Round It Up: A Perfect Roti Is One Roti Maker Away

Round It Up: A Perfect Roti Is One Roti Maker Away

No more judgment towards odd shaped chapattis. Let’s just leave geometric accuracy to the roti makers available in the market.

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Aren’t rotis the most difficult to make? Okay maybe not for all, but some of us struggle, and how. Getting the dough right is one, making sure those rotis are as round as a perfect circle is another. A lot of people often use a ring or a largish bowl to make the shape.

But no, you really don’t have to struggle so much. There are roti makers in the market that will do the job for you. These handy appliances make sure your rotis turn out round and right, each time. Let’s take a look.

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Best Roti Makers Available Online

1. ESSPY Roti Machine


This roti maker with heavy metal base with a diameter of 6.5-7 inch is an ideal buy for making chapattispuris and other Indian breads. All you have to do is place the dough on the metal base of the roti maker and press the upper disc to flatten it. It is durable and easy to clean. The inner sides of the discs are coated with a special type of unbreakable ivory sheet.

2. Purva Press Chapati Machine


This blue colored roti maker has been designed to save your time in the kitchen. They make perfect chapatis by pressing the dough between the two metal discs with an intelligently designed handle that applies the required pressure to flatten the dough into a slim chapati.

3. Libra Multipurpose Roti Maker


Libra’s roti maker offers a quick and efficient method to achieve fluffy rotis within minutes. Highlighting its notable attributes such as Bakelite handles, a stainless steel cover, dual indicator lamps, and a non-stick coating, this appliance stands out. What sets it apart is its innovative anti-fall plate design, allowing the preparation of liquid dough items like omelettes, dosas, and chilas with ease.

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4. HoneyTail Multipurpose Roti Maker


HoneyTail presents an electric roti maker ideal for crafting perfect rotis, chapatis, parathas, and dosas. Featuring bakelite handles, this appliance ensures both comfort and durability, promising years of reliable use. The heat-resistant handles add an extra layer of safety, making usage hassle-free and secure.

5. BAJAJ VACCO Roti Maker


Bajaj’s roti maker boasts shockproof features, a sturdy build, and a resilient stainless steel body. Crafted with high-quality, food-grade Teflon-coated non-stick plates, it effortlessly produces perfectly round and puffed-up rotis within minutes. Beyond rotis, this versatile appliance is suitable for preparing chapatis, rotis, and parathas as well.

These roti makers aren’t just designed for rotis. You can make purisparathas, and even papad on them. Invest in one and no one will ever joke about your roti-making skills.

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