Jeeravan Masala: The Trick To Make Your Favorite Dishes Taste Better

Jeeravan Masala: The Trick To Make Your Favorite Dishes Taste Better

Add a wonderful combination of spices to your snacks and other food. Bring home a box of Jeeravan Masala powder.

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The Jeeravan Masala owes its origins to Indore where it’s used in one of the city’s star dishes – the poha. This masala is a special blend of select spices and is so versatile that it can be added to almost all your favorite dishes – from salads to dal.

Whether you want to spice up your sandwiches, French fries, aloo wadaaloo tikkibhel, popcorn, papadpakodas, there are very few dishes this spice can’t cast its magic on. Here is a list of some of the best Jeeravan Masala that you can buy online.

Best Brands of Jeeravan Masala Available Online

1. Vasant Masala Combo Jeeravan Powder


This Jeeravan powder comes in a packet of two, weighing 100 gm each. Its aromatic and natural flavor add great taste to your pohapakodadahi-vada etc.

2. Sadabahar Jeeravan Powder


It’s a pack of four Jeeravan powder that weighs 100 gm each and contains no artificial color and preservatives. It’s a unique blend of spices to add flavor in dishes such as wafers, chaatkebabsbhutte ki keespulaotawa sabzi, vegetables, curd, etc.

3. Koriya Shahi Jeeravan


This product comes in a pack of two, weighing 200 gm each. It gives a delightful taste to dishes such as poha or sprinkle some over your popcorn for that desi flavor.

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4. Jai Jinendra Spices and Masale Home Made Jeeravan Masala Powder


This homemade Jeeravan Masala powder comes in a pack of two, weighing 100 gm each and contains no artificial color. Packed with fresh ingredients, it offers great taste to almost all your favorite snacks of main courses.

5. PUSHPAK Jeeravan Masala


It’s a 100 gm pack of Jeeravan Masala that has an aromatic and natural flavor and contains no artificial flavors, preservatives or color. It’s a great masala for poha and also can give your sandwich fillings, daldahi-vada great taste.

Jeeravan Masala is an ideal example of the sheer variety of spices one can find in India. A natural taste-maker, this spice mix can contain up to 20 different spices. It’s also known to aid in digestion and give the body warmth in winter.

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