Coasters That Keep Your Tables Safe From Damage

Coasters That Keep Your Tables Safe From Damage

Save your precious furniture from water rings, scratches and heat by slipping one of these coasters on them.

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If you collect coasters, you already know that this simple item that protects your furniture from getting water rings or damage from heat is no longer plain or boring.

Coasters are available in a plethora of sizes, colors, prints, shapes and can be a great way to add a little touch of color to your coffee or dinner tables. Most of them are easy to clean and maintain. So let’s take a look at some of the most useful and attractive coasters you can buy online.

Best Brands Of Coasters Available Online

1. Yellow Weaves Coasters 

yellow weaves

The big-sized bamboo bead coaster set is an excellent choice for your dining table. These coasters will protect surfaces from scratches and wet marks.  These are ideal for coffee tables, side tables, dining tables, and office desks.

2. Hopiko Coasters 


These hand-woven natural bamboo heat insulation pads decorate your dining table and give it an earthy look. Plus they protect your dining table from the damaging effects of heat from hot utensils. These are easy to clean and store.

3. Homesouls Coasters 

home souls

While these silicone pot holders are apt for easy handling of hot pots, oven trays, etc, they also double up as trivets where you can place them under hot vessels and prevent your tables from any damage. The honeycomb design allows for easy grip and safe handling. They are also heat and cold resistant ranging from -40 degrees C to 230 degree C. These are oven, freezer and dishwasher-friendly.

4. Craftland Coasters 


This heat-resistant coaster adds style and utility to your living space preventing furniture damage, scratches on glass, water rings on wooden tables, etc.

5. GKD Coaster Set


This set of six coasters comes in attractive designs. It features an elegant and creative design. These are lightweight and come with a strong build quality. In addition, these are easy to clean and will last you through years of use.


Coasters make great gifts for those who like to entertain at home. Some even have multiple collections for various occasions. And these come packed in ready-to-gift boxes too.

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