Wooden Pizza Plates To Slice And Serve The Yummy Treat

Wooden Pizza Plates To Slice And Serve The Yummy Treat

Serve your homemade cheesy and yummy pizzas on these wooden pizza plates.

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Making pizzas at home is not easy, and unless you have the right tools, it’s not easy to cut and serve it either. A wooden pizza plate halves that concern as you can place the pizza on it, slice and serve it right from it.

These pizza plates come in two sizes for home use, are sturdy and you can double them up as serving trays for snacks as well. Here is a list of wooden pizza plates for you to choose the best one for your homemade pizzas.

5 Best Wooden Pizza Plates Available To Buy Online

1. All About Wood Pizza Plate

all about wood

This pizza plate is made of sheesham wood and is 10 inches in diameter. It has a non-stick finish that helps you to remove food from it and clean easily. It is great for serving homemade pizzas and can also be used as a snack serving plate.

2. Fancy Shoppeee Wooden Pizza Plate


This rectangular wooden pizza plate is slim in structure and is 10 inches in length. You can cut a pizza and serve it on this itself. This can also double up as a chopping board as well.

3. Seashell Round Wooden Pizza Plate


This round pizza plate is made of acacia wood and is 10 inches in diameter. The natural matte finish gives the plate an elegant look. You can cut and serve pizzas directly on it.

4. Hazel Wooden 8 Inch Pizza Plate


It’s a racket-shaped pizza plate and is suited for serving 8-inch pizzas. Weighing 550 gms, it’s a durable product and the handle makes it easy to hold the plate when you’re serving.

5. THW 8 Inches Diameter Wooden Pizza Serving Bat Plate


These bat plates come in a set of four and are ideal for serving 8-inch pizzas. You can also use these plates for serving cheese, appetizers or any other dry snacks.

Since these plates are made of wood, they need to be washed carefully. Clean them with a mild detergent and water and wipe it dry before storing it away.

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