Epigamia Mishti Doi - Guilt-Free Dessert You Need To Try

Guilt-Free Dessert? This Is The Creamiest Mishti Doi You Need To Try!

1 Week, 1 Winner, Epigamia’s Mishti Doi Won Our Hearts!

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Mishti Doi! How can two words bring a smile this big on our faces? Mishti Doi as we know, is different than our homemade dahi. The difference lies in how much the milk is boiled. While for setting dahi, milk is boiled until it is no longer raw, for Mishti Doi, milk is boiled to thicken it. Date palm jaggery or khejur gud – the reason mishti doi has caramel tones, is added to the thickened milk, and then it is fermented overnight.

As a dessert or a mid-meal snack, Mishti Doi is something you can never go wrong with, especially on a hot summer afternoon. When you need a bowl of luscious Mishti Doi right at that very moment, a packaged alternative is the option to go for.

In West Bengal and Eastern parts of India, you will find local halwais making small batches of Mishti Doi almost daily. We know the pain of not having such easy access to this decadent dessert. That’s why we reviewed 5 readily available brands of Mishti Doi, where creaminess and flavor were the significant parameters. Team Mishry’s Top Pick was Epigamia Artisanal Mishti Doi. With the perfect caramel color, smooth creaminess, and spot-on sweetness, this was as authentic as it gets!

  • This Mishti Doi has a glazed caramel color.
  • The aroma is fresh!
  • Epigamia’s Mishti Doi is lactose-free.
  • It is delicately flavored and tastes close to the traditionally prepared Bengali Mishti Doi.
  • One pack contains 85 g of Mishti Doi.
Epigamia Mishti Doi
Epigamia Mishti Doi | Image Credit: Epigamiastore.com

How did Epigamia Artisanal Mishti Doi taste?

Apart from consistency and flavor, color and aroma were our other major parameters. After all, eyes eat first, don’t they? A traditional Bengali Mishti Doi has a coffee brown caramel color. Since this is a review for a packaged product and any milk-based product has a relatively short shelf life, we checked how fresh the aroma felt.

Our Top Pick was, in a word, luscious.

Next and most important, the taste. Epigamia Artisanal Mishti Doi was spot-on sweet. It wasn’t too sweet, and we tasted mild tartness right at the end of the spoonful.

The most authentic Mishti Doi is by…

Team Mishry’s Mishti Doi review was in collaboration with Kalyan Karmakar of the illustrious blog FinelyChopped and Anindya Basu of Pikturenama – a visual journey of traditional recipes.

We asked them about their Mishti Doi experiences and which one is their favorite. Putiram at College Street, Kolkata emerged as a common favorite. They both recommended this as a benchmark for what classic mishti doi should taste and look like.

We picked a pack of mishti doi each from Putiram (Kolkata) and Kamala Sweets (New Delhi) and added them to our blind tasting sessions. Next, we invited a few Bengali friends and colleagues over, and it was nothing less than a celebration, with blind-folds, of course! Yum! This review has to by far be the sweetest.

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Our Top Pick was Mishti Doi by Epigamia. It has the perfect texture and perfect taste!

If you are among the lucky ones who have access to halwai-made Mishti Doi, feel free to skip this review. But if the craving is unbeatable, our Top Pick is the solution for you!

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