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raw pressery sugarcane juice review

Raw Pressery Sugarcane Juice Review – Summer Cooler With A Citrusy Twist

We had high hopes from this Raw Pressery variant. But something didn’t work. What was it? In-depth details in the review below.

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Mishry Rating

3 / 5
Overall Experience
3 / 5


Average flavor, max freshness. Raw Pressery Sugarcane juice is a good alternative to carbonated beverages that are loaded with refined sugar. We’d like this better if it were free of preservatives.

Other than the cooling breeze of the air conditioner, a chilled glass of ganne ka ras feels exceptionally refreshing. But what if the freshly squeezed beverage is nowhere to be found?

This is where a top-quality brand like Raw Pressery saves the day. From coconut water to protein shakes, Raw Pressery has launched India’s first packed sugarcane juice. Mishry’s Raw Pressery Sugarcane Juice review dives into all details, right from packaging to taste and nutrition.

How close does this come to the freshly squeezed counterpart?

Details regarding Raw Pressery Sugarcane Juice are shown in a tabular form below.

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Raw Pressery Sugarcane Juice Product Details
Price Rs 80/-
Net Quantity 250 ml
Mishry Rating 3
Buy Now On Amazon
Shelf Life Six months

Our Review Factors

When reviewing Raw Pressery Sugarcane Juice, we were looking for freshness and authenticity, taste-wise.

Sugarcane juice is typically always consumed immediately after it is extracted. If stored/consumed later, the beverage turns darker due to oxidation of simple sugars.

So how did Raw Pressery do it? Artificial preservatives? Natural preservatives, what does the brand add?

1. Aroma

Fresh, sweet, and juicy. That’s how fluids extracted from cane should smell like. 

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What was our experience with this packaged variant? Were any stale, rancid, off-putting aromas observed? 

Could we sniff other ingredients, flavor enhancers?

2. Flavor

Does it have the signature sugarcane flavor, natural and sweet? Does it taste fresh? 

Street vendors add a squeeze of lemon that elevates flavor and freshness. Does this packaged variant have the citrusy flavor notes?

3. Other Parameters


What is the sugarcane content in this? Does this use concentrates or pure juice? Are there other ingredients added? What about added flavors, colors, preservatives?


Sugarcane juice turns dark in a couple of minutes as natural sugars oxidize. How does Raw Pressery Sugarcane juice look? Appetizing and fresh or stale and uninviting?


Smooth or full of strands and fibers? Watered down, opaque or something completely unexpected?


Is it leak-proof? How does it fare on the travel-friendliness scale? Sustainable, environment-friendly, does the brand shed light on these aspects?


A 250-ml bottle is priced at Rs 80/-.

Shelf Life

It has a six-month shelf life.

Raw Pressery Sugarcane Juice – Detailed Review

Packaging – This is packed securely in a plastic bottle. The labels, both ingredients and nutritional, are clear and easy to read. 

Ingredients –  The main ingredients are sugarcane juice (94%), lemon juice, antioxidants (vitamin C, INS 300), and INS 224. Very often we have seen vendors add ginger, mint, and lemon to sugarcane juice to enhance the flavor. But it’s not just for that. Lemon juice or vitamin C also helps in naturally averting the oxidation of diphenols to quinones, in turn reducing browning.
Scientifically, citric acid lowers the pH level and imparts acidity to enhance the quality of the final product. However, such anti-browning agents used for short-term preservation impact the flavor and sensory experience too.

Aroma- Despite sugarcane being the primary ingredient, the aroma was predominantly that of lemon juice. It felt citrusy and refreshing but the sweetness of sugarcane, in terms of aroma, was clearly missing. 

Flavor- Just like aroma, the taste was led by lemons too. The sweetness is balanced, but this primarily tasted like a lemon-based beverage. Raw Pressery Sugarcane juice had a bolder citrus flavor as compared to the sweet taste of sugarcane. The naturally sweet flavors of sugarcane were exceptionally subtle. This was surprising as the brand boasts of adding 94% sugarcane juice. 

raw pressery sugarcane juice consistency
This beverage has a flowy consistency, as expected.
raw pressery sugarcane juice appearance
The yellow hue is far from natural.
  • The packaging is travel-friendly.
  • The taste and aroma were fresh.
  • We missed the authentic sugarcane taste.
  • The citrus flavor of lemons was more than we’d like.

Healthier alternative to fizzy, sugar-loaded beverages? Need something refreshing on the go? Try Raw Pressery Sugarcane juice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Raw Pressery sugarcane juice

Yes, but if you can, go for the fresh juice.

No, this only contains naturally occurring sugars. 

Yes, it contains INS 224 which is a vegan food preservative. 

You can store it under refrigeration. However, it is best consumed immediately after opening. 

Since it is rich in carbohydrates, this beverage will serve as an energy drink. 

In Conclusion

Voila! This is what Mishry had to say about Raw Pressery Sugarcane juice. Though this makes for a convenient on-the-go option, the addition of preservatives and the overall flavor did not impress us.

What’s your go-to beverage this summer?

Our reviews are unbiased and all samples used during the reviews were paid for by us. Read our entire ethics statement here.

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