So Good Almond Fresh Review - Vanilla Flavor

So Good Almond Fresh Review – Vanilla Flavor

Our review of the So Good Almond Fresh – Vanilla Flavor will help you decide if this is worth buying.

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So Good Almond Fresh Milk does not taste very sweet by itself , but it has a nice nutty flavor. However, the consistency of the milk is quite watered down.

At Mishry, we are constantly looking for better, nicer products that are lactose-free. Why so? Most people around the world are lactose intolerant and they are unaware of it. Research says that up to 75-95 percent of people from American, African, and Asian ethnicities are lactose intolerant.

We all can agree that there aren’t a lot of lactose-free beverage options in the Indian market. Some are either too expensive, while some are just loaded with sugar and additives. We reviewed the So Good Almond Fresh (Vanilla) to see how it tasted. Here is our #FirstImpression.


Facts About So Good Almond Fresh (Vanilla)

*Price at the time of review


  • No preservatives.
  • Contains added flavors.
  • This is a gluten and lactose free product.
  • Allergen information – Contains almonds.
  • 200 ml of this beverage provides 87 Kcal of energy.
  • Best before 12 months from date of manufacturing.


#FirstImpression Of So Good Almond Fresh (Vanilla)

Price and packaging – A 200 ml tetra pack of the So Good Almond Fresh Vanilla beverage is priced at Rs 70/-.

Ingredients – All ingredients are of non-animal origin – so this is a completely vegetarian product. Water, sugar, almond (2.8%), minerals, sodium bicarbonate, flavor, emulsifier, stabilizer, salt and vitamins, folic acid, cyanocobalamin, ergocalciferol make up the list of ingredients. We loved the detailed nutrition label on the product. It has no cholesterol levels (obviously) and has been fortified with a lot of vitamins and minerals.

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Taste and texture – We have tasted a lot of almond-milk based beverages in the past and what was always distinct in those beverages was the thick consistency and the nutty taste of almonds. Almond milk is not sweet by itself like regular dairy milk and people who have not developed taste for this nut milk would like to add a sweetener. The So Good Almond Fresh – Vanilla definitely tastes of almonds, but we didnt get the creaminess as expected. The milk seems to be a tad watered down. We couldn’t sense a bold vanilla flavor or aroma. The sweetness levels are low.

By itself, it doesn’t fare too well, but pairing it with something else might just work. Perhaps this would work well as a base for another almond-milk based dish like the oat bowl recipe mentioned on the pack. But, given that the product comes in a handy 200 ml pack with a straw, this clearly is intended to be consumed by itself.


So good almond fresh – Vanilla

There are not a lot of beverage options for lactose intolerant people, and even if there are they are not economical. The So Good Almond Fresh is decently priced owing to the fact it’s an almond milk based beverage. If you’re lactose intolerant or are following a lactose-free diet this might be a decent on-the-go option. It could be a decent replacement for people who avoid milk in their smoothies, oats, and cereals.

Overall, when we tasted this as it is, we didn’t enjoy the taste or the creaminess (or the lack of it).


So Good Almond Fresh – Vanilla

The beverage lacked the nutty-almond taste and we did not like the watered down flavor of the So Good Almond Fresh -Vanilla.

MRP – Rs 70/-*

Net weight – 200 ml

*Price at the time of review



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