Substitute For Chili Powder | Top 5 Substitutes For Chili Powder That You Can Find

Substitute For Chili Powder | Top 5 Substitutes For Chili Powder That You Can Find

Chili powder is one of the most used spices in the kitchen, hence often you’ll find yourself out of chili. But, worry not, for there are many substitutes of chili that can help in providing the same flavor and spice to your meal.

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The smoky and spicy taste of a meal is something that most people can’t live without, which eventually gives the chili powder a great opportunity to flourish. The way it activates the taste buds is something that people just can’t stay away from. However, apart from being beneficial for one’s health due to its metabolism-boosting abilities, chili powder, upon being heavily consumed, can have some unforeseeable side-effects too. Some of the side-effects of chili powder include stomach ailments and constipation, even the burning sensation that it has on the body can prove to be painful if not taken into account.


Chili Powder: What Is It Made Up Of?

Chili powder is indeed the most commonly found spice in every household across the world. It has to be, for there are a great many recipes that’ll end up tasting bland without it. So, what is it made up of? Chili powder consists of powdered dried leaves from a single or two very different varieties of pepper.

Due to its enormous demand in various recipes, a packet of chili powder can be completely emptied in just a few weeks, and often you would find yourself making meals that lack the smokiness and spiciness of the chili powder. So, what should you do in a situation such as this one? Simple, just go for the substitute. Finding a substitute for chili powder around the house isn’t that hard, and to prove that, we have created this list of substitutes, which you are most certainly going to find in your kitchen without even going to the supermarket.


Top 5 Substitute For Chili Powder


1. Fresh Chili

These topped our pick as the best substitute for chili powder. The use of fresh chilies to add the spicy flavor to your meal is one of the oldest methods that is still being followed. There still few households that prefer the use of fresh chilies instead of chili powder, as they are believed to give that authentic smoky-spicy flavor to the meal.

substitutes for chili powder
Green chilies are the oldest spice-agents, and they are still preferred in some households.


2. Black Pepper


Black pepper is yet another popular alternative for chili powder. Its sharp and pungent aroma along with its spicy addition to the meal’s flavor is surely going to make you forget about the chili powder. Choosing a great quality of black pepper is equally important, as the darker they are, the more flavorful your meal will become.


substitutes for green chili
The darkness of the pepper is quite essential for determining its taste.


3. Spices (Powdered)


Some powdered spices, when mixed, can certainly help in creating a spicier chili powder. Some of the ingredients that you can use to make homemade chili powder are cumin, garlic powder, onion powder, and some salt. To enhance the taste of the chili powder, some other herbs can be added, and one of the most popular herbs for this purpose is oregano.

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substitute for chili powder
Traditional spices can be mixed together in order to create a homemade chili powder.


4. Hot Sauce

Hot sauce is also spicy enough to be on this list. Over two spoons of hot sauce, upon being added to the meal, can bring a significant amount of heat and spiciness to it. It is a much more convenient method, as unlike powdered spices, hot sauce can be added to the meal in a more controlled manner.


substitute for chili powder
Hot sauce is popularly used in recipes involving curry.


5. Chilli Flakes

Chilli flakes are the middle-stage between the chili leaves to chili powder process. Basically they are chili powder that hasn’t been powdered. With the same amount of spice (in fact more!), chili flakes can for sure bring hell down your throat.

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substitute for chili powder
Chili flake, just like chili powder, is a mixture of different chilies, it is just not powdered.


Looking through our list, you’ll see that it is quite easy to come across a substitute for chili powder, as most of them may already be in your kitchen. Though it is vital to learn that the amount of desired heat and spice depends on your preferred taste, it is also important for you to consume it in a reasonable quantity.

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