Sunfeast Dark Fantasy Bourbon - Just Another Chocolate Biscuit?
sunfeast dark fantasy bourbon

Sunfeast Dark Fantasy Bourbon – Just Another Chocolate Biscuit?

The Sunfeast Dark Fantasy Bourbon Biscuits are less sweeter than the typical choco-cream biscuits, but equally yum.

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The Sunfeast Dark Fantasy Bourbon offers an enhanced taste. From the buttery biscuits to the chocolaty cream center, these bourbon biscuits are delicious through and through.

Biscuits, as we know, make for the perfect tea/coffee partner. This feels nothing less than a piece of heaven and if you take your evening beverage seriously, you know how important having the right type of biscuits with your cup of chai is. To add some variation, cream-filled, sandwich-type biscuits were introduced. Bourbon biscuits are thin chocolate biscuits that have a chocolate buttercream center. 

These have been a loved and extremely popular biscuit variation around the world. ITC Sunfeast has a wide range of biscuits and cookies, and within that range is the Dark Fantasy Bourbon Biscuit. What makes the Sunfeast Dark Fantasy Bourbon different? The biscuits or the cream layer? What about the texture? Do these Sunfeast biscuits feel fresh? This Sunfeast Bourbon review spills all the tea!

Quick Review

sunfeast dark fantasy bourbon

These Sunfeast biscuits have a rich buttery taste. The Sunfeast Dark Fantasy Bourbon biscuits have a strong chocolate flavor too.

MRP – Rs 20/-*

Net weight – 120 grams

*Price at the time of review

*As per information on the pack

  • 100 grams of Sunfeast Bourbon contain 486 calories.
  • Artificial flavoring substances like vanilla and chocolate are added.
  • Best before 6 months from the date of manufacture.

Wheat Flour, Sugar (34.4%), Refined Palm Oil, Starch, Cocoa, Solids (2.3%), Milk Solids, Artificial Flavouring Substances – Vanilla, Emulsifier,  Edible Common Salt.

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Quick Review Of Sunfeast Dark Fantasy Bourbon

Price and packaging – These Sunfeast biscuits are packed in an imperial maroon pack. A 120 grams pack is priced at Rs 20/-. The Dark Fantasy bourbon biscuits are neatly packed in a plastic tray.

Dry inspection – These Sunfeast biscuits have a regular rectangular shape and dots along the length. The Sunfeast bourbon is covered with a few crystals of white sugar. They had dark brown colored biscuits and a layer of light brown chocolate cream sandwiched between them.

sunfeast dark fantasy bourbon
Sunfeast Dark Fantasy Bourbon Biscuits - Packaging and contents

Taste Test – Bourbon is a classic biscuit in India that can be enjoyed with a cup of tea, coffee or even plain milk. The bourbon biscuits by Sunfeast nailed the bite factor. They tasted fresh and had the crunch a well-baked biscuit would normally have. That being said, these Sunfeast biscuits were not too dry or crumbly. Biscuits when over-baked, tend to break apart and crumble. This is especially the case with the first and last biscuits in the pack.

sunfeast dark fantasy bourbon
The choco-centre of the bourbon biscuits.

The smooth buttery taste can clearly be tasted in each bite. However, one unmissable difference between the Sunfeast bourbon and other similar biscuits available in the supermarket aisles is the sweetness. The Sunfeast Dark Fantasy Bourbon is a little less sweet comparatively. Coming to the cream of the biscuit, it tastes rich. The texture of the cream is smooth and it has an excellent chocolaty flavor.

The Sunfeast Dark Fantasy Bourbon is very crunchy and delicious. These Sunfeast biscuits have a well-balanced level of sweetness which we loved. The chocolaty goodness will be loved by kids and adults alike. 

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