one, but three. Mishry reviewed three variants of Fortune Super Food Millet Khichdi. While they are all fairly tasty and the texture is top-notch, there are certain aspects that were a disappointment. Like the sparingly used millets and fulfilment of the flavor tag. 

Overall, these may be considered for when you’re on the go or need something more nutrient-dense than fast food or a bag of chips.

How do you incorporate millets into your diet? Share with us. 

Our reviews are unbiased and all samples used during the reviews were paid for by us. Read our entire ethics statement here.

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