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sagar ratna navratri thali review

Sagar Ratna Navratri Thali: An Honest Review (2024)

The Sagar Ratna Navratri Thali offers a good variety. Though the packaging was not up to the mark, the taste of the Sagar Ratna Navratri Thali was a hit.

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The best part about Sagar Ratna Thali is that has a little bit of everything. It has sabudana papad, kuttu pooris, samak chawal khichdi, paneer sabzi, aloo sabzi, arbi sabzi, raita and sabudana kheer.

The restaurant Sagar Ratna set up its first branch in 1986 in Defence Colony, Delhi. Today, Sagar Ratna has become the most preferred restaurant for South Indian cuisine country-wide.

The food industry, as we know, is ever-evolving. Members at Sagar Ratna believe innovation is the only way to stay ahead of the competition at all times. 

This belief helped them come up with the Sagar Ratna Navratri Thali. 

There are two variants available here and we had the Deluxe Thali delivered to the Mishry HQ via a food delivery portal. 

As the name suggests- thali has it all. From a starter to the dessert, but were the flavors up to the mark?  Does the Sagar Ratna Navratri Thali justify its price? Would we re-order this Deluxe Thali? Let’s find out. 

We ordered the Sagar Ratna Navratri Thali from Zomato and opted for the contactless delivery option due to the current situation. 

The Navratri Thali by Sagar Ratna has a great variety. You get three sabzis along with fried pooris, a khichdi, some fried snacks, and a dessert. 


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The sabzis include a potato vegetable, a colocasia (arbi) vegetable, and a paneer dish. 

The Sagar Ratna Navratri Thali was packed in a fragile manner. In addition to this, there was no brand stamp/ sticker that signifies this is the Sagar Ratna Navratri Thali.

1. Price

The Sagar Ratna Navratri Thali in the Deluxe variant is priced at Rs 350/- excluding taxes.

The delivery charges will vary based on distance and time of the day. It may be higher if an order for the Sagar Ratna Navratri Thali is placed during peak hours. 

The total amount we paid for the Navratri Thali by Sagar Ratna including taxes and delivery charges was Rs 424/-.

2. Menu Items

The Sagar Ratna Navratri Thali is a complete meal. The deluxe variant of this thali comprises a fried sabudana papad, pooris made using kuttu atta, a serving of khichdi with three types of sabzis. 

In addition to this, sabudana kheer was served as the dessert. 

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3. Availability

The Sagar Ratna Navratri Thali would usually be available offline i.e. in the restaurant too. Owing to the current lockdown restrictions, we ordered our thali at the Mishry HQ. This order was placed on Zomato.

4. Order Information

The restaurant takes orders post 12 pm. We ordered the Sagar Ratna Navratri 

Thali, the deluxe variant which is priced at Rs 350/-.

The contactless delivery option was selected and the final amount including taxes plus delivery was Rs 424/-.

The distance from the restaurant to your place of delivery can impact the delivery charges, and the final amount too.

sagar ratna navratri thali with menu

5. Packaging

The Sagar Ratna Navratri Thali came in a flimsy plastic plate. The plate has five sections- three of these sections had the sabzis, one had khichdi, and the largest one had pooris and sabudana papad. 

The kuttu pooris were wrapped in foil. The raita and sabudana kheer were separately packed in plastic bowls. These bowls were as delicate as the plate.

The plate was wrapped with a transparent plastic sheet. A plastic spoon is provided as well. 

The packaging, though not very attractive, is good enough to keep the contents safe, and avoid spillage. 

6. First Impression

The Sagar Ratna Navratri Thali is neatly packed. The gravies from the sabzis remained intact.

They had not over-flown or spilled from the respective sections. The pooris were properly wrapped in foil. 

The quantity of each item in the Sagar Ratna Navratri Thali looked appropriate. 

7. Quantity

The quantity aspect of the Sagar Ratna Navratri Thali is completely subjective. 

We think one deluxe thali would be sufficient for a minimum of two adults.

However, if you are observing the one meal fast, this Sagar Ratna Navratri Thali is sure to fill you up!

8. Thali Variants

Apart from the Sagar Ratna Navratri Thali, there are a few other thali options offered by this restaurant.

These include the Sagar Ratna Special Thali, the Executive Thali, and the Deluxe Thali. The first one consists of all South Indian food items while the latter two are filled with North Indian dishes.

9. Difference between the Variants (Regular, Special and Deluxe Thali)

The Sagar Ratna Special Thali for Navratri is made using fast friendly ingredients. 

The Sagar Ratna Special Thali- South Indian has two sabzis, a serving of dal, with flavored rice, rasam, sambhar, four pooris, aplam, some pickle, curd, and a sweet/dessert.

The Executive Thali varies daily. You get a paneer dish. Here, only the gravy of paneer varies. With this, dal makhani, a smaller than usual naan, paratha, vegetable pulao, papad, salad, and pickle are served. This is a North Indian meal.

The Deluxe Thali comprises a paneer dish with mixed vegetables, dal makhani, one naan, one paratha, vegetable pulao, raita, papad, salad, pickle, and a sweet. 


The Sagar Ratna Navratri Thali is priced at Rs 350/- whereas the regular deluxe Sagar Ratna thali offer is Rs 310/-.

The South Indian Thali costs Rs 275/- and the Executive North Indian Thali costs Rs 280/-.

Changes in Menu Items

Though the primary food items remain unchanged, there are variations in the gravy and the sweet. 

They switch the gravy every day. The sweet/dessert varies based on the season.

10. Speciality of Sagar Ratna

From one establishment to more than 90across the country presently, Sagar Ratna spread its wings over the country in a short span of time.

This restaurant chain has won several awards in the hospitality industry and continues to keep customers satisfied, one meal a day.

The USP or specialty of Sagar Ratna is the fresh preparation. South Indian dishes are freshly prepared numerous times a day.

Some of the must-try food items at Sagar Ratna would include the mini idlis, masala dosa, rava kesari, and the filter coffee!

sagar ratna navratri thali top view
Parameters Sagar Ratna Navratri Thali
Price Rs 350 (without taxes)
Menu Items
  • Sabudana Papad
  • Kuttu Pooris
  • Samak Chawal Khichdi
  • Paneer Sabzi
  • Aloo Sabzi
  • Arbi Sabzi
  • Raita
  • Sabudana Kheer
Quantity 1-2 people
  • Flimsy plate and bowl
  • Raita and kheer were packed separately in plastic bowls.
  • The plate was wrapped with a plastic sheet.
  • Food delivery platforms like Zomato
  • Offline, dine-in


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Sagar Ratna Navratri Thali Menu Items – Detailed Review

Team Mishry’s Sagar Ratna Navratri Thali menu review tells you all you want to know. The taste and texture of all individual items, the quantity and the quality are discussed in detail. 

Is the Sagar Ratna Thali yum in your tum or yuck for your buck? Here’s what we have to say.

1. Fried Sabudana Papad

Sabudana papad is meant to be light and crunchy. Typically, sago is soaked, drained, and cooked for around thirty minutes, and shaped into papad. These are then dried for 4-5 hours. 

Type: Starter

Main ingredients: 

Sabudana has been used to make this sabudana papad. These were fried in oil. 

Taste Test/Review

The sabudana papad of the Sagar Ratna Navratri Thali were deep fried. The crunchy bite could be felt. This white-colored papad tasted fresh and was not too oily. 

2. Kuttu Pooris

Kuttu or Buckwheat is a pseudocereal that is typically consumed during Navratri fast. 

Type: Bread

Main ingredients:

Kuttu flour has been used to make these pooris. In addition to this, we could see some potato bits in the pooris.

Taste Test/Review

The Sagar Ratna Navratri Thali serves four kuttu pooris in one thali. The kuttu pooris had an average thickness, they weren’t too thin or too thick. This helps cook the pooris well inside-out. 

The salt used in the dough is well balanced. These pooris are darker than usual pooris as kuttu is darker than wheat flour in nature. 

The authentic kuttu taste could be felt. Overall, these pooris tasted homemade.

Kuttu puri in sagar ratna navratri thali

3. Raita

Dahi raita goes well with most Indian dishes. This raita had some grated cucumber. 

Type: Accompaniment

Main ingredients:

Curd, kheera (cucumber), and salt were the primary ingredients to this dish. 

Taste Test/Review

We have mixed feelings towards the raita of the Sagar Ratna Navratri Thali. We could make out the freshness of the curd due to the fact that it was not sour at all. However, the salt added was more than required. It was overpowering and brought the overall experience down.

4. Khichdi

Samak chawal or barnyard millet resembles the texture of rice. This makes it the perfect base ingredient for a fast friendly khichdi. 

Type: Main Course

Main Ingredients: 

Samak chawal, cumin seeds, green chillies with some potatoes and a black pepper seasoning. 

Taste Test/ Review

The Sagar Ratna Navratri Thali looked lip-smacking. The barnyard millet grains stood separately which signified a well-cooked dish. Just like well-cooked basmati rice grains bloom post-cooking, this was very similar to that. 

We could taste cumin and green chilli in this khichdi. Some potato bits were seen and tasted too. Plus, the black pepper seasoning tied the whole dish together. 

In addition to this, the quantity of oil used was perfect!

5. Aloo Sabzi

Peas, okra, paneer, brinjal, a tomato gravy- potatoes go well with almost all vegetables. And you can add this to your fast diet too!

Type: Main Course

Main Ingredients: 

potatoes, tomato gravy, ghee

Taste Test/Review: 

As opposed to preparing the sabzi gravy in oil, this food item from the Sagar Ratna Navratri Thali is prepared in ghee. Following all fast rules, no onion or garlic has been used in this aloo sabzi. 

The gravy is quite light and tastes like something we would normally prepare at home. The salt levels are well balanced. 

6. Paneer Sabzi

Paneer is made from milk and is permissible to be consumed by those observing the fast. This orange gravy looked luscious and creamy.

Type: Main Course

Main Ingredients:

Paneer in a makhani gravy

Taste Test/Review: 

The paneer sabzi had a semi-thick gravy with a batter-like consistency. Like regular makhani, this dish too had some sweet flavor notes. 

In addition to this, we tasted some nuttiness. This was surprisingly delightful!

The paneer was super soft which made the dish 10 times better!

7. Arbi Masala

Arbi masala is a dish that needs a souring agent like lemon or raw mango powder or tomatoes. If such an ingredient is skipped, the sabzi may cause a burning or itchy effect on the throat. And who wants that?

Type: Main Course

Main Ingredients:

Arbi, tomatoes

Taste Test/Review: 

This sabzi is prepared very well. The arbi is cooked to perfection- it is fried. 

The tomato masala or gravy has coated the arbi pieces perfectly, you get an identical flavor in each bite. 

As compared to other items in the Sagar Ratna Navratri Thali, this sabzi is relatively more oily.

It is mildly spicy and the tomato tanginess is strongly tasted.

arbi masala and curd

8. Sabudana Kheer

During Chaitra Navratri, sabudana kheer is 100% a must-have. Not only does it cool down the body internally but also tastes great. Typically prepared with nuts, this Indian dessert is nutritious, wholesome, and filled with micronutrients. 

Type: Dessert

Main Ingredients:

Sabudana, milk, cashews, sugar, cardamom

Taste Test/Review: 

The sabudana kheer has well-bloomed sabudana pearls. These are opaque and have absorbed the milk adequately which makes them even chewy and soft. 

Talking about the taste, this kheer is subtly sweet. If desserts are overpoweringly sweet, that can ruin the overall taste. 

In addition to this, we could taste some elaichi. We loved this! There were many broken cashew pieces in this Sagar Ratna Navratri Thali. The cashew tasted too good. 

Food Item Main Ingredients
Sabudana Papad Sago pearls
Kuttu Poori Kuttu flour, potatoes
Raita Fresh curd, grated cucumber
Khichdi Samak chawal, potatoes, cumin, green chillies, black pepper
Aloo Sabzi Potatoes, tomatoes
Paneer Sabzi Paneer, makhani gravy made using tomatoes
Arbi Masala Fried arbi, tomato masala
Sabudana Kheer Sago, milk, cashews, sugar


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3 Reasons Why Sagar Ratna Thali is Recommended for 2022 Navratri

Looking for a lip-smacking meal to relish during your fasting days? If the in-depth description of the Sagar Ratna Navratri Thali didn’t get your mouth-watering, here are three reasons that will do the same without fail!

1. Availability

The Sagar Ratna Navratri Thali can be easily ordered at your place of convenience. It is available on all major food delivery platforms like Zomato and Swiggy.

2. Variety

The Navratri Thali by Sagar Ratna offers a great variety. From a crunchy starter to a dessert to end the meal on a sweet note and everything in between, this thali offers variety in tastes, textures, and flavors.

3. Convenience

This Navratri Thali is a very convenient option for those observing the fast. If the fast permissible ingredients aren’t available or you’re under a time crunch and cannot prepare the meal, the Sagar Ratna Navratri Thali is an option to go for.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on navratri thali sagar ratna

1. How much does the Sagar Ratna Navratri Thali cost?

One Navratri Sagar Ratna Thali price is Rs 350 exclusive of all taxes.

2. What are the ingredients used in the Navratri Thali by Sagar Ratna?

Ingredients permissible to be consumed during a fast like kuttu, sabudana, nuts, milk, potatoes, paneer, tomatoes, etc are used.

3. Where can I order the Sagar Ratna Navratri Thali?

Online food delivery portals like Zomato and Swiggy can be used.

4. Are there other thalis available at Sagar Ratna?

Yes, you can find the special thali, the executive thali and others. However, they are not recommended for people observing the fast. 

5. How many people does one Sagar Ratna Navratri Thali serve?

One child and one adult or two adults with a small appetite, this thali is quite filling. 

Final Words

Here it is- feast for your fast! The Sagar Ratna Navratri Thali has some delectable vegetables with slow-digesting yet yummy main courses.

Only the arbi masala was a little on the oilier side. Similarly, the raita was too salty for our liking.

That being said, all other food items and ingredients tasted decent and the quality was quite good.

This Navratri Thali would have been a super hit if only it was packaged better. 

If you do agree with our review, please give it a thumbs up! And, tell us which one is your favorite from this list. If you don’t, please tell us why!

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