To Fry Or Not To Fry: The Best Cooking Oils

To Fry Or Not To Fry: The Best Cooking Oils

Frying food with the right oil is important, especially if it’s a daily thing. We recommend the right cooking oils that you can use to ensure a healthy way of cooking.

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Cooking without any kind of oil is practically unheard of in most Indian households. From deep-fried homemade snacks to some serious sautéing that goes into some of our dishes, cooking oil is a must-have. And if your family tends to love its deep-fried papad and all sorts of samosas and pakodas, it’s extremely important you choose the right kind of oil because that is what determines your family and your health.

Here’s a list of the best cooking oils in India that can be used for frying.

The Best Cooking Oils For Everyday Cooking

1. Saffola Gold, Pro Healthy Lifestyle Edible Oil

  • Enriched with MUFA and PUFA
  • Keeps your heart healthy

Saffola Gold comprises 70% rice bran oil and around 30% sunflower oil. Made using Losorb Technology, which ensures up to 33% of lower oil absorption, it’s one of the healthiest oils in the market. Saffola Gold is also enhanced with antioxidants to protect your heart from cardiac disorders.

2. Disano Canola oil

  • Low in saturated fats
  • Rich in Omega 3

Disano Canola oil is an excellent choice for those who want to keep their cholesterol in check without having to compromise on taste. This oil allows for all kinds of deep-frying. Canola oil is also rich in It is rich in vitamins E and K for and can prevent the growth of acne, fine lines, skin blemishes, etc.

3. Oleev Health Oil

  • Contains Oryzanol
  • The perfect mix of rice bran and canola oil

Oleev Health oil is packed with oryzanol in it, which effectively helps in keeping bad cholesterol away. This combination of rice bran and canola oil also contains Omega 3, 6, and 9 along with the benefits of MUFA, PUFA, and ALA. All of these contribute to the health of your heart. Plus it’s great for deep-frying too.

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4. Amazon brand- Vedaka Canola oil

  • Fortified with Vitamins A and D
  • Rich source of Omega-3 fatty acid

Whether you want to stir or deep-fry, bake, grill, or dress salads, this brand of canola oil is ideal for everything. It’s a source for Monounsaturated Fatty Acids (MUFA), which helps to keep your cholesterol levels normal and your heart healthy. So fry bhindi away peacefully. The bottle is designed smartly and is a lean structure that makes it easy to store.

5. Sundrop Superlite Advanced Oil

  • Oryzanol enriched
  • Controls cholesterol within 30 days

Cook your favorite lunch and dinner meals with this oryzanol-enriched oil. You can use it for various frying and cooking purposes. It’s fortified with vitamins A, D, and E is made using Losorb technology and can control your cholesterol levels.

6. Fortune Soyabean oil

  • Odorless oil
  • Vegetarian product

Fortune Soyabean Oil is made from top-of-the-line quality soybean that not only add taste to your food but can also regulate your cholesterol levels. It contains Omega-3, which is a basic type of fatty acid required by the human body.

7. Natureland Organic Sunflower oil

  • Organic in nature
  • Cold-pressed Sunflower oil

This oil adds taste to anything you cook in it. It is usually made using the cold-pressed method where the oil is derived from crushing sunflower seeds at low temperatures. The oil contains vitamin E, sterols, squalene, and other aliphatic hydrocarbons, terpene and methyl ketones – all of which contribute towards a healthy heart and body.

8. Dhara Soyabean Oil

  • Losorb oil
  • Natural PUFA enriched

Finding The Right Oil

How you choose the right oil depends entirely on the kind of food you cook on a daily basis and on your personal taste. Most households keep at least two options. But the most important thing to keep in mind is the health needs of your family. Start with that one and then shortlist the oil that’s going to sit on your shelf.

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