Smith & Jones Peri Peri Masala Review - Mishry
smith & jones peri peri masala review

Smith & Jones Peri Peri Masala Review – Mishry

How flavorful and lip-smacking is Smith & Jones Peri Peri Masala? We reviewed it in our test kitchen and…

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Mishry Rating

3 / 5
3 / 5


Smith & Jones Peri Peri masala will add a spicy, garlicky touch to homemade fries, nuggets, salads, pasta, and pakoras. We loved the balanced salt level. But the lack of tanginess and an uninviting aroma of garlic brought down the score for this product.

Peri peri masala is a spice mix that can turn a mundane dish into a flavorful one. It is a mix of tangy and spicy. Be it French fries, noodles, nuggets, pasta, crispy corn, or barbeque chicken, the addition of peri peri masala helps elevate the overall taste. Smith & Jones offers a variety of ready-to-use spice mixes from paneer masala to pasta masala. We reviewed Smith & Jones Peri Peri Masala in our test kitchen to gauge how close it comes to the signature peri peri flavor. 

Will we buy again or give this a skip? Let us check out below.

A tabular representation of a few key aspects related to Smith & Jones Peri Peri Masala : 


Smith & Jones Peri Peri Masala  Product Details 
Price  Rs. 10 
Net Quantity  12 gm 
Mishry Rating 3
Buy Now  On Amazon 
Shelf Life  15 months 

Our Review Factors

For our Smith & Jones Peri Peri Masala review, we have focused on the following review factors : 

1. Packaging

Smith & Jones Peri Peri Masala comes in a yellow and blue color pack. It is not resealable. The backside of the pack mentions three ways to use this masala in your homemade dishes.

smith and jones peri peri masala packaging
The packaging of Smith & Jones Peri Peri Masala.

2. Main Ingredients

Smith & Jones Peri Peri Masala contains the following ingredients :

Mixed spices (44%) (Chilli, garlic, Onion, Pepper), Salt, Sugar, Oregano, Acidity regulator (E330), Yeast Extract, Anticaking Agent (E551), Sunflower oil. 

Contains permitted nature identical flavoring substances (Garlic).

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Allergen – May contain traces of wheat, sesame seeds, soy, mustard and milk. 

3. Taste

Since spice mixes add flavor to a particular dish, taste becomes a crucial review factor. Here we focus mainly on the intensity of flavor, saltiness, and spice levels. How flavorful is this masala? Any ingredient lending a dominant taste? What about the spice quotient – medium or high? 

4. Aroma

Aroma is the first thing that hits us when we open a pack of any spice mix. How prominent and noticeable is the aroma? Is it inviting? 

5. Appearance & Texture

Is the spice mix coarsely ground or is it a fine powder? We also checked the color of the spice mix. 

6. Price

The price for a 12 gm pack is Rs. 10/-. 

7. Shelf Life

The shelf life is 15 months. 

Smith & Jones Peri Peri Masala – Detailed Review

Smith & Jones Peri Peri Masala has an intense aroma of garlic. It is not too inviting! The color of the dry powder is reddish-orange. The peri peri masala is not a fine powder, we could see specs of powdered oregano as well. 

To examine the overall flavor profile, we tasted the masala in two ways: with a fruit (guava) and a vegetable (potatoes). Below are the details regarding the same : 

Guava – To check the taste, we sprinkled the peri peri masala on slices of guava. The sweet taste of the guava and the spiciness of the peri peri masala. This combo turned out to be terrific! The masala itself has a slight tinge of sweetness which balances the overall spiciness of peri peri flavor. A mild taste of garlic is present too. The salt levels are balanced. 

Grilled Potatoes – Secondly, we sprinkled the masala on grilled potato wedges. As the saltiness of the peri peri masala was apt, we did not pre-season the potato wedges with salt while grilling. Before grilling, we just drizzled a layer of oil and grilled them in our Faber oven. The result was a delectable plate of potato wedges! We loved the garlic flavor and moderate level of heat it provides. 

Peri Peri Masala is usually a mix of tangy and spicy flavors, together with a touch of sweetness. However, this masala misses out on the tanginess. Though this masala is spicy, the intensity/potency is mild. So, for someone who loves spicy peri peri masala, you need to add a little more than ‘just a sprinkle’ as the pack suggests.

smith and jones peri peri masala sprinkled on slices of guava
We loved the flavor of guava when sprinkled with peri peri masala!
smith and jones peri peri masala sprinkled on raw pieces of potato wedges
The potato wedges sprinkled with peri peri masala.
Packaging - 4/5
Main Ingredients - 3/5
Taste - 3/5
Aroma - 3/5
Appearance & Texture - 4/5
Price - 4/5
Shelf Life - 4/5

We love the crunch and the masaledaar flavor of Jabsons Soya Sticks Magic Masala!

  • This masala has a balanced salt level. 
  • It is spicy and the level of heat you want to add to your fries/nuggets can be adjusted. 
  • The hint of sweetness and garlic flavor tastes delicious.
  • The tanginess we expected was missing in this masala. 
  • The prominent aroma of garlic was not pleasing. 
  • For someone who is looking to add ‘spiciness’, the intensity may feel mild.

Sprinkling peri peri masala on a plate full of French fries is like a match made in heaven. You can also add this masala to guavas, pasta, noodles, or rice for an enhanced flavor. Moreover, you can use this masala as a seasoning in sandwich fillings. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Smith & Jones Peri Peri Masala

No. Smith & Jones Peri Peri Masala has a spicy taste but the intensity is mild.

Yes. This peri peri masala will add a delicious flavor while preparing pasta.

The ingredient list mentions the use of the Acidity Regulator (E 330). It acts as a preservative and is used to increase the shelf life of packaged products.

Yes. Smith & Jones Peri Peri Masala is 100% vegetarian.

Yes. This masala contains additional flavor enhancers. We found the presence of nature identical flavoring substances (Garlic).

Final Words

Smith & Jones Peri Peri Masala has a medium spice quotient and a prominent garlic flavor. The missing tanginess in this masala was a letdown and felt the intensity of heat delivered was mild. So if you are looking for added spiciness, you need to add a little more than a sprinkle.  

Are you an ardent lover of peri peri masala?  Let us know in the comment section below. 

Our reviews are unbiased and all samples used during the reviews were paid for by us. Read our entire ethics statement here.

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