Sweeten Your Mouth With These Delicious Gulkand

Sweeten Your Mouth With These Delicious Gulkand

A spoonful of gulkand will make your day even sweeter and healthier

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Gulkand is basically a sweet preserve of rose petals and is made from petals which are collected at their peak. Gulkand is most commonly used as an ingredient in paan. It is considered to be a popular dessert across north India.

Besides one of the many culinary uses of gulkand, several other health benefits are also associated with it. Its consumption helps in reducing body heat and it’s also known to alleviate acidity. Now here’s a list of some of the best brands of gulkands available in the market. Take your pick.

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Best Gulkands To Buy Online

1. Leaf & Nectar Natural Gulkand 

leaf and necta

The Leaf & Nectar gulkand is made from the finest quality of Chaitri roses and is enhanced with cardamom and saffron. Packed in a pretty jar and weighing at 500 gm, it also makes for a lovely gift, if you’re putting a hamper together.

2. Urban Platter Natural Himalayan Gulkand

urban platter

From being used in milkshakes and ice creams to being added in faloodas and paan and even as a filling in cookies – there are lots of things you can do with this gulkand. This gulkand contains no artificial colors and preservatives.

3. Add me Homemade Rose Gulkandh

add me

This homemade rose gulkand is made of Fresh damask rose. It is free from any sort of artificial preservatives or colors. It comes in a glass jar and weighs 600 grams approx.

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4. Vanalaya Natural Organic Gulkand


Considered to be beneficial towards our digestive system, this gulkand has been made from organic ingredients and sweetened with rock sugar. It is further enhanced with cardamom.

5. Kirva Organics Natural Gulkand


Kirva Organics presents a 500 gm jar of gulkand crafted from damask rose petals. Key ingredients include rock sugar (khadi shakkar), authentic cardamom (elaichi), and saffron (kesar). This versatile gulkand can be utilized in various recipes such as gulkand rose sandesh, gulkand almond ladoo, and more.

The word gulkand comes from the Persian word ‘Gul’, meaning ‘rose’, and ‘Khand’, which means sugar or sweet. Apart from its obvious benefits, gulkand also is used to flavor recipes. Plus it can help to alleviate various physical discomforts and ailments.

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