From Brazil To Your Kitchen: Nuts That Will Make Your Food Delicious

From Brazil To Your Kitchen: Nuts That Will Make Your Food Delicious

Make your homemade dishes tastier by bringing home a pack of exotic Brazil nuts.

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The creamy, buttery textured, Brazilian nuts are native to the Amazon rainforest in Brazil, Bolivia, and Peru. These nutty flavored nuts are loaded with selenium and an excellent source of protein, minerals, and dietary fiber. They can be enjoyed raw or blanched, roasted, salted, in ice creams, chocolate and in bakery, and confectionery products.

Brazilian nuts develop a round, coconut-like shell inside that reveals around 12-20 Brazil nuts when opened. You can make awesome toppings for desserts or add crunch to rice or vegetable dishes. Here is a list of Brazil Nuts brands that you can find online.

Best Five Brands of Brazil Nuts Available Online

1. Now Foods Organic Brazil Nuts

noe foods

This pack of organic Brazil nuts weighs 284 gm in its raw form. It’s non-GMO and an excellent source of selenium. These are unsalted nuts, and you can them in desserts, pudding, kheer, etc.

2. Berries And Nuts Premium Jumbo Brazil Nuts

berries and nuts

This pack of Brazil nuts contains all essential minerals and is a rich source of Omega-6 fatty acids and weighs 250 gm. Loaded with selenium, these nuts make a great topping for your desserts, cake, muffins etc.

3. Urban Platter Brazil Nuts/Nuts

urban platter brazil nuts

This raw, unsalted and mineral-rich pack of Brazil nuts weighs 500 gm and can be used to make toppings for desserts or eaten raw, roasted, salted, with ice cream, etc.

4. Dry Fruit Hub Brazil Nuts

dry fruit hub

This 400 gm pack of Brazil nuts is an excellent source of protein, minerals. These nuts go best with bakery and confectionery products and can also be eaten raw.

5. Tassyam Premium Exotic Brazil Nuts


This jar of Brazil nuts weighs 250 gm and are 100% natural with no added artificial flavors and colors. You can add these nuts to homemade chocolate, desserts, bread or sprinkle over pasta, etc.

Eating Brazil nuts gives you loads of benefits, but remember that consuming anything in excess can have an adverse effect in us. These nuts have high selenium content and are good when consumed in moderate quantities. Too much of it can cause hair loss and nail breakage.

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