Sous-Vide Machines That Your Kitchen Needs
sous vide

Sous-Vide Machines That Your Kitchen Needs

Leave meat, poultry and fish to simmer for hours. The genius of the sous-vide method gives your food deep flavors and incredibly tasty results.

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Get consistent and outrageously delicious results with steaks, chicken, seafood and eggs, cooked sous-vide style, and that too right at home.

Home cooks can now easily rival top-of-the-line steakhouses when it comes to creating mouthwatering textures and flavors with food. Invest in a good quality sous-vide machine and watch as it does its magic. Here’s a list of some of the best quality sous-vide machines you can buy online.

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The Best Brands Of Sous-Vide Machines You Can Buy Online

1. Anova Culinary


This sous-vide machine can be controlled remotely by Bluetooth. The product measures 10.4×5.6×32.5 cms and the whole of the nano sous-vide machine is completely made up of plastic.

2. Monoprice

mono price

The bright and easy-to-read LED touchscreen allows you to easily adjust the cooking temperature and time. The sous-vide cooker includes an adjustable clamp, so you can attach it to a wide variety of cooking pots of 2.6 to 4 gallons (10 liters to 15 liters, approximately) capacity.

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3. My Sous Vide

my sous vide

This machine heats and circulates water to a precise temperature to ensure perfectly and evenly-cooked food every time. It is constructed of high-quality corrosion-resistant stainless steel. The user-friendly touchscreen interface to set temperature and timer makes it easy to read and keep track of your meal from a distance.

4. Kitchen Gizmo

kitchen gizmo

The immersion type circulating sous-vide machine is easy to use with the help of the touchscreen control panel and it has a built-in safety feature for easy and safe handling to provide precise cooking results.

5. Wancle


This is an efficient, compact sous-vide cooker. It is easy to use and comes with a digital timer. It can be used to prepare tender and juicy meats along with a variety of dishes.


French for ‘under vacuum’, sous vide is a term also used to describe cooking at low temperatures for a longer time. It might involve placing the food in a glass jar or a vacuumed container, and then cooked in a water bath for hours at specific temperatures. Sous-vide machines just do the job for you.

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