Cremica Coconut Cookies Review: Crunchy and Coconutty
cremica coconut cookies review

Cremica Coconut Cookies Review: Crunchy and Coconutty

We liked these delicate tasting coconut cookies. Would you give the Cremica Coconut cookies a try?

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Cremica Coconut cookies have a delicate flavor of coconut and a crunchy texture. The balanced sweetness of these cookies were a positive attribute as well.

When it comes to cookies, everyone has different choices. Cookies make up for a great snack in between meals and pair well with a hot cup of coffee. From choco-chip cookies to nutty cookies and butter cookies, you will find endless varieties in this section. 

We recently reviewed Cremica Coconut cookies to find out how prominent is the coconut flavor in these. Read our Cremica Coconut cookies review below to find out every aspect of these cookies, from the price to the packaging and taste. Our review process will help you buy better.

cremica coconut cookies packaging
Cremica Coconut cookies comes in an attractive packaging.

The idea of indulging in coconut cookies with a hot cup of tea is what we wanted to try. We have discussed in our Cremica Coconut cookies review how our experience of trying these cookies turned out.

1. Price & Packaging

The 400 gm super value pack of Cremica coconut cookies comes in an attractive and eye-catching packaging. It features a colorful check box design on the outside. It includes four packs inside. Each pack contains 14 cookies. The price of the 400 gm super value pack is Rs. 60/-.

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2. Ingredients 

The following are the ingredients used in Cremica coconut cookies : 

Refined wheat flour (maida), sugar, edible vegetable oil (palm), invert syrup, edible desiccated coconut (1.36%), maize starch, raising agents, edible common salt, permitted emulsifiers, acidity regulator, dough conditioner, and milk solids.

Contains added flavours (artificial flavouring substances – coconut and vanilla)

Contains wheat, milk, soya and sulphite as hypersensitive ingredients. 

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3. Taste

Cremica Coconut Cookies contain a subtle yet significant flavor of coconut and a well balanced sweetness. To our surprise, the taste of coconut was spot on and did not feel overpowering or oily. 

The combination of nutty coconut with a sweet taste is appetizing. 

4. Appearance

The color and appearance of the baked food items depends upon the ingredients and the appliance it gets baked in. The Cremica Coconut Cookies are round shaped and browned uniformly. The top of the cookie had a crackled appearance. These cookies are thicker than regular glucose biscuits.

5. Texture 

These cookies have a nice bite to them and are extremely crisp in texture. The crispness of these cookies makes it an ideal accomplishment to pair with a hot cup of tea or coffee.

6. Nutritional Information

The following is the nutritional information for Cremica Coconut Cookies per 100gm as provided on the back of the pack : 

438 kcal, 10.8 gm, 6.6 gm protein and 1.3 gm dietary fiber. 

Cremica Coconut Cookies- Detailed Review

Some additional in-depth information regarding the Cremica Coconut Cookies. We have listed different aspects of these cookies below including the shelf life, ingredients, net weight, price, and available sizes of these cookies. 

Parameters  Cremica Coconut Cookies
Price  INR 60 (400 gm)
Quantity  300gm + 100 gm extra 
Shelf Life Best Before 12 months 
Ingredients  Refined wheat flour(maida), sugar, edible vegetable oil (palm), invert syrup, edible desiccated coconut
Available Sizes  400 gm 
Dietary Fiber  1.3 gm per 100 gm


We ordered a super value pack of Cremica Coconut cookies for reviewing the taste, texture and flavor of these cookies. The mild touch of coconut together with a well balanced sweetness was loved by us. Despite the subtle flavor of coconut, these cookies had a delectable taste. The crunch of the biscuits is spot on and enhance the overall experience of eating a biscuit/cookie.

cremica coconut cookies contents
The super value pack includes four individual packs of coconut cookies.
cremica coconut cookies shape and texture
Cremica Coconut cookies right after opening the pack.
closer look at cremica coconut cookies
The cookies had an even brown color on top with a few cracks.
cross sectional look at cremica coconut cookie
These cookies have a subtle taste of coconut and are crunchy.


  • It comes in a super value pack wherein you get a net weight of 300 gm plus 100gm extra. 
  • These cookies include four individual packs inside and each pack contains 14 cookies. 
  • The shelf life of these cookies is 12 months. 
  • The 400 gm super value pack is priced at Rs. 60/-.


  • The amount of sweetness is well balanced.
  • The flavor of coconut is balanced and not overbearing. We loved the mild flavor of coconut in every bite. 
  • It has the perfect crunchy and crispy texture. 
  • These cookies are semi-thick and are evenly brown on the top. 

Best Suited For

Not a lot of people love coconut flavored chocolates or cookies. So, if you love the presence of coconuts in cookies, then Cremica Coconut Cookies are a must try. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Cremica Coconut cookies

1.  Is this product completely vegetarian?

Yes, Cremica Coconut cookies are completely vegetarian.

2.  How healthy is this product?

Cremica Coconut cookies contain ingredients such as refined wheat flour, edible vegetable oil and invert sugar. Due to the presence of these ingredients, it cannot be termed as healthy. 

3. What is the fiber content of this biscuit?

The fiber content of the Cremica Coconut cookies is 1.3 gm. 

4. Are these biscuits ideal for weight loss?

Weight loss happens due to many factors. The inclusion of different food items such as seeds, dry fruits, fruits, and a regular exercise routine will be required. Consult a nutritionist who can guide you in detail regarding your weight loss journey. 

5. Can this biscuit be paired with tea?

Yes, you can pair these biscuits with a hot cup of tea. A hot cup of coffee will taste delicious with this as well. 

Final Result

The subtle sweetness, mild flavor of coconut and the crispness! These are a few things that we loved about the Cremica Coconut Cookies. 

Are you a fan of coconut as a flavor? If yes, leave us a comment below and share your experience.

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