Spread It Out: Orange Jams That Will Make You Lick Your Fingers Again And Again

Spread It Out: Orange Jams That Will Make You Lick Your Fingers Again And Again

Let your love for orange meet its new partner. We call it ‘orange jam” .

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Orange jam is usually an orange marmalade without the peel. Some warm winter spices are added to it for a hint of bitterness to contrast the sweetness of the orange. Since oranges have enough sugar content, very less sugar is further added to make the jam.

If you don’t enjoy the slight bitterness in marmalade, thanks to the peel, you can easily go for the jam. But both can be equally delicious. You can smear some on to bread, parathas, add a dollop of it to cake and just enjoy the simplest kind of flavor. We’ve curated a list of orange jams and marmalade that you might want to take a look at. Take a look.

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Best Orange Jams Available Online

1. La Vieja Fabrica Seville Orange Mermelada 

la vieja

Made with 100% real fruit, this orange jam increases the taste manifold when consumed with bread. It is gluten-free and spreads effortlessly with a spoon or a knife. This jam bottle weighs 375 gm.

2. Kalon Honey Orange Marmalade Fruit Spreads


This FSSAI-certified jam comes with no added sugar and is preserved with organic honey. This jam is also free from any preservatives.

3. Bhuira Bitter Orange Marmalade


This jam in particular is a treat for the marmalade lovers. With no added preservatives and filled with all-natural ingredients, it tastes all the more delicious when eaten with fresh scones or crackers.

4. Kissan Orange Marmalade Jam


Like its rivals, this Kissan orange jam is made with 100% real fruit ingredients. It is very easy to use as it spreads smoothly over bread or any other edibles.

5. Mala’s Marmalade Jam


This marmalade jam is ready to use and comes in a 500 gm glass jar. Made using real fruits, it is a delightful orange jam. A few of the ingredients used here are : sugar, orange peel and juice.

If you don’t know what really makes a jam, marmalade or jelly, the different qualities are quite easy to understand. Jam is ideally made from fruit, which could be any fruit, and then cooked with sugar till it turns into a soft gooey spread. A marmalade on the other hand is made with citrus fruits, and even the peel is used. The fruit and its peel is boiled first and then cooked in sugar to reach the desired consistency. Jelly is more pectin and less pulp content than the others. It also is firmer than the others.

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