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Making Rangolis Has Never Been Easier. Thanks To This Handy Rangoli Kit!

This Rangoli kit is a boon, especially for those who lack artistic skills. A simple yet elegant-looking Rangoli will be ready in under 30 minutes, that’s for sure.

Mishry Rating

Overall Experience
4.5 / 5


We definitely loved making Rangoli with these easy to use products. From the designing to the filling of colors, everything felt like a breeze!

Get ready to add a festive vibe to your celebrations with this convenient Rangoli Kit! No more stressing over Rangoli designs – we’ve got you covered. This kit from Amazon is a game-changer, as the colors are packed in colorful tubes that can be easily dispensed while making a rangoli.

Whether you’re a Rangoli pro or a newbie, it’s a breeze to create stunning designs. Say goodbye to the Rangoli struggle and hello to pure fun! If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed by Rangoli prep, trust us, this kit will be your new best friend.

Check out all the deets in our article below!

A tabular representation of the different elements of the Rangoli kit : 

Particulars  Rangoli Color Rangoli Stencil 
Price  Rs. 261  Rs. 329 
Special Feature  Vibrant colors  Easy to design
Buy Now  On Amazon On Amazon
Mishry Rating  4.5 4.5

Mishry’s Experience

Rangoli Stencils 

This set of stencils has four unique and different designs. What amazed us here was how effortless it was to design the Rangoli. 

Rangoli Colors 

The Rangoli colors set has 12 vibrant colors placed in individual bottles.

Design and Appearance 

The stencil made using MDF material has four different designs. All the designs look aesthetically pleasing. Each of the stencils has a size of 6×6 inches. 

The following designs are included in this set of stencils :

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Design & Appearance - 4.5/5


The quantity of colors in each bottle is sufficient enough to design a complete Rangoli.

Quantity - 4/5


The quality of the stencils as well as the colors is excellent. The stencil is sturdy enough which allows comfortable designing of the Rangoli.

Quality - 4.5/5

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on rangoli kit

Ideally, rangoli is made to welcome positivity and ward off negativity. It is also decorated to welcome Hindu Gods to the household.

The three main elements that will add definition to your Rangoli are : lines, shapes and patterns.

Yellow, red, blue, white, green, orange, pink etc are some of the best colors you can use to create a colorful and vibrant rangoli. With innovation and creativity knowing no bounds, the colors can be mixed up to create something out-of-the-box as well.

Typically, any Rangoli will last for a good one day provided no one runs through it.

The most striking and important feature that will define a Rangoli is that it must be colorful.

Final Words

This complete Rangoli Kit including Rangoli stencils and Rangoli colors is a definite value for money product. All you need to do is place the stencil and sprinkle the color over it. Now slightly remove the stencil and voila your Rangoli is ready. 

Grab this easy to use kit for hassle-free Rangoli making at home.

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