Kingfisher Ultra Non Alcoholic Beer Review – Mishry
kingfisher ultra non alcoholic beer review

Kingfisher Ultra Non Alcoholic Beer Review – Mishry

Teetotaller? Trying to eliminate alcohol? Designated driver? Here’s an alternative by Kingfisher.

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Mishry Rating

3 / 5
3 / 5
3 / 5


Kingfisher Ultra Non Alcoholic beer replicates the malty beer taste fairly well. It feels light on the palate and is a good option for those trying to eliminate or reduce alcohol intake.

“What’s the point in non-alcoholic beer?” 

NA beer offers a plethora of benefits, including some for health. Whether you’re to reduce your alcohol intake or are the designated driver- non alcoholic beer can help you ‘fit in’. 

Kingfisher brings its NA variant and in our Kingfisher Ultra Non Alcoholic Beer review, we highlight the differences between the taste, aroma, appearance, and other parameters of regular and non alcoholic beer.


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Kingfisher Ultra Non Alcoholic Beer – Quick Glance

Here’s all you need to know.

Kingfisher Ultra Non Alcoholic Beer Product Details
Price Rs 80/-
Main Ingredients Water, barley malt, invert sugar, carbon dioxide, hops
Calories (per 100 ml) 18 Kcal
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Mishry Rating (on 5) 3

Our Review Factors

While reviewing Kingfisher Ultra Non Alcoholic beer, we focused on how close this non alcoholic version comes to the real deal in terms of flavor, appearance, and consistency. Is this something that would satisfy beer cravings without the alcohol content?

1. Flavor

Beer has a distinct malt flavor. This malty flavor largely depends on the type of grains used and the method of roasting. The flavor can range from sweet and nutty like caramel to bitter. 

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We were looking for a well-balanced taste, where no one flavor overpowered others.

2. Appearance

Kingfisher beers are lagers. Lagers typically have a pale-amber appearance. Since they are highly carbonated, there would be a layer of foam at the surface when poured. 

3. Aroma

Hops are the key aroma-impacting ingredient. Since hops contain acids and oils, they don’t just affect the flavor, but also the aroma. From floral, fruity, and citrusy to bitter- the aroma is dependent on the type of hops used. 

Higher alcohol content results in an intense bitter aroma. As this is a non alcoholic beer it had a …

4. Other Parameters

Main Ingredients

How does the brand achieve the beer flavor? Added flavors or natural ingredients? Does this contain sweeteners?


Easy to open? Leak-proof? Is the packaging ideal for serving at house parties or carry in a cooler?


Non alcoholic beverages are known to be lower in calories than their alcoholic counterparts. Does this stand true here?

Shelf Life

This has a shelf life of nine months.


A 300-ml bottle is priced at Rs 80/-

Our parameters to judge the Kingfisher Non-Alcoholic Beer were the same as those we used to test all beers during our Big Beer Open Review.

Kingfisher Ultra Non Alcoholic Beer – Detailed Review

This non alcoholic beer comes in a glass bottle. Unlike traditional carbonated beverages, this has a pull to open seal. Convenient!

Overall, the labels are clear and easy to read.

The main ingredients are water, barley malt, invert sugar, carbon dioxide (INS 290), hops, and antioxidant (INS 300). It also contains permitted natural color (INS 150c) with natural and nature identical beer and hop flavor. 

Barley malt– This is among the commonly preferred grains for brewing beer. The grains are soaked for germination and the starch is converted to fermentable sugar.

Carbon dioxide– Flat or foamy- the consistency of your beer depends on the CO2 content. 

Hops– Hops are the prime source of bitterness, the distinct aroma and flavor of beer. 

Kingfisher’s regular beer offer 46 Kcal per 100 ml, whereas the non alcohol beer offers 18 Kcal per 100 ml. 

Visually, this looks just like regular beer. A sparkling gold with a cloud-like fluffy layer of foam, this non alcoholic beer had a clear appearance. Hints of roasted malt aroma were whiffed. 

In terms of consistency, this felt slightly watered-down. This felt light on the palate and tummy. It decently mimics the distinct taste of beer, but is NOT as intense. It tastes fresh and features a combination of a malty-yeasty flavor with a lingering bitterness. This bitter aftertaste is subtle. 

Did your favorite make it to the list of best beer brands in India?

Flavor- 3/5
Appearance- 3/5
Aroma- 3/5
kingfisher ultra non alcoholic beer packaging
The bottle is easy to open, just pull the seal.
kingfisher ultra non alcoholic beer appearance
Fizzy, foamy, and a beautiful golden.
  • Easy to read labels, simple yet attractive packaging.
  • This looks just like alcoholic beer.
  • This is lower in calories.
  • It is a great way to savor beer without the buzz/alcohol.
  • The mouthfeel is light.
  • The intensity of the distinct beer flavor is low, despite containing added beer flavor. 

Kingfisher Ultra Non Alcoholic Beer is a fairly good alternative to alcohol beer. If you’re looking to cut down calories or alcohol, or both- this is something you could try.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Kingfisher Ultra Non Alcoholic beer.

Since non alcoholic beer is lower in calories, it may be a better option for weight watchers.

That said, we advise moderate consumption.

Yes. Beer tastes best when chilled. 

Yes, this does not contain alcohol.

It is best to have some food in your system. Beer on an empty stomach can lead to unpleasant side effects like a blood sugar spike.

Drinking 2-3 L of water daily is ideal for proper functioning of the kidneys. While occasional consumption of beer is safe, consuming too much too frequently can hamper the functioning of kidneys in the long run. 

Final Words

There you have it- Mishry’s take on Kingfisher Ultra Non Alcoholic beer. With a slightly lower intensity in terms of taste and a lighter consistency, this non alcoholic beer packs the classic flavor and aroma. It was almost impossible to assess the difference between alcoholic and non alcoholic beers visually. This is lower in calories, which is a plus.

What’s your favorite chakna with beer?

Our reviews are unbiased and all samples used during the reviews were paid for by us. Read our entire ethics statement here.

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