ITC Master Chef Chicken Breast Strips Review - Mishry (2023)
ITC master chef chicken breast strips review

ITC Master Chef’s Chicken Breast Strips Are Deliciously Crunchy (2024)

ITC Masterchef Chicken Breast Strips have a crispy exterior and a delicious, succulent chicken filling. We loved this frozen snack!

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Mishry Rating

4 / 5
4 / 5


ITC Master Chef Chicken Breast Strips are seasoned beautifully and crisp up well without absorbing too much oil. A crunchy and easy to make snack for non-vegetarians.

Any frozen food must be good, easy to prepare, and have the right texture to be popular.

Over the past few years we have tested and relished an array of frozen snacks by ITC Masterchef. This time we chose a pack of Chicken Breast Strips which were recently launched in order to assess its flavour, texture, and simplicity of preparation.

We outline our testing procedure and overall experience in our ITC Master Chef Chicken Breast Strips review.

The product details are listed in the following table : 

ITC Master Chef Chicken Breast Strips Product Details 
Price Rs. 375 
Net Quantity 500 gms 
Shelf Life 12 months 
No. of pieces 12 
Mishry Rating 4

Our Review Factors

What are we looking for? A tender, juicy chicken snack with pleasing flavors and a crunchy exterior. These should crisp well upon frying without absorbing too much oil. 

ITC Master Chef Chicken Breast Strips were tested on the following parameters :

1. Taste 

We gauged the flavor of chicken, the overall balance of seasoning (chicken and breading), and freshness were checked. 

2. Texture

Ideally, this should have a crisp outer coating with succulent, tender chicken inside. As a result, the following factors were considered under this heading: 

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  • Coating to chicken ratio
  • Thickness of the outer coating
  • Texture of the chicken (It should be juicy and tender)

3. Additional Observations

The price, packaging, ingredients and shelf life were noted here.

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ITC Master Chef Chicken Breast Strips  – Detailed Review

Price + Packaging 

ITC Master Chef Chicken Breast Strips has a red and black packaging. A 500 gm pack costs Rs. 375. You will get approximately 12 pieces in a 500 gm pack. The shelf life is 12 months. 

The strips are placed directly inside the pack. There is no tray included. 

Main Ingredients 

Chicken (58.7%), Water, Breadcrumbs (Refined wheat flour, dextrose, iodised salt, yeast), Refined palm oil, Batter [Stabilizer (INS466) and seasoning (2%) {Sequestrant (INS 451(i)) and thickeners (INS 407, INS 415)}]. 

ITC master chef chicken breast strips packaging
The packaging of ITC Master Chef Chicken Breast Strips.

How did we make it?

The pack mentions four ways to cook these breast strips : 

  • Deep-fry 
  • Bake
  • Shallow-fry 
  • Air fry 

We deep-fried these breast strips in refined oil till the time they turned golden brown. 

Our Observations 

Appearance + Cooking Process 

These are long strips with rounded edges. The color of the meat is off-white and the coating is slightly white-peachy.

The cooking process was smooth as these did not absorb much oil and did not break apart while deep-frying. It cooked perfectly through the center and was uniformly browned. 

Taste + Texture 

These strips have a crunchy outer layer and juicy, tender chicken on the inside. The proportion of the breading to the chicken is just right. We never felt as if we were simply tasting the outer covering, i.e, no empty pockets. 

It is a beautifully seasoned chicken snack with a balanced salt level and mild heat. You can serve them alongside any sauces or dips to elevate the flavors further.

ITC master chef chicken breast strips first look
The strips right out of the pack.
the fried ITC master chef chicken breast strips
The chicken is juicy and YUM!
Taste - 4/5
Texture - 4/5
  • Seasoned to perfection. 
  • Crips up well. Does not absorb excess oil. 
  • We loved the tenderness of the chicken. 
  • Well balanced salt level.

Unplanned parties? 2 am cravings? ITC Master Chef Chicken Breast Strips are a quick to make non-vegetarian snack.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on ITC master chef chicken breast strips.

For cooking these in a pan, start by drizzling some oil and allow it to cook till the time both sides do not turn golden brown.

There are four different ways to cook these breast strips – shallow fry, bake, air fry and deep fry.

A 500 gm pack offers around 12 pieces of the strips.

This versatile snack will go well with any sauces or dips of your choice.

Final Say

ITC Master Chef Chicken Breast Strips are a delicious frozen snack with juicy, succulent chicken on the inside and a crispy exterior. The seasoning is balanced and makes it easy to pair with a number of dips and sauces.

What’s more? You can cook these in four different ways, the choice is yours! 

Our reviews are unbiased and all samples used during the reviews were paid for by us. Read our entire ethics statement here.

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