Best Guava Juices You Can Sip On

Best Guava Juices You Can Sip On

Indulge in the deliciousness of guava juice this season. Here are a few recommendations.

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Does the thought of biting into a juicy guava in the middle of the day make you smile? We’re pretty sure a tall glass of guava juice would make you feel the same.

Drink it as it is, spice it up with a dash of salt and chili powder or make a cocktail or a mocktail with it – there’s lots of ways to have guava juice. We bring you a list of some of the tastiest guava juices you can buy.

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Best Brands Of Guava Juices Available Online

1. B Natural Guava Juice

b natural

This guava juice is made from a mix of fruit and not concentrate. The guavas are sourced from Karnataka and this comes in a set of two 1-liter packs.

2. Real Fruit Juice, Masala Guava

real guava

This juice is packed in a six-layered Tetra Pak to retain its freshness and flavor. There are no added flavors or color in this juice. However, what’s really cool is that it’s spiced with a hint of masala, adding that extra little bite to juice.

3. Paper Boat Guava Drink

paper boat guava

Made from fresh pulpy guava, this juice has no added preservatives or color. This comes in a pack of two 1-liter Tetra Paks.

4. Paper Boat Chilli Guava

papae boat chilli

Like your guava juices flavored? Try Paper Boat Chilli Guava that’s made from fresh guavas and spiked with chili. Lip-smacking!

5. Rio Pink Guava Fruit Drink

rio pin

Rio Pink’s guava fruit beverage is a delightful drink suitable for both adults and children. Its rejuvenating guava flavor is a highlight. What makes it even better is its convenient packaging, making it easy to carry anywhere.

Did You Know?

There are around 150 different varieties of guavas found in the tropical and sub-tropical parts of the world. Some of these include names like apple guava, cherry guava, strawberry guava and even red apple guava. And get this, guavas can contain anywhere between 100 to 500 miniature seeds.

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