Paper Boat Thandai Review - Try This Super Delicious Holi Drink
paper boat thandai

Paper Boat Thandai Review – Try This Super Delicious Holi Drink

Here’s a complete review of the Paperboat Thandai, and why it could be a great addition to your Holi celebrations.

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Paperboat Thandai has nuts, seeds and other ingredients like khus khus, pepper, and cardamom that are very refreshing. This is a perfect drink for weight-watchers as this thandai is made using double-toned milk and the sugar level is low.

What are your Holi 2021 plans? Is a glass of chilled thandai a part of them?

Since Holi is just around the corner, you must be geared up for the festivities. Every year, people of all age groups bask in the glory of the festival of colors by applying dry color known as gulal or by playing more intensely by throwing colored water and water balloons on each other.

This year for Holi 2021 too, many will plan celebrations, albeit in a more modest way. Nonetheless, we will make and serve dahi vada, gujiya, malpua, puranpoli, etc, mostly regional delicacies to the visiting guests.

If you talk about Holi and beverages, then ‘thandai’ comes to mind first! And because thandai is such an integral part of Holi, we conducted an extensive review of the tastiest thandai brands with 4 popular brands, including Paper Boat. In the Paper Boat Thandai review in our test kitchen, we found it to be the best amongst all brands reviewed. Do you want to know, why?

Read the rest of the article which will help you in understanding, why Paper boat Thandai could be the tastiest thandai for you to try this Holi.

Flavor Paper Boat Thandai offers balanced sweetness and is a tasty drink to enjoy.
Ingredients Pasteurized Double Toned Milk, Sugar, Milk Solids, Almonds, Melon Seeds, Fennel Powder, Cardamom Powder, Khus Khus and Pepper Black Powder
Net Contents 180 ml
Price Rs. 50
Shelf Life 240 days from the date of manufacturing
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Paper Boat Kesar Thandai is a packaged Thandai. It is available online and in stores. Convenience is definitely one of the reasons for buying this thandai by Paper Boat for Holi. No added Preservatives and No added colors make this product better than several competitors.


Paper Boat Thandai: Detailed Taste Test & Review

PaperBoat Thandai

Packaged beverages can often be over-sweet, and lacking in flavor. Paper Boat Thandai offers balanced sweetness and is a tasty drink to enjoy. When we conducted the Paper Boat Thandai review, we noticed that in addition to balanced sweetness, and delicious flavor, the consistency of the drink is also very close to homemade thandai.

Paper Boat Thandai has a very fresh aroma that makes you want to have more and more!

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The Paper Boat Thandai has a greater strength of flavor.

This thandai has a pleasing proportion of almonds and melon seeds.

Paper Boat Badam Thandai is Easy to carry while on the go. The pack is one-time use so no headache of how to retain the balance/unused Paper Boat Thandai.

Most importantly, the flavour of Paper Boat Thandai has won over all the other three brands of thandai we reviewed. (Review articles for all the four brands would be coming soon, do stay tuned to read about it!)

Our Paper boat Thandai review, certainly recommends grabbing the Paper Boat thandai this Holi before dunking your friends in the water tanks.


  • No hassle of pouring out personal shares as Paper Boat Thandai is sold in individual packs.
  • No preparation required since Paper Boat Thandai is Ready to drink
  • Paper Boat Thandai is sold in a small sized pack which is convenient for distribution to the guests.
  • Paper Boat Thandai Packaging is quite attractive which is meant for Holi.
  • Bite the nuts and drink up the enriched milk from the pouch of Paper Boat Thandai.
  • Paper Boat Thandai price is reasonably priced


  • Paper Boat Thandai is Nuts Rich along with healthy khus khus, pepper, cardamom.
  •  Weight watchers can also have Paper Boat Thandai as it has double-toned milk and the sugar level is low.
  • Calcium derived from a 100 ml Paper Boat Thandai is 142 mg
  • Paper Boat Thandai helps you rejuvenate easily.


  • For some, Paper Boat Thandai price might be an issue, especially when buying for large gatherings.
  • Unused Paper Boat Thandai cannot be stored.
  • Refrigerators require more space to store pouches of Paper Boat Thandai.

Why Should I Choose Paperboat Thandai?

Just as Diwali is incomplete with a Dia, lights, and crackers. Holi is incomplete without gujiya and thandai. Holi drenches you of your energy as you soak yourself in the galore of the festivities. Paper Boat Thandai is a good option to keep you charged, and well-hydrated for day-long festivities.

Paper Boat Thandai will give you complete nourishment with its rich ingredients.

Grab a pouch of Paper Boat Thandai before you start playing Holi, to keep up the energies.

1. Taste

Paper boat Thandai has won the hearts of Team Mishry while reviewing the best Thandai for Holi because Paper Boat Thandai tastes great and offers balanced sweetness. Nuts are seen plenty in the Thandai Paper Boat.

2. Attractive Packaging

Thandai Paper Boat comes in attractive packaging. It has a picture of a splash of Holi colors pink, purple and yellow splashed on a white background. The lid of Paper Boat Thandai is quite attractive in the color red and the outer look itself makes one yearn for the Paper Boat Thandai even before drinking up the goodness.

3. Easy to serve

Thandai Paper Boat is for individual serving. Now I can avoid milk spoilage. No jhanjhat of arranging several glasses for a huge gathering. Just take Paper Boat Thandai out of the fridge and you are good to go.

paperboat thandai, Image credit:

FAQs on Paper Boat Thandai

Here are some interesting FAQs on Paper Boat Thandai:

Paper Boat Thandai is ok for consumption as it is made of pasteurized double Toned Milk, Almonds and Melon seeds, and herbs and spices like khus khus, cardamom powder, black pepper and fennel powder which aids in digestion.

The price of Thandai by Paper Boat cannot be considered high as it has all the rich ingredients in it which when bought separately and assembled together will cost more.

For Holi, if you serve Paper Boat Thandai instead of aerated beverages, certainly the benefits of Thandai Paper boat make it a better bet. Paper Boat Thandai has all the goodness quotient in it whereas aerated beverages have just Soda and flavors and a few also have caffeine. So the Paper Boat Thandai would be a better option instead of the aerated beverages.

The Thandai Paper Boat Badam flavor is available for 150/- inclusive of all taxes for a 250 ml pouch.

Paper Boat is a joint venture by James Nuttall, Neerj Kakkar and Suhas Mishra.


Across India, Holi is celebrated over two days. The First day is known as Holika Dahan. A pious fire is burnt in the evening with the effigy of “Holika” who was the sister of demon King “Hiranyakashipu” to mark the triumph of good over evil.

People gather near the holy fire during the evening and perform religious rituals and offer sweets like Kheer, Puran, Gujiya etc. The next morning the ashes are collected and applied on the forehead, a religious belief that it will serve as protection which is then followed by a festival of colors and having the most delectable Thandai. This Holi, we are sure you are also thinking of making or buying thandai. And Paper Boat Thandai must have crossed your mind as a possible option. This review of Paper Boat Thandai should help answer the critical question of, ‘which is the best thandai’?

How do you celebrate the Holi festival? Does Thandai form an integral part of your Holi get-together? Do comment and let us know. 

Also after you all have bought and had Paper Boat Thandai, feedback and your valued comments would be really helpful. Do let us know in the comment section.

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