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slurrp farm classic vanilla pancake & waffle mix review

Slurrp Farm Classic Vanilla Pancake Mix – Made With Millets

Slurrp Farm Classic Vanilla Pancake Mix is a quick and convenient option to prepare millet pancakes without any efforts. More details on the product are covered below.

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4 / 5
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We definitely recommend trying this pancake mix as it is convenient to use and has a clean ingredient list. This is tasty and produces fluffy pancakes. The sweetness is balanced and leaves room for you to add lots of toppings of choice.

Pancake mixes are a boon as they cut down significantly on prep-time. All you need are a couple of pantry staples like milk and eggs to whip up some pancakes.

While many brands offer pancake mixes which use refined flour (maida) as the hero ingredient, Slurrp Farm brings in its range of millet-based pancakes with no maida.

In our Slurrp Farm Classic Vanilla Pancake & Waffle Mix review we explore the claims the pack makes. Taste and texture were our prime parameters.

When we reviewed this pancake mix, the product was named as Slurrp Farm Millet Pancake Mix Classic. However, now the product has been renamed to Slurrp Farm Classic Vanilla Pancake & Waffle Mix.

Here are the product details you need to know about Slurrp Farm Classic Vanilla Pancake & Waffle Mix :

Slurrp Farm Classic Vanilla Pancake & Waffle Mix Product Details 
Price  INR 149
Net Quantity  150 gm 
Shelf Life 12 months
Buy Now On Amazon 
Mishry Rating

(out of 5)


Our Review Factors

What were we looking for? A regular pancake is made using a mix of refined flour, eggs, butter, and sugar. Slurrp Farm Millet Pancake Mix Classic is made using millets and contains no refined sugar. We are looking for delicious pancakes with a nutty millet-like taste and texture along with a clean list of ingredients.

Here is our list of the review factors for Slurrp Farm Classic Vanilla Pancake & Waffle Mix :

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1. Taste

Pancakes made using millets tend to have an earthy and nutty taste, entirely different from a regular pancake. Since it is a kid-friendly pancake mix, the overall taste should be delicious, and they should enjoy it. We also checked for level of sweetness as pancakes are often topped with syrups, jams and compote. 

2. Texture 

Did these turn out to be fluffy, light, and airy or are they hard, dense and coarse? We cannot expect the textures of a maida-based pancake to be similar to that of a millet one. Millet pancakes have a slightly grainier/coarse mouthfeel.

3. Nutrition Label

Main Ingredients

The label says that this pancake mix contains no refined sugar, no wheat, and has no preservatives. How well does the brand back up these claims? Since the target audience is children, we closely examine and expect a clean list of ingredients. We check what are the alternative sources of sugar used. And are they healthy? 

Nutritional Information

When it comes to nutrition, millets bring with them a lot of health benefits. We check the nutrition label on the pack to find out the calories, protein, total fat, sugar, and other minerals. 

4. Convenience

We buy a pack of ready mix to add convenience and save up our prep-time. In this segment, we gauge the following : 


How easily does the dry powder combine with the addition of melted butter/ eggs and milk? Is the batter smooth in consistency or appears lumpy? 

Cooking Time

The inclusion of millets requires a longer cooking time when compared to refined flour. How long does it take for these pancakes to cook? 

5. Other Observations 


How well is the product packed? Is the pack resealable? 


Considering the quality of ingredients, how is the product priced? 

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Slurrp Farm Classic Vanilla Pancake & Waffle Mix – Detailed Review

How was our overall experience while reviewing Slurrp Farm Classic Vanilla Pancake & Waffle Mix?

Product details, dry inspection & aroma: Packed attractively in an orange pouch, with cute animal illustrations. The pack is non-resealable. A 150 gm net weight pack is available for a price of Rs. 149. It has a shelf life of 12 months. 

The dry powder has a beige color and a semi-coarse texture. The sweet and fruity aroma of vanilla was noticeable as we opened the pack. We also noticed an underlying aroma of millets.

the packaging of slurrp farm classic vanilla pancake & waffle mix
The packaging looks attractive!
the dry powder and the other ingredients required for preparing the pancakes
All set to prepare the pancakes.

Nutrition Label: Slurrp Farm Classic Vanilla Pancake & Waffle Mix  contains the following ingredients – Whole grain flours (75%) (sorghum flour, oat flour, foxtail millet (flour), Raw unrefined sugar, Natural banana powder, Natural vanilla powder, Baking powder, Flaxseed powder, Baking soda, and Salt. 

We appreciate the clean list of ingredients with no refined flour and no refined sugar. The ingredient list comprises 75% of whole grain flours. Raw unrefined sugar has been used which is a slightly better alternative to white sugar. 

Per 100 gm, Slurrp Farm Classic Vanilla Pancake & Waffle Mix offers 370 kcal of energy, 76 gm of protein, 18 gm carb, 15 gm total sugar, and 4 gm of total fat. 

Method Of Preparation: We started by mixing about 75 gm of this powder mix with one egg and ½ cup of milk. 

We prepared the pancakes using our Indus Cast Iron Tawa in the following manner. 

  • Firstly, we preheated the tawa and greased it with butter. 
  • Then we poured a ladle full of the batter and allowed it to cook on each side. 
  • Lastly, we also greased the sides of the pancake with about 1/4 th tsp of butter. 

Cooking Process Highlights: Here we highlight what we observed during our cooking process. Unlike a regular refined flour batter, this batter was not of a smooth consistency. Nonetheless, the batter was easy to pour. Our pancakes took about 3 to 4 minutes to cook on each side. Since it includes millets, the cooking time was slightly longer. 

Do note, that if you follow the instructions as per the pack, it will yield thin-sized pancakes. But if you wish to prepare thicker pancakes, you can reduce the quantity of milk to 1/4th cup or less. 

the pancake getting cooked in indus cast iron tawa
Pancakes getting ready for our review process.
the pancake prepared using slurrp farm classic vanilla pancake & waffle mix
The final dish looks delish!

Our Observations 

Taste & Texture: If added in disproportionate quantities, millet based dishes can become unlikable (especially if the target audience is kids). Despite using 75% of millets, the taste and texture of these pancakes is commendable. On cooking, the pancakes emit a prominent aroma of vanilla. 

A characteristic feature of millet is that they lend a slightly rough bite. We observed the same here. The final result is a stack of fluffy and soft pancakes. It is not hard or chewy.

Taste-wise, we have no complaints. The pancakes have a mild sweetness with a delicious vanilla flavor. At no point did we feel that the pancakes were eggy. The sugar adds a nice golden color on top, enhancing the overall taste. Additionally, the presence of salt cuts down on the sweetness. 

Taste - 4/5
Texture - 4/5
Nutrition Label - 4/5
Convenience - 4/5

Looking for a quick and nutritious breakfast for your kids? Try Slurrp Farm Millet Pancake Mix and thank us later.

  • The batter is easy to pour and spread. 
  • The prepared pancakes do not feel eggy. 
  • We loved the fluffy texture. 
  • It is made using whole grains. 
  • This pancake mix contains no refined sugar and no preservatives. 
  • The pack mentions clear instructions on how to prepare the pancake.
  • The cooking time was slightly longer which is purely since these are made using millets.

We recommend Slurrp Farm Classic Vanilla Pancake & Waffle Mix for people looking for an alternative to refined flour pancakes. This is definitely a healthier and better alternative to maida pancakes for children.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Slurrp Farm Classic Vanilla Pancake & Waffle Mix.

Looking at the list of ingredients, the absence of refined sugar and refined flour, makes this pancake mix healthier as compared to other options available in the market. However, we still feel limited consumption of packaged foods is best.

This pancake mix has a shelf life of 12 months.

On scanning the ingredient list, we did not find the presence of any preservatives.

The instructions to prepare these pancakes are clearly mentioned on the pack.

This pancake mix contains unrefined cane sugar as the prime sweetener. Banana powder and vanilla powder are also present.

In Conclusion

So what’s our final verdict? We definitely recommend Slurrp Farm Classic Vanilla Pancake & Waffle Mix for the convenience factor and the quick prep time.  It contains the goodness of whole grain millets – sorghum, foxtail millet and oat flour and is a kid-friendly product. It strikes a perfect balance between taste and nutrition. Moreover, the clean list of ingredients is commendable. 

Are you a fan of ready to use pancake mixes? Which brand do you prefer?

Our reviews are unbiased and all samples used during the reviews were paid for by us. Read our entire ethics statement here.

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