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britannia swiss roll review

Britannia Roll Yo Swiss Roll Cake Review – Bye or Buy?

How did Mishry like Britannia Roll Yo Swiss Roll cakes? Are these tasty enough to go for seconds?

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Jam generously spread over an airy layer of sponge cake and rolled up in a cylinder. Swiss Rolls are such flavor-loaded bites!

Adding to its extensive range of cakes, Britannia launched two variants of this RTE dessert, and here’s our Britannia Roll Yo Swiss Roll cake review. What we liked and what we didn’t is covered in detail. 

Britannia’s Good Day Chunkies are YUM YUM!

Noteworthy facts about Britannia Roll Yo Swiss Roll cake have been discussed in this section. 

1. Packaging

A cuboid-shaped cardboard holds the Swiss roll. This paper tray is then placed inside a glossy wrapper. 

2. Main Ingredients

Refined wheat flour, sugar, eggs, invert sugar syrup, bakery shortening, refined sunflower oil, liquid glucose, dextrose, milk solids, iodized salt, preservatives, raising agent, and acidity regulator are the common ingredients. 

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*Based on Mishry's internal reviews and ratings

The nature identical and artificial flavors used vary. 

3. Taste

Do these packaged Swiss rolls taste fresh? Is the sponge cake sweetened well?

What about the cream/jam? Does it have any lingering aftertaste?

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4. Flavor

The overall flavor of Swiss rolls is largely dictated by the ratio of sponge to cream/jam. Is it all cake, no jam or does the brand maintain a balance? 

Does the flavor justify the label?

5. Texture

Is the layer of sponge light and airy? What about the cream? Thick and clumpy or light and airy?

6. Freshness & Quality

Milk solids used to prepare these Swiss rolls may turn bad if not stored correctly. 

Moreover, the taste of the cream speaks of the quality of ingredients used.

What did our review reveal?

7. Price

A 28-gram Swiss roll is priced at Rs 10/-.

8. Shelf Life

These have a shelf life of six months.

Britannia Roll Yo Swiss Roll Cake Flavors  – Detailed Review

Here’s our experience with Britannia Swiss Rolls.

1. Choco

The Swiss roll is placed in a cuboid-cylindrical cardboard tray to prevent breaking or cracking. Thumbs up for this!

The Swiss roll looked visually appealing. It is a rolled layer of chocolate-flavored sponge cake, filled with cream. This primarily smells like chocolate with hints of vanilla.

The filling is not flowy. It is overpoweringly sweet. The sponge cake, on the other hand, barely shows any sweetness. The chocolate flavor is disappointingly average. That said, the cake felt soft and fresh.

Overall, this showcases an undesirable industrial taste. 

Taste- 2/5
Texture- 4/5
Mishry Rating- 3/5
  • Thumbs up for the thoughtful packaging.
  • It looks appetizing.
  • The layer of sponge cake has a lovely texture.
  • The chocolate flavor isn’t decadent or premium.
  • The filling is TOO sweet.
  • This has an industrial taste.
britannia swiss roll choco overview
Here's an overview of the Choco variant.

2. Strawberry

Packed similarly, this Swiss roll comprises a vanilla sponge cake with pale pink colored filling. In this vanilla-dominant aroma, we noticed some undertones of strawberry.

The sweetness of the filling is far better as compared to chocolate. The strawberry flavor balances out the sweetness. That said, the strawberry flavor feels artificial.

Surprisingly, the texture of the sponge here was chalky. It was thicker and the top layer could be peeled off. 

Taste- 2/5
Texture- 3/5
Mishry Rating- 2.5/5
  • The strawberry flavor is very artificial tasting.
  • The texture of the sponge is unappealing. 
britannia swiss roll strawberry overview
This had a thicker layer of sponge.
britannia swiss roll strawberry
A look at the strawberry filling.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Britannia roll yo swiss roll cake.

No, these Swiss rolls contain high amounts of sugar, emulsifiers, and preservatives that we wouldn’t normally consume.

Excess sugar and poor oral care promote tooth decay. It is essential to keep your sugar intake in check.

Yes, it contains vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry flavors. 

Yes, it contains preservatives 200 (commonly used in food and beverages), 282 (bread products), and 202 (vegan). 

Yes. You may pair the Choco variant with coffee. 

Final Words

Here is Mishry’s take on Britannia Roll Yo Swiss Roll cake. While one showcased a decent texture, the other featured balanced sweetness.

Overall, we expected these Britannia cakes to be delish but were disheartened after reviewing them. 

How has your experience with Britannia cakes been?

Our reviews are unbiased and all samples used during the reviews were paid for by us. Read our entire ethics statement here.

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