Simplify Your Cooking With These Pastes and Sauces
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Simplify Your Cooking With These Pastes and Sauces

Pastes and purees can make your work in the kitchen much easier.

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Purees and pastes can make your work in the kitchen a lot easier than usual. These ready-to-cook products not only save time but add that extra flavor in your food. And you can use them in plenty of different ways, experimenting with ingredients as you go along.

You now get a whole lot of brands offering a variety of cooking pastes and purees. These include tomato puree, tamarind pastes, ginger-garlic pastes, lemon juice, etc. These pastes and sauces provide convenient ways to create meals when you are in a rush, or on days when a fresh ingredient may not be available.

Check out these products that will help save a lot of time and effort in the kitchen.

Best Cooking Pastes & Sauces To Pick From

1. Urban Platter Tomato Puree Can

urban platter pureee

You can use this tomato puree to make soups, stews, sauces, or any other dish that requires the tangy flavor of tomatoes. It is natural and preservative-free. Add that bright red color to your curries and stews and enjoy its taste.

2. Maggi Magic Cubes

maggi cubes

The Maggi Magic Cubes help you to instantly add more flavor and aroma to your dishes. It is compact and easy to use. Only about half a cube is enough to add a punch of flavor to your food. The cubes just need to be crumbled and added to your curries.

3. Urban Platter Lime Juice Concentrate

urban platter lime juice

The Urban Platter Lime Juice Concentrate is made with the freshest of ingredients. The bottle contains the extract of about 70 green limes that are on the sourer side. Add a few drops of this lime juice and enjoy the fresh and zesty taste. Add it to your drinks and curries to give them an extra edge.

4. Habenero Spicy Pasta Sauce

habanero pasta sauce

This chunky pasta sauce is made with tomato, garlic, onion, and basil. Here, fresh ingredients are cooked and simmered to get the classic Italian taste and flavor. It helps to add a ton of flavor to your favorite pasta dish or vegetables.

5. Mother’s Recipe Ginger & Garlic Paste

mothers recipe ginger garlic paste

One of the most successful brands in the country, Mother’s Recipe’s Ginger & Garlic paste uses the finest of ingredients. It is suitable for all kinds of Indian dishes. The paste is also free from class-2 preservatives and has very little ingredients other than ginger, garlic, salt, and water.

We all have a few go-to brands that make sauces and ready-to-cook pastes. While prepping everything from scratch might be how some people like to do things, a few easy-to-use ingredients are always welcome, especially if they reduce our time and effort in the kitchen. We hope this list helps you as well.

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    Yummy !!!! And soooo needed in these days of lockdown when not only am I doing all the cooking but everyone is home and ever you wants yummy food all the time !!!

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