Pluck And Eat: Exotic Fruit Plants You Can Grow Right In Your Home Garden

Pluck And Eat: Exotic Fruit Plants You Can Grow Right In Your Home Garden

Set up a small fruit garden with these rare and most exotic fruit plants.

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Can’t find your favorite exotic fruits at stores near you? No worries. Let’s just plant those in our backyard, so that it never goes missing from our fruit bowl. These fruit plants from across the world are shipped securely and can be planted in your garden with ease. Eat them as it is, add them in your salads, make desserts with them – you’ll be literally spoiled for choice. Here’s a list of some exotic live fruit plants you can buy online.

Best Live Fruit Plants Available Online

1. Creative Farmer Tree Guava  Plant


This is an exotic guava plant from Thailand which when ripens turns slightly maroon in color with sweet and juicy flesh and small hard seeds. This guava plant in a poly-bag that is carefully packed to prevent any movement inside a shipping carton that keeps the plant safe from damage during delivery.

2. Nelesa Gardening Sweet and Sour Barbados Cherry Plant


This is a sweet and sour red Barbados cherry plant that comes in a 4-inch pot. The plant is one year old and is 1.5 ft in height. The fruit, when ripe, is slightly sweet and sour.

3. Rain Forest Hybrid Dwarf Pomegranate Fruit Plant


This high-yielding hybrid dwarf pomegranate plant with dimensions of  8 x 5 x 1 cm comes in a secure package. It is extremely low maintenance and suitable for the Indian climate.

4. Royal Paradise Garden Velvet Apple Mabolo Plant

creatve farmer

This is a low maintenance plant, which comes in a safe and secure packaging. It bears beautiful dark red to purple colored fruit with smooth velvet skin. The fruit is mildly sweet in taste.

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5. Siam Garden Thailand Mango Tree Plant


This is a Thai mango plant called Nam-dok-mai si mueng in Thailand. This is a rare variety of plant that bears purple mangoes.

Exotic fruits are sometimes difficult to find at stores unless you are willing to spend a lot of money. But if you have a plant at home that bears at least some of the fruits you like, you can just pluck and eat!

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