Sturdy Times: Stainless Steel Cups That Go On And On And On

Sturdy Times: Stainless Steel Cups That Go On And On And On

Stainless steel cups are perfect for everyday use as they convenient to hand and easy to clean as well.

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Durable with high impact resistance and easy to clean, stainless steel has been part of India’s crockery shelves for generations. The same goes for cups. Used across households in India, the stainless steel cup is practically the go-to thing when it comes to serving tea or coffee.

Stainless-steel cups can last for a long time and are BPA-free and free from zinc, lead and other toxic materials. And they don’t have to be boring looking either as brands continue to create some of the most stylish tea and coffee cups you can find. Here’s a compilation of some of the best stainless steel tea cups you can buy.

Best Stainless-Steel Cup Sets To Buy Online

1. Mayur Exports Stainless Steel Cups


These double-walled stainless steel cups come in a set of six. Each cup has a capacity of 100ml and is ideal for serving hot beverages as they can retain the temperature for a longer time.

2. HAZEL Stainless Steel Plain Mug


This stainless steel mug by Hazel does not absorb any odor or stain. Equipped with a stainless steel handle, it is easy to carry and hold. In addition, the cleaning and maintenance of this mug is easy too.

3. GIRGIT Double Wall Stainless Steel Tea and Coffee Cups


Made from high quality stainless steel, these cups come in a set of six and each cup has a capacity of 100 ml. They have a compact design and are perfectly sized for tea and coffee.

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4. Dharam Paul Traders Stainless Steel Tea Cup


Each steel cup in this set can hold up to 150 ml in capacity. Its rounded handles make the cups easy to hold. These cups are made of single-walled stainless steel and have a belly-shaped design.

5. Rema – Stainless Steel Cups for Coffee and Tea


These stainless steel cups are nicely designed and are perfect for both home and office use. Each cup of this set has a capacity of 200 ml.

Much like porcelain, stainless steel is not a porous material and therefore you don’t taste anything ‘extra’ in your drink and it can retain temperatures – hot or cold – which often makes it a chosen material for crockery at homes. Plus it’s way more affordable.

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