Premium Diwali Gifts Your Loved Ones Will Love You For

Premium Diwali Gifts Your Loved Ones Will Love You For

Give your loved ones something different this Diwali. Check out our list of recommendations for premium gifts.

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If you are looking for gifts that go beyond the sweets and chocolates this Diwali, how about something that will last longer and can be used every day. For instance, a cooking appliance or even a premium utensil.

Go the extra length for those special people in your life and get them something that’s a little different from the usual range of gifts. Here’s our selection of some of the best premium Diwali gifts available online.

Best Premium Diwali Gifts Available Online

1. Hestia Appliances Nutri-Max Cold Press Juicer


This cold-press juicer is made of superior quality plastic, which is 100% BPA-free, and also it’s easy to clean. It works at 240 watts and weighs 7.3 kgs.

2. Inalsa Stand Mixer Kratos


From whipping to kneading to mixing – a stand mixer would do a lot for you to reduce your work in the kitchen. This mixer is equipped with a powerful 100% copper 1000-watt motor and multi-function capabilities.

3. Meyer Pre Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet


This skillet is 100% enamel-free and is pre-seasoned with vegetable oil. It goes great with all both stove and induction cook tops. You also get two canvas grips for comfortable handling.

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4. Le Creuset Stoneware Mini Oval Cocotte

le creuset

Some recipes require slow cooking and a cocotte does the job for you. This mini oval cocotte is made from stoneware and has an enamel finish. It has two side handles so that you get a steady grip while cooking. It measures approximately 3.50×6.8×4.3 inches.

5. AGARO Marvel 9 Liters Oven Toaster Griller


Agaro’s OTG features adjustable temperature control. It comes with 0 to 30 minutes of timer settings. Some other valuable features include – hinged crumb tray, ready bell and tempered glass door.

Most premium kitchen equipment are fairly sturdy but they also require good care to extend their life. So it’s important to keep their care features in mind, especially when you are buying them as a gift.

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