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real wellnezz jamun juice review

Real Wellnezz Jamun Juice Review – Every Sip with Goodness of Jamun

Devoid of added preservatives and sugars, Real Wellnezz Jamun Juice tastes fresh and fruity!

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Real Wellnezz Jamun Juice has no added preservatives and sugar. The taste, aroma and consistency are all a notch above when compared to other packaged fruit juices.

‘Small yet mighty’ this perfectly describes the Indian blackberry- Jamun! Globally, this nature’s candy is known for its diabetes-friendly properties. Imagine having access to this beautiful looking berry all year long as a packaged juice. 

Typically, packaged fruit juices are loaded with added sugars and barely have any substantial fruit content. Which is why when we came across this Jamun variant, we were intrigued to taste and review it. 

In our Real Wellnezz Jamun juice review, everything from ingredients to consistency is delved into. 

Did You Know- Contrary to popular belief, jamun and black currant are not the same!

real wellnezz jamun juice packaging
This juice carton has a simple yet descriptive label.

Just like carbohydrates are vital for energy, fiber is essential for a healthy gut, regular bowel movements, and overall wellness. 

Is Real Wellnezz Jamun juice a good source of fiber? How is the overall nutri-label? Is it tasty?

1. Ingredients

This Real juice is devoid of preservatives, flavors, and added sugars. This definitely is a plus!

Water, Jamun pulp (40%), Mixed fruit juice concentrate (9% – pineapple, apple grape, and pear juice concentrate), and salt are all the ingredients used to make this. 

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To explain the Jamun content more clearly, the brand mentions how every 1 L of this juice is filled with the goodness of 900 g of jamun.

2. Flavor

Jamuns naturally taste slightly astringent which can cause some dryness in your palete. Even when you bite into the sweetest jamun, you get the familiar-dry sensation in your mouth. This dryness is caused by tannins which “constrict the salvia and cells of our mouth, causing that dry, tightened feeling”, explains food scientist Harold McGee.

The Real Wellnezz Jamun Juice resembled the taste of the original fruit. It tasted fresh and the after-effect of eating fresh jamuns was experienced with this juice too. This backs the ‘40% jamun pulp’ claim. We served this chilled which added to the refreshing factor. 

The jamun taste paired well with a mixed fruit juice concentrate present in the juice. However, the flavor of the primary fruit was still prominent. The sweetness levels are spot on.

3. Nutritional Information

Following is the nutritional information per 100 ml-

Real Wellnezz Jamun juice provides 44 kcal of energy. There’s 11 g of carbohydrates (in the form of natural fruit sugars) with 0 g of fats and proteins. 

There is 28 mg of sodium, 8 mg of potassium, and 3 mg of calcium. 

4. Available Sizes

This juice is available in 1 L cartons. 

5. Price

This carton is priced at INR 149.

Real Wellnezz Jamun Juice – Detailed Review

More on what we liked about this jamun juice is discussed in this section. 

Real Wellnezz Jamun Juice review Product Details
Price INR 149
Ingredients Water, jamun pulp (40%), mixed fruit juice concentrate (9%), salt. 
Quantity 1 L
Shelf Life Six months from the date of manufacture

Fresh and fruity, Real Wellnezz Jamun juice tastes a lot like the original fruit. Unlike most packaged fruit juices, the fruit flavor doesn’t feel watered down or diluted. Following are some more noteworthy points to consider before making the purchase-


  • This juice is prepared with 40% of jamun pulp.
  • Per 1 L, you get the goodness of 900 gms of jamun.
  • It has a rich purple hue.
  • It must be refrigerated and consumed within five days after opening.
  • This tastes best when served chilled.
  • Real Wellnezz Jamun juice price is INR 149 for 1 L. 
real wellnezz jamun juice contents in a glass
This jamun juice has a thick consistency.
closer look at real wellnezz jamun juice
The deep purple tone!


  • This juice features a fresh aroma of jamuns.
  • The after-effect backs the jamun pulp claim.
  • It has no added preservatives, flavors, or sugar.
  • This jamun juice has a thick consistency.
  • The low calories per serve is a plus.
  • The packaging and lid ensure easy pouring. Thumbs up!
  • It is packed in a paper-based, fully recyclable carton.
  • It is a decently priced beverage. 


Best Suited For

Looking to relish jamun-y goodness year-round? Or a low-calorie fruit juice with breakfast? We’d recommend the jamun variant by Real Wellnezz. It has no added artificial sugars and tastes extremely fresh!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Real Wellnezz Jamun Juice.

1. Is this product sugar-free?

The Real Jamun Wellnezz Juice does not contain any added sugars. All the sugar in the juice is naturally occurring from fruits. 

2. How pure is this fruit juice?

This fruit juice is made with 100% juice content.

3. Is this the best fruit juice in the market?

If you like jamuns, you are sure to love this juice. 

4. Is this product completely vegetarian?

Yes, this is a 100% vegetarian product. 

Final Words

Packed in a fully recyclable, paper-based carton, this jamun juice was sipped on lovingly by all members of Team Mishry. The perfect consistency, a great flavor of jamuns, and fresh taste and aroma, we loved Real Wellnezz Jamun juice. 

Do you like jamuns? How do you like to eat them? With a pinch of kala namak and lime or as it is?

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